NIST Special Publication:
SP 500-272

The Fifteenth Text REtrieval Conference
(TREC 2006) Proceedings

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Portions of these proceedings are available in either PS or PDF formats. Papers need to be saved before viewing in the appropriate software. For additional information on these utilities, please reference the [help] file.

The inclusion or omission of a particular company or product implies neither endorsement nor criticism by NIST. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in the individual papers are the authors' own and do not necessarily reflect those of the sponsors.

Table of Contents

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    Proceedings Papers

    1. PDF file Overview of the TREC 2006, page 1
      E.M. Voorhees, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
    2. PDF file Overview of the TREC 2006 Blog Track, page 17
      I. Ounis, C. Macdonald, University of Glasgow
      M. de Rijke, G. Mishne, University of Amsterdam
      I. Soboroff, NIST
    3. PDF file Overview of the TREC 2006 Enterprise Track, page 32
      I. Soboroff, NIST
      A.P. de Vries, CWI
      N. Craswell, Microsoft Cambridge
    4. PDF file TREC 2006 Genomics Track Overview, page 52
      W. Hersh, A.M. Cohen, P. Roberts, H.K. Rekapalli, Oregon Health & Science University
    5. PDF file TREC 2006 Legal Track Overview, page 79
      J.R. Baron, National Archives and Records Administration
      D.D. Lewis, David D. Lewis Consulting
      D.W. Oard, University of Maryland
    6. PDF fileOverview of the TREC 2006 Question Answering Track, page 99
      H.T. Dang, NIST
      J. Lin, University of Maryland, College Park
      D. Kelly, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    7. PDF file TREC 2006 Spam Track Overview, page 117
      G. Cormack, University of Waterloo
    8. PDF file The TREC 2006 Terabyte Track, page 128
      S. Buttcher, C.L.A. Clarke, University of Waterloo
      I. Soboroff, NIST

    9. PDF file ASU at TREC 2006 Genomics Track
      L. Tari, G. Gonzalez, R. Leaman, S. Nikkila, R. Wendt, C. Baral, Arizona State University
    10. PDF file BUPT at TREC 2006: Enterprise Track
      Z. Ru, Q. Li, W. Xu. J. Guo, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
    11. PDF file BUPT at TREC 2006: Spam Track
      Z. Yang, W. Xu, B. Chen, W. Xu, J. Guo, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
    12. PDF file Knowledge Transfer and Opinion Detection in the TREC 2006 Blog Track
      H. Yang, J. Callan, Carnegie Mellon University
      L. Si, Purdue University
    13. PDF file Case Western Reserve University at the TREC 2006 Enterprise Track
      A. D. Troy, G.-Q. Zhang, Case Western Reserve University
    14. PDF file Combining Language Model with Sentiment Analysis for Opinion Retrieval of Blog-Post
      X. Liao, D. Cao, S. Tan, Y. Liu, G. Ding, X. Cheng, Chinese Academy of Sciences
    15. PDF file Social Network Structure Behind the Mailing Lists: ICT-IIIS at TREC 2006 Expert Finding Track
      H.Chen, H. Shen, J. Xiong, S. Tan, X. Cheng, Chinese Academy of Sciences '
    16. PDF file PSM: A New Re-Ranking Algorithm for Named-Page
      J. Guo, L. Ding, G. Zhang, Y. Liu, X. Cheng, Chinese Academy of Sciences
    17. PDF file Window-based Enterprise Expert Search
      W. Lu, H. Zhao, Wuhan University, China and City University
      S. Rbertson, Microsoft Research
      S. Robertson, A. Macfarlane, City University London
    18. PDF file BioKI, A General Literature Navigation System at TREC Genomics 2006
      S. Bergler, J. Schuman, J. Dubuc, A. Lebedev, Concordia University
    19. PDF file Concordia University at the TREC 15 QA Track
      L. Kosseim, A. Beaudoin, A. Keighbadi, M. Razmara, Concordia University
    20. PDF file Seven Hypothesis about Spam Filtering
      The CRM114 Team
    21. PDF file Deep Context with a Sense-of-Self
      R. McArthur, CSIRO ICT Team
    22. PDF file Using Semantic Relations with World Knowledge for Question Answering
      K. Kan Lo, W. Lam, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    23. PDF file Correlating Topic Rankings and Person Rankings to Find Experts
      T. Westerveld, CWI
    24. PDF file MonetDB/X100 at the 2006 TREC Terabyte Track
      S. Heman, M. Zukowsi, A. de Vries, P. Boncz, CWI
    25. PDF file DalTREC 2006 QA System Jellyfish: Regular Expressions Mark-and-Match Approach to Question Answering
      V. Keselj, T. Abou-Assaleh, N. Cercone, Dalhousie University
    26. PDF file DUTIR at TREC 2006: Genomics and Enterprise Tracks
      Z. Yang, H. Lin, Y. Li, L. Xu, Y. Pan, B. Liu, Dalian University of Technology
    27. PDF file QACTIS Enhancements in TREC QA 2006
      P. Schone, U.S. Department of Defense
      G. Ciany, Dragon Development Corporation
      R. Cutts, Henggeler Computer Consultants
      P. McNamee, J. Mayfield, T. Smith, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
    28. PDF file Dublin City University at the TREC 2006 Terabyte Track
      P. Ferguson, A.F. Smeaton, P. Wilkins, Dublin City University
    29. PDF file Fuzzy Term Proximity With Boolean Queries at 2006 TREC Terabyte Task
      A. Mercier, M. Beigbeder, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines de Saint Etienne
    30. PDF file Concept Based Document Retrieval for Genomics Literature
      D. Trieschnigg, University of Twente
      W. Kraaij, TNO
      M. Schuemie, Erasmus MC
    31. PDF file OSBF-Lua - A Text Classification Module for Lua
      The Importance of the Training Method

      Fidelis Assis
    32. PDF file Judging Expertise--WIM at Enterprise
      C. Lin, J. Niu, Fudan University Shanghai
    33. PDF file Using Profile Matching and Text Categorization for Answer Extraction in TREC Genomics
      H. Zheng, C. Lin, L. Huang, J. Xu, J. Zheng, Q. Sun, J. Niu, Fudan University
    34. PDF file FDUQA on TREC 2006 QA Track
      Y. Zhou, X. Yuan, J. Cao, X. Huang, L. Wu, Fudan University
    35. PDF file InsunQA06 on QA Track of TREC 2006
      Y. Zhao, Z.-M. Xu, P. Li, Y. Guan, Harbin Institute of Technology
    36. PDF file SVM-Based Spam Filter with Active and Online Learning
      Q. Wang, Y. Guan, X. Wang, Harbin Institute of Technology
    37. PDF file Highly Scalable Discriminative Spam Filtering
      M. Brückner, P. Haider, T. Scheffer, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
    38. PDF file Juru at TREC 2006: TAAT versus DAAT in the Terabyte Track
      D. Carmel, E. Amitay, IBM Haifa Research Lab
    39. PDF file IBM in TREC 2006 Enterprise Track
      J. Chu-Carroll, G. Averboch, P. Duboue, D. Gondek, J.W. Murdock, J. Prager, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
      P. Hoffmann, J. Wiebe, University of Pittsburgh
    40. PDF file I2R at TREC 2006 Genomics Track
      N. Yu, Y. Lingpeng, Z. Jie, S. Jian, J. Donghong, Institute for Infocomm Research
    41. PDF file IIT TREC 2006: Genomics Track
      J. Urbain, N. Goharian, O. Frieder, Illinois Institute of Technology
    42. PDF file WIDIT in TREC 2006 Blog Track
      K. Yang, N. Yu, A.Valerio, H. Zhang, Indiana University, Bloomington
    43. PDF file Reconstructing DIOGENE: ITC-irst at TREC 2006
      M. Negri, M. Kouylekov, B. Magnini, B. Coppola, ITC-irst
    44. PDF file Towards Practical PPM Spam Filtering:
      Experiments for the TREC 2006 Spam Track
      A. Bratko, Jozef Stefan Institute and Klika
      B. Filipic, Jozef Stefan Institute
      B. Zupan, University of Ljubljana
    45. PDF file Combining Vector-Space and Word-Based Aspect Models for Passage Retrieval R. Wan, I. Takigawa, H. Mamitsuka, Kyoto University
      V. Ngoc Anh, The University of Melbourne
    46. PDF file L3S Research Center at TREC 2006 Enterprise Track
      S. Chernov, G. Demartini, J. Gaugaz, L3S Research Center
    47. PDF file Question Answering with LCC's CHAUCER at TREC 2006
      A. Hickl, J. Williams, J. Bensley, K. Roberts, Y. Shi, B. Rink, Language Computer Corporation
    48. PDF file A Temporally-Enhanced PowerAnswer in TREC 2006
      D. Moldovan, M. Bowden, M. Tatu, Language Computer Corporation
    49. PDF file LexiClone Lexical Cloning Systems
      I. S. Geller, LexiClone
    50. PDF file AnswerFinder at TREC 2006
      D. Molla, M. van Zaanen, L. Pizzato, Macquarie University
    51. PDF file IO-Top-k at TREC 2006: Terabyte Track
      H. Bast, D. Majumdar, R. Schenkel, M. Theobald, G. Weikum, Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik
    52. PDF file Question Answering Experiments and Resources B. Katz, G. Marton, S. Felshin, D. Loreto, B. Lu, F. Mora, Ö. Uzuner, M. McGraw-Herdeg, N. Cheung, A. Radul, Y. Shen, G. Zaccak, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
    53. PDF file MITRE's Qanda at TREC 15
      J.D. Burger, The MITRE Corporation
    54. PDF file The Splog Detection Task and A Solution Based on Temporal and Link Properties
      Y.-R. Lin, W.-Y. Chen, X. Shi, R. Sia, X. Song, Y. Chi, K. Hino, H. Sundaram, J. Tatemura, B. Tseng, NEC Laboratories America
    55. PD
F file Opinion Retrieval Experiments Using Generative Models: Experiments for the TREC 2006 Blog Track
      K. Eguchi, National Institute of Informatics and Kobe University
      C. Shah, National Institute of Informatics and University of North Carolina
    56. PDF file Finding Relevant Passages in Scientific Articles: Fusion of Automatic Approaches vs. an Interactive Team Effort
      D. Demner-Fushman, S.M. Humphrey, N.C. Ide, R.F. Loane, L.H. Smith, L.K. Tanabe, W.J. Wilbur, A.R. Aronson, National Library of Medicine
      D.Demner-Fushman, University of Maryland, College Park
      P.Ruch, University Hospital of Geneva
      M.E. Ruiz, State University of New York at Buffalo
    57. PDF file The Hedge Algorithm for Metasearch at TREC 2006
      J. A. Aslam, V. Pavlu, C. Rei, Northeastern University
    58. PDF file NTU at TREC 2006 Genomics Track
      K. H.-Y. Lin, W.-J. Hou, H.-H. Chen, National Taiwan University
    59. PDF file Combining Lexicon Expansion, Information Retrieval, and Cluster-based Ranking for Biomedical Question Answering
      A.M. Cohen, J. Yang, S. Fisher, B. Roark, W.R. Hersh, Oregon Health & Sciences University
    60. PDF file Experiments with the Negotiated Boolean Queries of the TREC 2006 Legal Discovery Track
      S. Tomlinson, Open Text Corporation
    61. PDF file The Open University at TREC 2006 Enterprise Track Expert Search Task
      J. Zhu, D. Song, S. Ruger, M. Eisenstadt, E. Motta, The Open University
    62. PDF file Tianwang at TREC 2006 QA Track
      J. He, Y. Liu, Peking University
    63. PDF file Peking University at the TREC 2006 Terabyte Track
      H. Jinging, Y. Hongfei, Peking University
    64. PDF file Combining Multiple Resources, Evidences and Criteria for Genomic Information Retrieval i
      L. Si, Purdue University
      J. Lu, J. Callan, Carnegie Mellon University
    65. PDF file Solving the Enterprise TREC Task with Probabilistic Data Models
      J.F. Forst, A. Tombros, T. Rölleke, Queen Mary University of London
    66. PDF file Ricoh Research at TREC 2006: Enterprise Track
      G. You, Y. Lu, G. Li, Y. Yin, Ricoh Software Research Center
    67. PDF file RMIT University at TREC 2006: Terabyte Track
      S. Garcia, N. Lester, F. Scholer, M. Shokouhi, RMIT University
    68. PDF file The Robert Gordon University
      M. Clark, U. Cervino Beresi, S. Watt, D. Harper, The Robert Gordon University
    69. PDF file The Alyssa System at TREC 2006: A Statistically-Inspired Question Answering System
      D. Shen, J. L. Leidner, A. Merkel, D. Klakow, Saarland University
    70. PDF file Research on Expert Search at Enterprise Track of TREC 2006
      S. Bao, H. Duan, Q. Zhou, M. Xiong, Y. Yu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
      Y. Cao, Microsoft Research Asia
    71. PDF file UB at TREC Genomics 2006: Using Passage Retrieval and Pre-Retrieval Query Expansion for Genomics IR
      M.E. Ruiz, State University of New York at Buffalo
    72. PDF file TREC 2006 Question Answering Experiments at Tokyo Institute of Technology
      E. Whittaker, J. Novak, P. Chatain, S. Furui, Tokyo Institute of Technology
    73. PDF file Question Answering by Diggery at TREC 2006
      S. Tomlinson
    74. PDF file TREC 2006 Q&A Factoid: TI Experience
      S. Balantrapu, M. Khan, A. Nagubandi, TrulyIntelligent Technologies
    75. PDF file Spam Filtering Using Inexact String Matching in Explicit Feature Space with On-Line Linear Classifiers
      D. Sculley, G.M. Wachman, C.E. Brodley, Tufts University
    76. PDF file Partitioning the Gov2 Corpus by Internet Domain Name: A Result-set Merging Experiment
      C. T. Fallen, G.B. Newby, Arctic Region Supercomputing Center
    77. PDF file ILQUA at TREC 2006
      M. Wu, T. Strzalkowski, University of Albany SUNY
    78. PDF file Multiple Ranking Strategies for Opinion Retrieval in Blogs
      The University of Amsterdam at the 2006 TREC Blog Track

      G. Mishne, ISLA, University of Amsterdam
    79. PDF file Language Models for Enterprise Search:
      Query Expansion and Combination of Evidence

      K. Balog, E. Meij, M. de Rijke, ISLA, University of Amsterdam
    80. PDF file Experiments with Document and Query Representations for a Terabyte of Text
      J. Kamps, University of Amsterdam
    81. PDF file Expanding Queries Using Multiple Resources
      E. Meij, M. de Rijke, ISLA, University of Amsterdam
      M. Jansen, Free University Amsterdam
    82. PDF file UALR at TREC: Blog Track
      H. Joshi, C. Bayrak, X. Xu, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
    83. PDF file BioText Team Report for the TREC 2006 Genomics Track
      A. Divoli, M.A. Hearst, P.I. Nakov, A. Schwartz, University of California, Berkeley
    84. PDF file UCSC on REC 2006 Blog Opinion Mining
      E. Zhang, Y. Zhang, University of California Santa Cruz
    85. PDF file Concept Recognition, Information Retrieval, and Machine Learning in Genomics Question-Answering
      J. G. Caporaso, W.A. Baumgartner, Jr., H. Kim, Z. Lu, H.L. Johnson, O. Medvedeva, A. Lindemann, L. Fox, E.K. White, K. B. Cohen, L. Hunter, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
    86. PDF file Experiments at the University of Edinburgh for the TREC 2006 QA Track
      M. Kaisser, S. Scheible, B. Webber, University of Edinburgh
    87. PDF file University of Glasgow at TREC 2006: Experiments in Terabyte and Enterprise Tracks with Terrier
      C. Lioma, C. Macdonald, V. Plachouras, J. Peng, B. He, I. Ounis, University of Glasgow
    88. PDF file Passage Retrieval by Shrinkage of Language Models
      F. Song, J. Vasak, W. Wang, University of Guelph
    89. PDF file Report on the TREC 2006 Experiment: Genomics Track
      P. Ruch, F. Ehrler, J. Gobeill, I. Tbarhriti, University and University Hospital of Geneva
      J. Gobeill, I. Tbahriti, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
      P. Ruch, A. J. Yepes, F. Ehrler, University of Geneva
    90. PDF file UIC at TREC 2006 Blog Track
      W. Zhang, C. Yu, University of Illinois Chicago
    91. PDF file A Concept-Based Framework for Passage Retrieval at Genomics
      W. Zhou, C.T. Yu, V.I. Torvik, N.R. Smalheiser, University of Illinois at Chicago
    92. PDF file Language Models for Expert Finding--UIUC TREC 2006 Enterprise Track Experiments
      H. Fang, L. Zhou, C.-X. Zhai, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    93. PDF file Robust Pseudo Feedback Estimation and HMM Passage Extraction: UIUC at TREC 2006 Genomics Track
      J. Jiang, X. He, C.X. Zhai, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    94. PDF file Extraction of Document Structure for Genomics Documents
      D. Eichmann, The University of Iowa
    95. PDF file The Ephyra QA System at TREC 2006
      N. Schlaefer, P. Gieselman, G. Sautter, Universität Karlsruhe
    96. PDF file Question Answering Using the DLT System at TREC 2006
      R.F.E. Sutcliffe, K. White, I. Gabbay, M. Mulcahy, University of Limerick
    97. PDF file UMass at TREC 2006: Enterprise Track
      D. Petkova, W.B. Croft, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
    98. PDF file UMass Genomics 2006: Query-Biased Pseudo Relevance Feedback
      M.D. Smucker, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
    99. PDF file UMass at TREC ciQA 2006
      G. Kumaran, J. Allan, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
    100. PDF file Indri TREC Notebook 2006: Lessons Learned From Three Terabyte Tracks
      D. Metzler, T. Strohman, W.B. Croft, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
    101. PDF file The BlogVox Opinion Retrieval System
      A. Java, P. Kolari, T. Finin, A. Joshi, J. Martineau, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
    102. PDF file TREC 2006 at Maryland: Blog, Enterprise, Legal and QA Tracks
      D. Oard, T. Elsayed, J. Wang, Y. Wu, P. Zhang, E. Abels, J. Lin, D. Soergel, University of Maryland, College Park
    103. PDF file Melbourne University at the 2006 Terabyte Track
      V. Ngoc Anh, W. Webber, A. Moffat, The University of Melbourne
    104. PDF file MG4J at TREC 2006
      P. Boldi, S. Vigna, Università degli Studi di Milano
    105. PDF file Experiments with Query Expansion at TREC 2006 Legal Track
      F. C. Zhao, Y. Lee, D. Medhi, University of Missouri, Kansas City
    106. PDF file Report on the TREC 2006 Genomics Experiment
      S. Abdou, J. Savoy, University of Neuchatel
    107. PDF file Blog Mining Through Opinionated Words
      G. Attardi, M. Simi, Università di Pisa
    108. PDF file Pitt at TREC 2006: Identifying Experts via Email Discussions
      D. He, Y. Peng, University of Pittsburgh
    109. PDF file The "La Sapienza" Question Answering System at TREC 2006
      J. Bos, University of Rome "La Sapienza"
    110. PDF file The University of Sheffield's TREC 2006 Q&A Experiments
      M.A. Greenwood, M. Stevenson, R. Gaizauskas, University of Sheffield
    111. PDF file Contextual Information and Assessor Characteristics in Complex Question Answering
      C. Azzopardi, L. Azzopardi, M. Baillie, R. Bierig, E. Nicol, I. Ruthven, S. Sweeney, University of Strathclyde
    112. PDF file SOPHIA in Enterprise Track
      V. Dobrynin, S. Pham, St. Petersburg State University
      D. Patterson, N. Rooney, M. Galushka, University of Ulster
    113. PDF file The University of Washington's UWclmaQA System
      D. Jinguji, W. Lewis, E.N. Efthimiadis, J. Minor, A. Bertram, S. Eggers, J. Johanson, B. Nisonger, P. Yu, Z.Zhou, University of Washington
    114. PDF file Index Pruning and Result Reranking: Effects on Ad-Hoc Retrieval and Named Page Finding
      S. Büttcher, C.L.A. Clarke, P.C.K.Yeung, University of Waterloo
    115. PDF file In Enterprise Search: Methods to Identify Argumentative Discussions and to Find Topical Experts
      M. Kolla, O. Vechtomova, University of Waterloo
    116. PDF file Identifying Relationships Between Entities in Text for Complex Interactive Question Answering Task
      O. Vechtomova, University of Waterloo
      M. Karamuftuoglu, Bilkent University
    117. PDF file Ranking Biomedical Passages for Relevance and Diversity: University of Wisconsin, Madison at TREC Genomics 2006
      A.B. Goldberg, D. Andrzejewski, J. Van Gael, B. Settles, X. Zhu, M. Craven, University of Wisconsin, Madison
    118. PDF file Twease at TREC 2006: Breaking and Fixing BM25 Scoring With Query Expansion, A Biologically Inspired Double Mutant Recovery Experiment
      K. C. Dorff, M.J. Wood, F. Campagne, Weill Medical College of Cornell University
    119. PDF file York University at TREC 2006: Enterprise Email Discussion Search
      Y. Fan, X. Huang, A. An, York University
    120. PDF file York University at TREC 2006: Genomics Track
      X. Huang, B. Hu, H. Rohian, York University
    121. PDF file York University at TREC 2006: Legal Track
      M. Wen, X. Huang, York University


      TREC 2006 System Descriptions

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