NIST Special Publication 500-236:
The Fourth Text REtrieval Conference (TREC-4)

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postscript fileFOREWORD
postscript fileABSTRACT


  1. postscript file Overview of the Fourth Text REtrieval Conference (TREC-4), page 1
    D. Harman (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
  2. postscript file New Retrieval Approaches Using SMART: TREC 4 , page 25
    C. Buckley, A. Singhal, M. Mitra, (G. Salton) (Cornell University)
  3. postscript file Recent Experiments with INQUERY, page 49
    J. Allan, L. Ballesteros, J. P. Callan, W. B. Croft, Z. Lu (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
  4. postscript file Logistic Regression at TREC4: Probabilistic Retrieval from Full Text Document Collections, page 65
    Fredric C. Gey, Aitao Chen, Jianzhang He and Jason Meggs
    (University of California, Berkeley)
  5. postscript fileOkapi at TREC-4, page 73
    S. E. Robertson, S. Walker, M. M. Beaulieu, M. Gatford, A. Payne
    (City University, London)
  6. postscript fileXerox Site Report: Four TREC-4 Tracks
    M. Hearst, J. Pedersen, P. Pirolli, H. Schutze (Xerox Palo Alto Research Center), G. Grefenstette, D. Hull (Rank Xerox Research Centre)
  7. postscript fileSiemens TREC-4 Report: Further Experiments with Database Merging, page 121
    Ellen M. Voorhees (Siemens Corporate Research, Inc.)
  8. postscript file Proximity Operators - So Near And Yet So Far, page 131
    D. Hawking and P. Thistlewaite (Australian National University)
  9. postscript file TREC-4 Ad-Hoc, Routing Retrieval and Filtering Experiments using PIRCS, page 145
    K.L. Kwok and L. Grunfeld (Queens College, CUNY)
  10. postscript fileResearch in Automatic Profile Generation and Passage-Level Routing with LMDS, page 153
    J. Yochum (Logicon, Inc.)
  11. postscript file The TREC-4 Filtering Track, page 165
    D. Lewis (AT&T Research)
  12. postscript file Using Relevance Feedback and Ranking in Interactive Searching , page 181
    N. J. Belkin, C. Cool, J. Koenemann, K. Bor Ng, S. Park (Rutgers University)
  13. Is Recall Relevant? An Analysis of How User Interface Conditions Affect Strategies and Performance in Large Scale Text Retrieval, page 211
    N. Charoenkitkarn, M. H. Chignell, G. Golovchinsky (University of Toronto)
  14. postscript fileHighlighting Relevant Passages for Users of the Interactive SPIDER Retrieval System, page 233
    D. Knaus, E. Mittendorf, P. Schauble, P. Sheridan (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH))
  15. postscript file Natural Language Information Retrieval: TREC-4 Report, page 245
    T. Strzalkowski (GE Corporate Research & Development) and J. P. Carballo (Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences)
  16. postscript file Multi-lingual Text Filtering Using Semantic Modeling, page 259
    J. D. Driscoll (Praxis Technologies), S. Abbott, K. Hu, M. Miller, G. Theis (University of Central Florida)
  17. postscript file Similarity Measures for Short Queries, page 277
    R. Wilkinson, J. Zobel, R. Sacks-Davis (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)
  18. postscript fileInTEXT Precision Indexing in TREC-4 , page 287
    M. Burnett, C. Fisher, R. Jones (InText Systems)
  19. postscript file Shortest Substring Ranking (MultiText Experiments for TREC-4), page 295
    C. L. A. Clarke, G. V. Cormack, F. J. Burkowski (University of Waterloo)
  20. CLARIT TREC-4 Experiments, page 305
    D. A. Evans (CLARITECH Corporation/Carnegie Mellon University), N. Milic-Frayling, R. G. Lefferts (CLARITECH Corporation)
  21. CLARIT TREC-4 Interactive Experiments, page 323
    N. Milic-Frayling, M. P. Mastroianni, D. A. Evans, R. G. Lefferts (CLARITECH Corp.)
    C. Zhai, X. Tong, D. A. Evans (Carnegie Mellon University)
  22. postscript file Acquaintance: Language-Independent Document Categorization by N-Grams, page 359
    S. Huffman (Department of Defense)
  23. postscript file TREC-4 Experiments at Dublin City University: Thresholding Posting Lists, Query Expansion with WordNet and POS Tagging of Spanish, page 373
    A. F. Smeaton, F. Kelledy and R. O'Donnell (Dublin City University)
  24. postscript file The Excalibur TREC-4 System, Preparations, and Results, page 391
    P. Nelson (Excalibur Technologies)
  25. postscript file Document Retrieval Using The MPS Information Server (A Report on the TREC-4 Experiment), page 401
    F. Schiettecatte, V. Florance (FS Consulting)
  26. postscript file Interactive TREC-4 at Georgia Tech, page 421
    A. Veerasamy (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  27. postscript file Improving Accuracy and Run-Time Performance for TREC-4, page 433
    D. A. Grossman (Office of Information Technology), D. O. Holmes (AT&T Global Information Solutions, O. Frieder (George Mason University), M. D. Nguyen (Coherent Design Systems), and C. E. Kingsbury (Hughes Applied Information Systems)
  28. Using CONVECTIS, A Context Vector-Based Indexing System for TREC-4, page 443
    J. L. Carleton, W. R. Caid, R. V. Sasseen (HNC Software, Inc.)
  29. postscript file Document Routing by Discriminant Projection: TREC-4, page 449
    K. F. Lai, V. A. S. Lee, and J. P. Chew (Information Technology Institute)
  30. postscript file Boolean System Revisited: Its Performance and its Behavior, page 459
    X. A. Lu, J. D. Holt, D. J. Miller (Lexis-Nexis, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc.)
  31. Improvements on Query Term Expansion and Ranking Formula, page 475
    K. Satoh, S. Akamine, A. Okumura (NEC Corporation)
  32. postscript file A TREC Evaluation of Query Translation Methods For Multi-Lingual Text Retrieval, page 483
    M. Davis, T. Dunning (New Mexico State University)
  33. postscript file Two Experiments on Retrieval With Corrupted Data and Clean Queries in the TREC-4 Adhoc Task Environment: Data Fusion and Pattern Scanning, page 499
    K. Bor Ng and P. B. Kantor (Rutgers University)
  34. postscript file The Troubles with Using a Logical Model of IR on a Large Collection of Documents, page 509
    F. Crestani (Universita di Padova - Italy), I. Ruthven, M. Sanderson, C. J. van Rijsbergen (University of Glasgow-Scotland)
  35. Automatic Word Similarity Detection for TREC-4 Query Expansion, page 527
    S. Gauch, M. K. Chong (University of Kansas)
  36. postscript file Report on the TREC-4 Experiment: Combining Probabilistic and Vector-Space Schemes, page 537
    J. Savoy, M. Ndarugendamwo, D. Vrajitoru (Universite de Neuchatel, Switzerland)
  37. postscript file TREC-4 Experiments using DRIFT, page 549
    C. L. Viles and J. C. French (University of Virginia)


A. postscript file TREC-4 Results, page A-1
postscript file Department of Defense Raw Data
postscript file Department of Defense Graphs
postscript file HNC Raw Data
postscript file HNC Graphs
postscript file Queens College Raw Data
postscript file Queens College Graphs
postscript file Xerox Raw Data
postscript file Xerox Graphs
B. postscript file System Features, page B-1
C. postscript file Summary Performance Comparisons TREC2, TREC3, TREC4, page C-1
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