NIST Special Publication:
SP 500-274

The Sixteenth Text REtrieval Conference
(TREC 2007) Proceedings

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Portions of these proceedings are available in either PS or PDF formats. Papers need to be saved before viewing in the appropriate software. For additional information on these utilities, please reference the [help] file.

The inclusion or omission of a particular company or product implies neither endorsement nor criticism by NIST. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in the individual papers are the authors' own and do not necessarily reflect those of the sponsors.

Table of Contents

  • alphabetically, by track
  • alphabetically, by organization

    Overview Papers

    1. PDF file Overview of TREC 2007
      E. M. Voorhees, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

    2. PDF file Overview of the TREC 2007 Blog Track
      C. Macdonald, I. Ounis, University of Glasgow
      I. Soboroff, NIST

    3. PDF file Overview of the TREC 2007 Enterprise Track
      P. Bailey, Microsoft, USA
      A. P. de Vries, CWI, The Netherlands
      N. Craswell, MSR Cambridge, UK
      I. Soboroff, NIST

    4. PDF file TREC 2007 Genomics Track Overview
      W. Hersh, A. Cohen, L. Ruslen, Oregon Health & Science University
      P. Roberts, Pfizer Corporation

    5. PDF fileOverview of the TREC 2007 Legal Track
      S. Tomlinson, Open Text Corporation
      D. W. Oard, University of Maryland, College Park
      J. R. Baron, National Archives and Records Administration
      P. Thompson, Dartmouth College

    6. PDF file Million Query Track 2007 Overview
      J. Allan, B. Carterette, B. Dachev, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
      J. A. Aslam, V. Pavlu, E. Kanoulas, Northeastern University

    7. PDF file Overview of the TREC 2007 Question Answering Track
      H.T. Dang, NIST
      D. Kelly, University of North Carolina
      J. Lin, University of Maryland, College Park

    8. PDF file TREC 2007 Spam Track Overview
      G. Cormack, University of Waterloo

      Other Papers

    9. PDF file Passage Relevancy Through Semantic Relatedness
      L. Tari, P. H. Tu, B. Lumpkin, R. Leaman, G. Gonzalez, C. Baral, Arizona State University

    10. PDF file Experiments in TREC 2007 Blog Opinion Task at CAS-ICT
      X. Liao, D. Cao, Y.Wang, W.Liu, S. Tan, H. Xu, X. Cheng, Chinese Academy of Sciences

    11. PDF file NLPR in TREC 2007 Blog Track
      K. Liu, G. Wang, X. Han, J. Zhao, Chinese Academy of Sciences

    12. PDF file Research on Enterprise Track of TREC 2007
      H. Shen, G. Chen, H. Chen, Y. Liu, X. Cheng, Chinese Academy of Sciences

    13. PDF file Retrieval and Feedback Models for Blog Distillation
      J. Elsas, J. Arguello, J. Callan, J. Carbonell, Carnegie Mellon University

    14. PDF file Stuctured Queries for Legal Search
      Y. Zhu, L. Zhao, J. Callan, J. Carbonell, Carnegie Mellon University

    15. PDF file Semantic Extensions of the Ephyra QA System for TREC 2007
      N. Schlaefer, J. Ko, J. Betteridge, M. Pathak, E. Nyberg, Carnegie Mellon University
      G. Sautter, Universitat Karlsruhe

    16. PDF file Interactive Retrieval Using Weights
      J. Schuman, S. Bergler, Concordia University

    17. PDF file Concordia University at the TREC 2007 QA Track
      M. Razmara, A. Fee, L. Kosseim, Concordia University

    18. PDF file TREC 2007 Enterprise Track at CSIRO
      P. Bailey, D. Agrawal, A. Kumar, CSIRO ICT Centre

    19. PDF file DUTIR at TREC 2007 Blog Track
      S. Rui, T. Qin, D. Shi, H. Lin, Z. Yang, Dalian University of Technology

    20. PDF file DUTIR at TREC 2007 Enterprise Track
      J. Chen, H. Ren, L. Xu, H. Lin, Z. Yang, Dalian University of Technology

    21. PDF file DUTIR at TREC 2007 Genomics Track
      Z. Yang, H. Lin, B. Cui, Y. Li, X. Zhang, Dalian University of Technology

    22. PDF file Dartmouth College at TREC 2007 Legal Track
      W.-M. Chen, P. Thompson, Dartmouth College

    23. PDF file Drexel at TREC 2007: Question Answering
      P. Banerjee, H. Han, Drexel University

    24. PDF file Information Retrieval and Information Extraction in TREC Genomics 2007
      A. Jimeno, P. Pezik, European Bioinformatics Institute

    25. PDF file Intellexer Question Answering
      A. Bondarionok, A. Bobkov, L. Sudanova, P. Mazur, T.Samuseva, EffectiveSoft

    26. PDF file Exegy at TREC 2007 Million Query Track
      N. Singla, R. S. Indeck, Exegy, Inc.

    27. PDF file FSC at TREC
      S. Taylor, O. Montalvo-Huhn, N. Kartha, Fitchburg State College
    28. PDF file FUB, IASI-CNR and University of Tor Vergata at TREC 2007 Blog Track
      G. Amati, Fondazione Ugo Bordoni
      E. Ambrosi, M. Bianchi, C. Gaibisso, IASI "Antonio Ruberti"
      G. Gambosi, University "Tor Vergata"

    29. PDF file FDU at TREC 2007: Opinion Retrieval of Blog Track
      Q. Zhang, B. Wang, L. Wu, X. Huang, Fudan University

    30. PDF file WIM at TREC 2007
      J. Xu, J. Yao, J. Zheng, Q. Sun, J. Niu, Fudan University

    31. PDF file FDUQA on TREC 2007 QA Track
      X.Qiu, B. Li, C. Shen, L. Wu, X. Huang, Y. Zhou, Fudan University

    32. PDF file Lucene and Juru at TREC 2007: 1-Million Queries Track
      D. Cohen, E. Amitay, D. Carmel, IBM Haifa Research Lab

    33. PDF file WIDIT in TREC 2007 Blog Track: Combining Lexicon-Based Methods to Detect Opinionated Blogs
      K. Yang, N. Yu, H. Zhang, Indiana University

    34. PDF file IIT TREC 2007 Genomics Track: Using Concept-Based Semantics in Context for Genomics Literature Passage Retrieval
      J. Urbain, N. Goharian, O. Frieder, Illinois Institute of Technology

    35. PDF fileIITD-IBMIRL System for Question Answering Using Pattern Matching, Semantic Type and Semantic Category Recognition
      A. Kumar Saxena, G. Viswanath Sambhu, S. Kaushik, Indian Institute of Technology
      L. Venkata Subramaniam, IBM India Research Lab

    36. PDF file TREC 2007 Blog Track Experiments at Kobe University
      K. Seki, Y. Kino, S. Sato, K. Uehara, Kobe University

    37. PDF file Passage Retrieval with Vector Space and Query-Level Aspect Models
      R. Wan, H. Mamitsuka, Kyoto University
      V. N. Anh, The University of Melbourne

    38. PDF file Question Answering with LCC's CHAUCER-2 at TREC 2007
      A. Hickl, K. Roberts, B. Rink, J. Bensley, T. Jungen, Y. Shi, J. Williams, Language Computer Corporation

    39. PDF file TREC 2007 Legal Track Interactive Task: A Report from the LIU Team
      H. Chu, I. Crisci, E. Cisco-Dalrymple, T. Daley, L. Hoeffner, T. Katz, S. Shebar, C. Sullivan, S. Swammy, M. Weicher, G. Yemini-Halevi, Long Island University

    40. PDF file Lymba's PowerAnswer 4 in TREC 2007
      D. Moldovan, C. Clark, M. Bowden, Lymba Corporation

    41. PDF file Michigan State University at the 2007 TREC ciQA Task
      C. Zhang, M. Gerber, T. Baldwin, S. Emelander, J. Y. Chai, R. Jin, Michigan State University

    42. PDF file CSAIL at TREC 2007 Question Answering
      B. Katz, S. Felshin, G. Marton, F. Mora, Y. K. Shen, G. Zaccak, A. Ammar, E. Eisner, A. Turgut, L. Brown Westrick, MIT

    43. PDF file Three Non-Bayesian Methods of Spam Filtration: CRM114 at TREC 2007
      M. Kato, Mitsubishi
      J. Langeway, Mitsubishi and Southern Connecticut State University
      Y. Wu, Mitsubishi and University of Massachusetts, Amherst
      W. S. Yerazunis, Mitsubishi

    44. PDF file Combining Resources to Find Answers to Biomedical Questions
      D. Demner-Fushman, S. M. Humphrey, N. C. Ide, R. F. Loane, J. G. Mork, M.E.Ruiz, L. H. Smith, W.J. Wilbur, A. R. Aronson, National Library of Medicine
      P. Ruch, University Hospital of Geneva

    45. PDF file Opinion Retrieval Experiments Using Generative Models: Experiments for the TREC 2007 Blog Track
      Y. Arai, K. Eguchi, Kobe University
      K. Eguchi, National Institute of Informatics

    46. PDF file The Hedge Algorithm for Metasearch at TREC 2007
      J. A. Aslam, V. Pavlu, O. Zubaryeva, Northeastern University

    47. PDF file NTU at TREC 2007 Blog Track
      K. Hsin-Yih, L. and H.-H. Chen, National Taiwan University

    48. PDF file Experiments with the Negotiated Boolean Queries of the TREC 2007 Legal Discovery Track
      S. Tomlinson, Open Text Corporation

    49. PDF file The Open University at TREC 2007 Enterprise Track
      J. Zhu, D. Song, S. Rüger, The Open University

    50. PDF file The OHSU Biomedical Question Answering System Framework
      A. M. Cohen, J. Yang, S. Fisher, B. Roark, W. R. Hersh, Oregon Health & Science University

    51. PDF file Testing an Entity Ranking Function for English Factoid QA
      K. L. Kwok, N. Dinstl, Queens College

    52. PDF file TREC 2007 ciQA Track at RMIT and CSIRO
      M. Wu, A.Turpin, F. Scholer, Y. Tsegay, RMIT University
      R.Wilkinson, CSIRO ICT Centre

    53. PDF file RMIT University at the TREC 2007 Enterprise Track
      M. Wu, F. Scholer, M. Shokouhi, S. Puglisi, H. Ali, RMIT University

    54. PDF file The Robert Gordon University at the Opinion Retrieval Task of the 2007 TREC Blog Track
      R. Murkras,N. Wiratunga, R. Lothian, The Robert Gordon University

    55. PDF file The Alyssa System at TREC QA 2007: Do We Need Blog06?
      D. Shen, M. Wiegand, A. Merkel, S. Kazalski, S. Hunsicker, J. L. Leidner, D. Klakow, Saarland University

    56. PDF file Examining Overfitting in Relevance Feedback: Sabir Research at TREC 2007
      C. Buckley, Sabir Research, Inc.

    57. PDF file Research on Enterprise Track of TREC 2007 at SJTU APEX Lab
      H. Duan, Q. Zhou, Z. Lu, O. Jin, S. Bao, Y. Yu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
      Y. Cao, Microsoft Research Asia

    58. PDF file Feed Distillation Using AdaBoost and Topic Maps
      W.-L. Lee, A. Lommatzsch, C. Scheel, Technical University Berlin

    59. PDF file TREC 2007 Question Answering Experiments at Tokyo Institute of Technology
      E. W. D. Whittaker, M. H. Heie, J. R. Novak, S. Furui, Tokyo Institute of Technology

    60. PDF file THUIR at TREC 2007: Enterprise Track
      Y. Fu, Y. Xue, T. Zhu, Y. Liu, M. Zhang, S. Ma, Tsinghua National Laboratory for Information Science and Technology

    61. PDF file Relaxed Online SVMs in the TREC Spam Filtering Track
      D. Sculley, G. M. Wachman, Tufts University

    62. PDF file Collection Selection Based on Historical Performance for Efficient Processing
      C. T. Fallen, G. B. Newby, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

    63. PDF file UAlbany's ILQUA at TREC 2007
      M. Wu, C. Song, Y. Zhan, T. Strzalkowski, University at Albany SUNY

    64. PDF file Using IR-n for Information Retrieval of Genomics Track
      M. Pardino, R. M. Terol, P. Martínez-Barco, F. Llopis, E. Nogura, University of Alicante

    65. PDF file Topic Categorization for Relevancy and Opinion Detection
      G. Zhou, H. Joshi, C. Bayrak, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

    66. PDF file UALR at TREC-ENT 2007
      H. Joshi, S. D. Sudarsan, S. Duttachowdhury, C. Zhang, S. Ramasway, University of Arkansas, Little Rock

    67. PDF file Query and Document Models for Enterprise Search
      K. Balog, K. Hofmann, W. Weerkamp, M. de Rijke, University of Amsterdam

    68. PDF file Bootstrapping Language Associated with Biomedical Entities
      E. Meij, S. Katrenko, University of Amsterdam

    69. PDF file Access to Legal Documents: Exact Match, Best Match, and Combinations
      A. Arampatzis, J. Kamps, M. Kooken, N. Nussbaum, University of Amsterdam

    70. PDF file Parsimonious Language Models for a Terabyte of Text
      D. Hiemstra, R. Li, University of Twente
      J. Kamps, R. Kaptein, University of Amsterdam

    71. PDF file The University of Amsterdam at the TREC 2007 QA Track
      K. Hofmann, V. Jijkoun, M. Alam Khalid, J. van Rantwijk, E. Tjong Kim Sang,University of Amsterdam

    72. PDF file Language Modeling Approaches to Blog Postand Feed Finding
      B. Ernsting, W. Weerkamp, M. de Rijke, University of Amsterdam

    73. PDF file University of Glasgow at TREC 2007:
      Experiments in Blog and Enterprise Tracks with Terrier

      D. Hannah, C. Macdonald, J. Peng, B. He, I. Ounis, University of Glasgow

    74. PDF file Vocabulary-Driven Passage Retrieval for Question-Answering in Genomics
      J. Gobeill, I. Tbahriti, University and University Hospital of Geneva and Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
      F. Ehrler, P. Ruch, University and University Hospital of Geneva and University of Geneva

    75. PDF file TREC Genomics Track at UIC
      W. Zhou, C. Yu, University of Illinois at Chicago

    76. PDF file UIC at TREC 2007 Blog Track
      W. Zhang, C. Yu, University of Illinois at Chicago

    77. PDF file Language Models for Genomics Information Retrieval:
      UIUC at TREC 2007 Genomics Track

      Y. Lu, J. Jiang, X. Ling, X. He, C.-X. Zhai, University of Illinois at Urbana-Chanpaign

    78. PDF fileExploring the Legal Discovery and Enterprise Tracks at the University of Iowa
      B. Almquist, V. Ha-Thuc, A. K. Sehgal, R. Arens, P. Srinivasan, The University of Iowa

    79. PDF file University of Lethbridge's Participation in TREC 2007 QA Track
      Y. Chali, S. R. Joty, University of Lethbridge

    80. PDF file TREC 2007 ciQA Task: University of Maryland
      N. Madnani, J. Lin, B. Dorr, University of Maryland, College Park

    81. PDF file UMass Complex Interactive Question Answering (ciQA) 2007:
      Human Performance as Question Answerers

      M. D. Smucker, J. Allan, B. Dachev, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

    82. PDF file UMass at TREC 2007 Blog Distillation Task
      J. Seo, W. B. Croft, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

    83. PDF file CIIR Experiments for TREC Legal 2007
      (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
      H. Turtle, CogiTech
      D. Metzler, Yahoo! Research

    84. PDF file Indri at TREC 2007: Million Query (1MQ) Track
      X. Yi, J. Allan, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

    85. PDF file Entity-Based Relevance Feedback for Genomic List Answer Retrieval
      N. Stokes, Y. Li, L. Cavedon, E. Huang, J. Rong, J. Zobel, The University of Melbourne

    86. PDF file The University of Melbourne in the Million Query Track of TREC 2007
      W. Webber, V. N. Anh, A. Moffat, The University of Melbourne

    87. PDF file Evaluation of Query Formulations in the Negotiated Query Refinement Process of Legal e-Discovery: UMKC at TREC 2007 Legal Track
      F. Zhao, Y. Lee, D. Medhi, University of Missouri, Kansas City

    88. PDF file Using Interactions to Improve Translation Dictionaries: UNC, Yahoo! and ciQA
      D. Kelly, X. Fu, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
      V. Murdock, Yahoo! Research Barcelona

    89. PDF file IR-Specific Searches at TREC 2007: Genomics & Blog Experiments
      C. Fautsch, J. Savoy, University of Neuchatel

    90. PDF file Exploring Traits of Adjectives to Predict Polarity Opinion in Blogs and Semantic Filters in Genomics
      M. E. Ruiz, University of North Texas
      Y. Sun, J. Wang, University of Buffalo
      H. Liu, Georgetown University Medical Center

    91. PDF file The Pronto QA System at TREC 2007: Harvesting Hyponyms, Using Nominalisation Patterns, and Computing Answer Cardinality
      J. Bos, E. Guzzetti, University of Rome "La Sapienza"
      J. R. Curran, University of Sydney

    92. PDF file On Retrieving Legal Files: Shortening Documents and Weeding Out Garbage
      S. Kulp, A. Kontostathis, Ursinus College

    93. PDF file Persuasive, Authorative and Topical Answers for Complex Question Answering
      L. Azzopardi, University of Glasgow
      M. Baillie, I. Ruthven, University of Strathclyde

    94. PDF file University of Texas School of Information at TREC 2007
      M. Efron, D. Turnbull, C. Ovalle, University of Texas, Austin

    95. PDF file University of Twente at the TREC 2007 Enterprise Track:
      Modeling Relevance Propagation for the Expert Search Task

      P. Serdyukov, H. Rode, D. Hiemstra, University of Twente

    96. PDF file Cross Language Information Retrieval for Biomedical Literature
      M. Schuemie, Erasmus MC
      D. Trieschnigg, University of Twente
      W. Kraaij, TNO

    97. PDF file University of Washington (UW) at Legal TREC Interactive 2007
      E. N. Efthimiadis, M. A. Hotchkiss, University of Washington Information School

    98. PDF file University of Waterloo Participation in the TREC 2007 Spam Track
      G. V. Cormack, University of Waterloo

    99. PDF file Complex Interactive Question Answering Enhanced with Wikipedia
      I. MacKinnon, O. Vechtomova, University of Waterloo

    100. PDF file Using Subjective Adjectives in Opinion Retrieval from Blogs
      O. Vechtomova, University of Waterloo

    101. PDF file Enterprise Search: Identifying Relevant Sentences and Using Them for Query Expansion
      M. Kolla, O. Vechtomova, University of Waterloo

    102. PDF file MultiText Legal Experiments at TREC 2007
      S. Büttcher, C. L. A. Clarke, G. V. Cormack, T. R. Lynam, D. R. Cheriton, University of Waterloo

    103. PDF file CSIR at TREC 2007 Expert Search Task
      J. Jiang, W. Lu, D. Liu, Wuhan University

    104. PDF file WHU at Blog Track 2007
      H. Zhao, Z. Luo, W. Lu, Wuhan University

    105. PDF file York University at TREC 2007: Enterprise Document Search
      Y. Fan, X. Huang, York University, Toronto

    106. PDF file York University at TREC 2007: Genomics Track
      X. Huang, D. Sotoudeh-Hosseinii, H. Rohian, X. An, York University


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