NIST Special Publication 500-240:
The Sixth Text REtrieval Conference (TREC 6)

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postscript fileFOREWORD
postscript fileABSTRACT


  1. postscript fileOverview of the Sixth Text REtrieval Conference (TREC-6), page 1
    Ellen Voorhees, D. Harman (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
  2. postscript file Chinese Document Retrieval at TREC-6 , page 25
    R. Wilkinson (CSIRO)
  3. postscript file Cross-Language Information Retrieval (CLIR) Track Overview, page 31
    P. Schauble, P. Sheridan (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH))
  4. postscript file The TREC-6 Filtering Track: Description and Analysis , page 45
  5. postscript file Figures for this report
    D.A. Hull (Xerox Research Centre Europe)
  6. postscript fileTREC 6 High-Precision Track, page 69
    C. Buckley (SabIR Research Inc.)
  7. postscript fileTREC-6 Interactive Report, page 73
    P. Over (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
  8. postscript fileTREC-6 1997 Spoken Document Retrieval Track Overview and Results, page 83
    J. Garofolo, E. Voorhees, V. Stanford (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
    K. Sparck Jones (Cambridge University)
  9. postscript file Overview of TREC-6 Very Large Collection Track , page 93
    D. Hawking, P. Thistlewaite (Australian National University)
  10. postscript file Using Clustering and SuperConcepts Within SMART : TREC 6 , page 107
    C. Buckley, J. Walz (SabIR Research Inc.)
    M. Mitra, C. Cardie (Cornell University)
  11. postscript file Okapi at TREC-6 Automatic ad hoc, VLC, routing, filtering and QSDR , page 125
    S. Walker, S.E. Robertson, M. Boughanem (City University, London)
    G.J.F. Jones (University of Exeter)
    K. Sparck Jones (University of Cambridge)
  12. postscript file Okapi Chinese text retrieval experiments at TREC-6 , page 137
    X. Huang, S.E. Robertson (City University, London)
  13. postscript file Interactive Okapi at TREC-6 , page 143
    M.M. Beaulieu, M.J. Gatford (City University, London)
  14. postscript file INQUERY Does Battle With TREC-6 , page 169
    J. Allan, J. Callan, W.B. Croft, L. Ballesteros, D. Byrd, R. Swan, J. Xu (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
  15. postscript file TREC-6 English and Chinese Retrieval Experiments using PIRCS, page 207
    K.L. Kwok, L. Grunfeld, J.H. Xu (Queens College, CUNY)
  16. postscript file AT&T at TREC-6 , page 215
    A. Singhal (AT&T Labs-Research)
  17. postscript file AT&T at TREC-6: SDR Track , page 227
    A. Singhal, J. Choi, D. Hindle, F. Pereira (AT&T Labs-Research)
  18. postscript file Automatic 3-Language Cross-Language Information Retrieval with Latent Semantic Indexing , page 233
    B. Rehder, T.K. Landauer (University of Colorado)
    M.L. Littman (Duke University)
    S. Dumais (Microsoft Research)
  19. postscript file MDS TREC6 Report , page 241
    M. Fuller, M. Kaszkiel, C.L. Ng, P. Vines, R. Wilkinson, J. Zobel (RMIT)
  20. postscript file Verity at TREC-6: Out-of-the-Box and Beyond, page 259
    J.O. Pedersen, C. Silverstein, C.C. Vogt (Verity, Inc.)
  21. postscript file ANU/ACSys TREC-6 Experiments , page 275
    D. Hawking, P. Thistlewaite, N. Craswell (Australian National University)
  22. postscript file Experiments in Spoken Document Retrieval at CMU , page 291
    M.A. Siegler, S.T. Slattery, K. Seymore, R.E. Jones, A.G. Hauptmann (Carnegie Mellon University)
    M.J. Witbrock (Justsystem Pittsburgh Research Center)
  23. postscript file Passage-Based Refinement (MultiText Experiements for TREC-6) , page 303
    G.V. Cormack, C.R. Palmer, S.S.L. To (University of Waterloo)
    C.L.A. Clarke (University of Toronto)
  24. postscript file Mercure at trec6 , page 321
    M. Boughanem (MSI and IRIT/SIG)
    C. Soulé-Dupuy (IRIT/SIG and CERISS)
  25. postscript file Daimler Benz Research: System and Experiments Routing and Filtering , page 329
    T. Bayer, H. Mogg-Schneider, I. Renz, H. Schäfer (Daimler-Benz AG)
  26. postscript file Natural Language Information Retrieval TREC-6 Report , page 347
    T. Strzalkowski, F. Lin (GE Corporate Research & Development)
    J. Perez-Carballo (Rutgers University)
  27. postscript file Using Information Extraction to Improve Document Retrieval , page 367
    J. Bear, D. Israel, J. Petit, D. Martin (SRI International)
  28. postscript file Interactive information retrieval using term relationship networks, page 379
    J. McDonald, W. Ogden, P. Foltz (New Mexico State University)
  29. postscript file Free Resources And Advanced Alignment For Cross-Language Text Retrieval, page 385
    M.W. Davis, W.C. Ogden (New Mexico State University)
  30. postscript file Conceptual Indexing Using Thematic Representation of Texts , page 403
    B.V. Dobrov, N.V. Loukachevitch, T.N. Yudina (Center for Information Research, Russia)
  31. postscript file CSIRO Routing and Ad-Hoc Experiments at TREC-6 , page 455
    A. Kosmynin (CSIRO)
  32. postscript file Ad hoc Retrieval Using Thresholds, WSTs for French Mono-lingual Retrieval, Document-at-a-Glance for High Precision and Triphone Windows for Spoken Documents , page 461
    A.F. Smeaton, G. Quinn (Dublin City University) F. Kelledy (Broadcom Éireann Research)
  33. postscript file Document Retrieval Using The MPS Information Server (A Report on the TREC-6 Experiment) , page 477
    F. Schiettecatte (FS Consulting, Inc.)
  34. postscript file Expanding Relevance Feedback in the Relational Model, page 489
    C. Lundquist, M.C. McCabe (George Mason University)
    D.O. Holmes (NCR Corporation)
    D.A. Grossman (Office for Research & Development)
    O. Frieder (Florida Institute of Technology)
  35. postscript file Ad Hoc Retrieval with Harris SENTINEL, page 503
    M.M. Knepper, G.J. Cusick, K.L. Fox, O. Frieder, R.A. Killam (Harris Corporation)
  36. postscript file TREC-6 Ad-Hoc Retrieval , page 511
    M. Franz, S. Roukos (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)
  37. postscript file IBM Search UI Prototype Evaluation at the Interactive Track of TREC-6 , page 517
    B. Schmidt-Wesche, R. Mack, C.L. Cesar (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Hawthorne)
    D. VanEsselstyn (Columbia University)
  38. postscript file The GURU System in TREC-6 , page 535
    E.W. Brown, H.A. Chong (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)
  39. postscript file Concrete Queries in Specialized Domains: Known Item as Feedback for Query Formulation, page 541
    M.K. Leong (Institute of Systems Science, Singapore)
  40. postscript file Preliminary Qualitative Analysis of Segmented vs Bigram Indexing in Chinese, page 551
    M.K. Leong, H. Zhou (Institute of Systems Science, Singapore)
  41. postscript file Experiments on Proximity Based Chinese Text Retrieval in TREC 6, page 559
    K. Rajaraman, K.F. Lai, Y. Changwen (Information Technology Institute)
  42. postscript file Query Term Expansion based on Paragraphs of the Relevant Documents, page 577
    K. Ishikawa, K. Satoh, A. Okumura (C&C Media Research Labs., NEC Corporation)
  43. postscript file A Comparison of Boolean and Natural Language Searching for the TREC-6 Interactive Task , page 585
    W. Hersh, B. Day (Oregon Health Sciences University)
  44. postscript file Rutgers' TREC-6 Interactive Track Experience , page 597
    N.J. Belkin, J. Perez Carballo, S. Lin, S.Y. Park, S.Y. Rieh, P. Savage, C. Sikora, H. Xie (Rutgers University)
    C. Cool (Queens College, CUNY)
    J. Allan (University of Massachusetts at Amherst)
  45. postscript fileApplication of Logical Analysis of Data to the TREC-6 Routing Task, page 611
    E. Boros, P. Kantor, J. Lee, K. Bor Ng, D. Zhao (Rutgers University)
  46. postscript file The text categorization system TEKLIS at TREC-6, page 619
    T. Bruckner (Siemens AG)
  47. postscript file ETH TREC-6: Routing, Chinese, Cross-Language and Spoken Document Retrieval, page 623
    B. Mateev, E. Munteanu, P. Sheridan, M. Wechsler, P. Schäuble (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH))
  48. postscript file Phrase Discovery for English and Cross-language Retrieval at TREC 6 , page 637
    F.C. Gey, A. Chen (University of California, Berkeley)
  49. postscript file Cheshire II at TREC 6: Interactive Probabilistic Retrieval, page 649
    R.R. Larson, J. McDonough (University of California, Berkeley)
  50. postscript file Fusion Via Linear Combination for the Routing Problem , page 661
    C.C. Vogt, G.W. Cottrell (University of California, San Diego)
  51. postscript file Short Queries, Natural Language and Spoken Document Retrieval: Experiments at Glasgow University , page 667
    F. Crestani, M. Sanderson, M. Theophylactou, M. Lalmas (University of Glasgow)
  52. postscript file Document Translation for Cross-Language Text Retrieval at the University of Maryland , page 687
    D.W. Oard, P. Hackett (University of Maryland)
  53. postscript file Between Terms and Words for European Language IR and Between Words and Bigrams for Chinese IR, page 697
    J.Y. Nie (Université de Montréal)
    J.P. Chevallet, M.F. Bruandet (Laboratoire CLIPS, IMAG)
  54. postscript file Interactive Retrieval using IRIS: TREC-6 Experiments , page 711
    R.G. Sumner, Jr., K. Yang, R. Akers, W.M. Shaw, Jr. (University of North Carolina)
  55. postscript file Context-Based Statistical Sub-Spaces, page 735
    G.B. Newby (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
  56. postscript file The THISL Spoken Document Retrieval System, page 747
    D. Abberley, S. Renals (University of Sheffield, UK)
    G. Cook (University of Cambridge, UK)
    T. Robinson (University of Cambridge, UK and SoftSound, UK)
  57. postscript file Cross Language Retrieval with the Twenty-One system , page 753
    W. Kraaij, D. Hiemstra (TNO/U-Twente/DFKI/Xerox/U-Tuebingen)
  58. postscript file Text Retrieval via Semantic Forests , page 761
    P. Schone, J.L. Townsend, C. Olano (U.S. Department of Defense)
    T.H. Crystal (IDA Center for Communications Research)
  59. postscript file Xerox TREC-6 Site Report: Cross Language Text Retrieval , page 775
    E. Gaussier, G. Grefenstette, D.A. Hull, B.M. Schulze (Xerox Research Centre Europe)


    A. postscript fileTREC-6 Results Description, page A-1
    B. Summary Performance Comparisons
    TREC-2, TREC-3, TREC-4, TREC-5, TREC-6
    , page B-1

    TREC-6 System Descriptions

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