NIST Special Publication 500-215:
The Second Text REtrieval Conference (TREC 2)

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PREFACE, page iii


ABSTRACT, page viii


  1. postscript file Overview of the Second Text REtrieval Conference (TREC-2), page 1
    D. Harman (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
  2. postscript file Okapi at TREC-2, page 21
    S. Robertson, S. Walker, S. Jones, M. Hancock-Beaulieu, M. Gatford
    (City University, London)
  3. Combining Evidence for Information Retrieval, page 35
    N. Belkin, P. Kantor, C. Cool, R. Quatrain (Rutgers University)
  4. postscript file Automatic Routing and Ad-hoc Retrieval Using SMART: TREC 2 , page 45
    C. Buckley, J. Allan, G. Salton (Cornell University)
  5. postscript file Full Text Retrieval based on Probalistic Equations with Coefficients fitted by Logistic Regression page 57
    W. Cooper, A. Chen, F. Gey (University of California, Berkeley)
  6. postscript file Probalistic Learning Approaches for Indexing and Retrieval with the TREC-2 Collection, page 67
    N. Fuhr, U. Pfeifer, C. Bremkamp, M. Pollmann (University of Dortmund, Germany)
  7. postscript fileTREC-2 Routing and Ad-Hoc Retrieval Evaluation using the INQUERY System, page 75
    W. Croft, J. Callan, J. Broglio (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
  8. postscript fileDR-LINK: A System Update for TREC-2 , page 85
    E. Liddy, S. Myaeng (Syracuse University)
  9. Feedback and Mixing Experiments with MatchPlus , page 101
    S. Gallan, W. Caid, J. Carleton, T. Gutschow, R. Hecht-Nielsen, K. Qing, D. Sudbeck (HNC, Inc.)
  10. postscript file Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) and TREC-2 , page 105
    S. Dumais (Bellcore)
  11. postscript file An Information Retrieval Test-bed on the CM-5 , page 117
    B. Massand, C. Stanfill (Thinking Machines Corporation)
  12. postscript file Recent Developments in Natural Language Text Retrieval, page 123
    T. Strzalkowski, J. Carballo (New York University)
  13. postscript file Design and Evaluation of the CLARIT-TREC-2 System , page 137
    D. Evans, R. Lefferts (Carnegie Mellon University and CLARIT Corporation)
  14. Bayesian Inference with Node Aggregation for Information Retrieval, page 151
    B. Del Favero, R. Fung (Insttute for Decision Systems Research)
  15. postscript file Effective and Efficient Retrieval from Large and Dynamic Document Collections, page 163
    D. Knaus, P. Schauble (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)
  16. postscript file N-Gram-Based Text Filtering For TREC-2, page 171
    W. Cavnar (Enviornmental Research Institute of Michigan)
  17. postscript file Retrieval of Partial Documents , page 181
    A. Moffat, R. Sacks-Davis, R. Wilkinson, J. Zobel
    (CITRI, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)
  18. postscript fileGE in TREC-2: Results of a Boolean Approximation Method for Routing and Retrieval , page 191
    P. Jacobs (GE Research and Development Center)
  19. postscript file TREC-II Routing Experiments with the TRW/Paracel Fast Data Finder, page 201
    M. Mettler (TRW Systems Development Division)
  20. Knowledge-Based Searching with TOPIC, page 209
    J. Lehman, C. Reid (Verity, Inc.)
  21. postscript file On Expanding Query Vectors with Lexically Related Words , page 223
    E. Voorhees (Siemens Corporate Research, Inc.)
  22. postscript file TREC-2 Document Retrieval Experiments using PIRCS , page 233
    K. Kwok, L. Grunfeld (Queens College, CUNY)
  23. postscript file Combination of Multiple Searches , page 243
    E. Fox, J. Shaw (Virginia Tech)
  24. postscript file Machine Learning for Knowledge-Based Document Routing
    (A Report on the TREC-2 Experiment)
    , page 253
    R. Tong, L. Appelbaum (Advanced Decision Systems)
  25. postscript file The ConQuest System , page 265
    P. Nelson (ConQuest Software, Inc.)
  26. postscript file Description of the PRC CEO Algorithm for TREC-2 , page 271
    P. Thompson (PRC, Inc.)
  27. Report of Progress for TREC-II , page 275
    W. Kelleher (Systems Enviornment Corporation)
  28. postscript file UCLA-Okapi at TREC-2: Query Expansion Experiments, page 291
    E. Efthimiadis, P. Biron (University of California, Los Angeles)
  29. Incorporating Semantics Within a Connectionist Model and a Vector Processing Model, page 291
    R. Boyd, J. Driscoll (University of Central Florida)


  1. The Efficiency Issues Workshop Report , page 303
  2. Workshop Report - Use of Training Materials in Constructing Routing Queries, page 305


A. TREC-2 Results , page A-1
B. System Features , page B-1
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