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A TREC workshop consists of a set tracks, areas of focus in which particular retrieval tasks are defined. The tracks serve several purposes. First, tracks act as incubators for new research areas: the first running of a track often defines what the problem really is, and a track creates the necessary infrastructure (test collections, evaluation methodology, etc.) to support research on its task. The tracks also demonstrate the robustness of core retrieval technology in that the same techniques are frequently appropriate for a variety of tasks. Finally, the tracks make TREC attractive to a broader community by providing tasks that match the research interests of more groups.

Each track has a mailing list. The primary purpose of the mailing list is to discuss the details of the track's tasks in the current TREC. However, a track mailing list also serves as a place to discuss general methodological issues related to the track's retrieval tasks. TREC track mailing lists are open to all; you need not participate in TREC to join a list. Most lists do require that you become a member of the list before you can send a message to it.

The set of tracks that will be run in a given year of TREC is determined by the TREC program committee. The committee has established a procedure for proposing new tracks.

2018 TREC Tracks

    CENTRE Track

    This is a new track for 2018, which will run in parallel (with somewhat different emphases) in CLEF 2018, NTCIR-14, and TREC 2018. The overall goal of the track is to develop and tune a reproducibility evaluation protocol for IR.
    Track coordinators:
    Nicola Ferro, University of Padua
    Tetsuya Sakai, Waseda University
    Ian Soboroff, NIST
    Track Web Page:
    Mailing list:
    Google group, name: centre-eval

    Common Core Track

    The Common Core track uses an ad hoc search task over news documents. As such, it serves as a common task for a wide spectrum of IR researchers to attract a diverse run set that can be used to investigate new methodologies for test collection construction.
    Track Web Page:
    Mailing list:
    Google group, name: trec-core

    Complex Answer Retrieval Track

    The focus of the Complex Answer Retrieval track is on developing systems that are capable of answering complex information needs by collating relevant information from an entire corpus.
    Track Web Page:
    Mailing list:
    Google group, name: trec-car

    Incident Streams Track

    This is a new track for TREC 2018. The Incident Streams track is designed to bring together academia and industry to research technologies to automatically process social media streams during emergency situations with the aim of categorizing information and aid requests made on social media for emergency service operators.
    Track Web Page:
    Incident Streams track web page
    Track Mailing List:
    Google group, name: trec-is

    News Track

    The News Track is a new track for 2018. It will feature modern search tasks in the news domain. In partnership with The Washington Post, we will develop test collections that support the search needs of news readers and news writers in the current news environment.
    Track Web Page:
    Mailing list:
    Google group, name: trec-news-track

    Precision Medicine Track

    This track is a specialization of the Clinical Decision Support track of previous TRECs. It will focus on building systems that use data (e.g., a patient's past medical history and genomic information) to link oncology patients to clinical trials for new treatments as well as evidence-based literature to identify the most effective existing treatments. Track Web Page:
    Mailing list:
    Google group, name: trec-cds

    Real-Time Summarization Track

    The Real-Time Summarization (RTS) track explores techniques for constructing real-time update summaries from social media streams in response to users' information needs.
    Track Web Page:
    Mailing list:
    Google group, name: trec-rts

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