SDR 2000 - Overview


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2000 TREC-9 Spoken Document Retrieval Track

SDR 2000 - Overview

Spoken Document Retrieval (SDR)

SDR Evaluation Approach

Past SDR Test Collections

Past SDR Evaluation Conditions

SDR 2000 - Changes from 1999

SDR 2000 - Test Collection

Test Variables

Test Variables (contd)

Test Conditions

Test Topics

Test Topic Relevance

Topic Difficulty


Approaches for 2000

ASR Metrics

ASR Performance

IR Metrics

Story Boundaries Known Condition

Story Boundaries Known Retrieval Condition

Unknown Story Boundary Condition

Story Boundaries Unknown Retrieval Condition

SDR-2000 Cross-Recognizer Results


Future for Multi-Media Retrieval?

TREC-9 SDR Results, Primary Conditions

TREC-9 SDR Results, Cross Recognizer Conditions

Author: Mark Przybocki

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