TREC 2002 Video Track Runs (cont.)

Feature extraction

   ID                           Priority    Affiliation
   CMU.r1                       1           Carnegie Mellon Univ.
   CMU.r2                       2
   CMU.r3                       3

   CLIPS-LIT-GEOD               1           CLIPS_IMAG Lab
   CLIPS-LIT-LIMSU              2

   DCUFE2002                    1           Dublin City Univ.

   Eurecom1                     1           Eurecom

   Fudan_FE_Sys1                1           Fudan University
   Fudan_FE_Sys2                2

   IBM-1                        1           IBM Research
   IBM-2                        2

   MediaMill1                   1
   MediaMill2                   2

   MSRA                         1           Microsoft Research Asia

   TZI_univ_bremen              1           Univ. of Bremen

   UMD1                         1           Univ. of Maryland

   UnivO_MT1                    1           Univ. of Oulu
   UnivO_MT2                    2

Feature definitions

If the feature is true for some frame (sequence) within the shot, then it is true for the shot.
  1. Outdoors: Segment contains a recognizably outdoor location, i.e., one outside of buildings. Should exclude all scenes that are indoors or are close-ups of objects (even if the objects are outdoor).
  2. Indoors: Segment contains a recognizably indoor location, i.e., inside a building. Should exclude all scenes that are outdoors or are close-ups of objects (even if the objects are indoor).
  3. Face: Segment contains at least one human face with the nose, mouth, and both eyes visible. Pictures of a face meeting the above conditions count.
  4. People: Segment contains a group of two more humans, each of which is at least partially visible and is recognizable as a human.
  5. Cityscape: Segment contains a recognizably city/urban/suburban setting.
  6. Landscape: Segment contains a predominantly natural inland setting, i.e., one with little or no evidence of development by humans. For example, scenes consisting mostly of plowed/planted fields, pastures, orchards would be excluded. Some buildings, if small features on the overall landscape, should be OK. Scenes with bodies of water that are clearly inland may be included.
  7. Text Overlay: Segment contains superimposed text large enough to be read.
  8. Speech: A human voice uttering words is recognizable as such in this segment
  9. Instrumental Sound: Sound produced by one or more musical instruments is recognizable as such in this segment. Included are percussion instruments.
  10. Monologue: Segment contains an event in which a single person is at least partially visible and speaks for a long time without interruption by another speaker. Pauses are ok if short.