Number: 701 U.S. oil industry history <desc> Description: Describe the history of the U.S. oil industry <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents will include those on historical exploration and drilling as well as history of regulatory bodies. Relevant are history of the oil industry in various states, even if drilling began in 1950 or later. </top> <top> <num> Number: 702 <title> Pearl farming <desc> Description: Pearl farming operations: actual farming operations described, culturing pearls, "Japanese pearl productions," status of pearl farming, production. <narr> Narrative: Definitions of difference between natural, cultured, and imitation pearls is relevant. Description of how pearls are formed and discussion of mussel production for use in pearl preselection is relevant. "Pearl industry" with no further detail is NOT relevant. Rules for jewelers is relevant. Statistics on pearl production are relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 703 <title> U.S. against International Criminal Court <desc> Description: What are the arguments the U.S. uses against joining the International Criminal Court? <narr> Narrative: The title of an article alone is not sufficient to make a document relevant, nor are lists of articles relevant without descriptions of their content. </top> <top> <num> Number: 704 <title> Green party political views <desc> Description: What are the goals and political views of the Green Party. <narr> Narrative: Evidence that the Green Party is a recognized U.S. political party is relevant. Documents which reveal their goals, values, or political views are relevant. Attempts by green party members to stop or interrupt U.S. government efforts regarding certain environmental actions which they disagree with is not relevant. Any members names noted are considered relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 705 <title> Iraq foreign debt reduction <desc> Description: Identify any efforts, proposed or undertaken, by world governments to seek reduction of Iraq's foreign debt. <narr> Narrative: Documents noting this subject as a topic for discussion (e.g. at U.N. and G7) are relevant. Money pledged for reconstruction is irrelevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 706 <title> Controlling type II diabetes <desc> Description: What are methods used to control type II diabetes? <narr> Narrative: Items containing such controls as determining blood sugar levels and keeping triglycerides, cholesterol and blood pressure in normal ranges are relevant. Mention of mild to moderate weight loss, regular exercise and learning new behaviors and attitudes, medications is relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 707 <title> Aspirin cancer prevention <desc> Description: What evidence is there that aspirin may help prevent cancer? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents will state the type of cancer and the organizations which made the findings that aspirin was useful in prevention. Documents which appear to only link to the desired information, rather than having this information in the document, are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 708 <title> Decorative slate sources <desc> Description: What are sources of slate stone for decorative use? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents will mention where slate can be obtained that is appropriate for decorative uses such as flooring, counter tops, or art. Quarries as well as distributors are relevant. "Slate belt" does not imply a source of slate. </top> <top> <num> Number: 709 <title> Horse racing jockey weight <desc> Description: What are the limits and regulations concerning jockey weight in horse racing? <narr> Narrative: Documents which discuss rules for horse racing relating to the weight of the jockey are relevant. Documents which give a minimum jockey weight are relevant. List of titles of sections with no text are NOT relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 710 <title> Prostate cancer treatments <desc> Description: What are the various treatments for prostate cancer? <narr> Narrative: Relevant cancer treatments include radiation therapy, radioactive pellets, hormonal therapy and surgery. "Watchful waiting" is also considered relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 711 <title> Train station security measures <desc> Description: What security measures have been employed at train stations due to heightened security concerns? <narr> Narrative: Use of national guard forces is considered relevant. Surveillance cameras, more police officers, K-9 units, and better ID checks are considered relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 712 <title> Pyramid scheme <desc> Description: What are some actual examples of pyramid schemes? <narr> Narrative: A relevant document must describe the actual pyramid scheme, not just the place it occurred or that it was a pyramid scheme. Theoretical description of a pyramid scheme is not relevant. Ponzi schemes are relevant (they are a type of pyramid). </top> <top> <num> Number: 713 <title> Chesapeake Bay Maryland clean <desc> Description: What is the state of Maryland doing to clean up the Chesapeake Bay? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents will describe what Maryland in particular is doing to clean up the Bay. Documents that focus on other states that only mention Maryland in a group of cooperating states are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 714 <title> License restrictions older drivers <desc> Description: What restrictions are placed on older persons renewing their drivers' licenses in the U.S.? <narr> Narrative: Not relevant are documents on restrictions for persons with medical conditions, not necessarily related to age. Also not relevant are lists of publications on drivers licenses for older persons which give no restriction information. </top> <top> <num> Number: 715 <title> Schizophrenia drugs <desc> Description: What organizations (private or governmental) are developing drugs to combat schizophrenia? <narr> Narrative: Mention of pharmaceutical companies and university laboratories developing drugs is relevant. Also relevant are entities (such as NIMH) engaged in clinical trials of drugs which had been developed but were still under investigation. </top> <top> <num> Number: 716 <title> Spammer arrest sue <desc> Description: Have any spammers been arrested or sued for sending unsolicited e-mail? <narr> Narrative: Instances of arrests, prosecutions, convictions, and punishments of spammers, and lawsuits against them are relevant. Documents which describe laws to limit spam without giving details of lawsuits or criminal trials are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 717 <title> Gifted talented student programs <desc> Description: What states or localities offer programs for gifted and talented students? <narr> Narrative: Relevant is any document that shows a state or locality offers a program for gifted and talented children. Not relevant are documents on federal programs for gifted and talented children, nor information on organizations that promote programs for gifted and talented students. </top> <top> <num> Number: 718 <title> Controlling acid rain <desc> Description: What methods are used to control acid rain and its effects? <narr> Narrative: Documents pertaining to the decrease or eliminations of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides into the air are relevant. Any reduction of the burning of fossil fuels is also relevant. Documents pertaining to the "Clean Air Act" are considered relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 719 <title> Cruise ship damage sea life <desc> Description: What kinds of harm do cruise ships do to sea life such as coral reefs, and what is the extent of the damage? <narr> Narrative: References to "large ships" or "shipping" are relevant unless a freighter or other type of non-cruise ship is specified or is otherwise apparent from name or picture. </top> <top> <num> Number: 720 <title> Federal welfare reform <desc> Description: Find documents about Federal welfare reform legislation, regulation, and policy. <narr> Narrative: Documents pertaining to welfare reform by a state are irrelevant. Resources such as pertinent legislation, regulations, policy and reports on the progress of Federal welfare reform are relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 721 <title> Census data applications <desc> Description: What applications are there for U.S. decennial census data, and how is it used? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents must clearly describe how census data is used. Documents which only list types of available census data are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 722 <title> Iran terrorism <desc> Description: In what ways does Iran support terrorism? <narr> Narrative: Documents state only that Iran supports terrorism, without giving details, are not relevant. Relevant documents will identify terrorist groups sponsored by Iran, official links between Iran and terrorist attacks, or funding trails. </top> <top> <num> Number: 723 <title> Executive privilege <desc> Description: What is the U.S. government's definition of "executive privilege?" <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents will define the term "executive privilege", or describe an invocation of executive privilege which helps explain it. Application of executive privilege beyond the President to the executive branch is relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 724 <title> Iran Contra <desc> Description: What was the Iran-Contra scandal and what were the consequences? <narr> Narrative: Not relevant are documents that mention the Iran-Contra affair only peripherally in discussing some other subject. </top> <top> <num> Number: 725 <title> Low white blood cell count <desc> Description: What would cause a lowered white blood cell count? <narr> Narrative: A relevant document will describe a condition or disease that causes a lowered white blood cell count. Lowered white blood cell counts caused by HIV infection, bone marrow failure and chemotherapy are relevant. A low count caused by a treatment or medication would also be relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 726 <title> Hubble telescope repairs <desc> Description: What repairs have been made on the Hubble telescope? <narr> Narrative: Not relevant are documents such as lists of resources, inquiries or photos of or by Hubble that provide no information on repairs, unless the captions discuss or describe repairs. </top> <top> <num> Number: 727 <title> Church arson <desc> Description: Identify any specific instances of church arson. <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents must identify a specific arson attack and give the name of the church and/or its location. General references such as mention of histories or patterns of arsons at churches, or statistics from the church arson task force were considered irrelevant. Suspected arson and burning of synagogues are considered relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 728 <title> whales save endangered <desc> Description: What's being done to save endangered whales? <narr> Narrative: A relevant document will reveal any noted efforts to save whales. The classification of certain whales as an endangered species is an effort to save them, and therefore documents reflecting this are relevant. Proposals to limit whale hunting are not relevant if they are proposals not actual laws or regulations. Bans and moratoriums on whaling are relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 729 <title> Whistle blower department of defense <desc> Description: What have been revelations of whistle blowers concerning the U.S. Department of Defense? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents will describe instances of kickbacks, fraud, or other illegal activity revealed by whistle blowers at the Department of Defense. Whistle blower protections and regulations are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 730 <title> Gastric bypass complications <desc> Description: What are some of the possible complications and potential dangers of gastric bypass surgery? <narr> Narrative: Mention of other bypass surgeries (e.g. heart, intestinal bypass, vertical banding, etc) are not considered relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 731 <title> Kurds history <desc> Description: What is the history of the Kurds? <narr> Narrative: Relevant are documents on long-time history of the Kurds, as well as documents on recent events, such as Saddam Hussein's 1988 poison gas attack on Kurdish residents of Halabja. Not relevant are documents on unrelated subjects that only briefly mention the Halabja attack. </top> <top> <num> Number: 732 <title> U.S. cheese production <desc> Description: What cheese production is carried out in the U.S.? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents describe cheese production, including cheddar, swiss, gouda, and goat cheese. Products that include cheese are not relevant unless it is made clear that the cheese is made in the U.S. USDA regulations are not relevant unless they cite U.S.-produced cheese. </top> <top> <num> Number: 733 <title> Airline overbooking <desc> Description: What are the regulations regarding airline overbooking? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents indicate regulations or industry rules which govern the practice of overbooking, selling more seats than are available on the plane. Schedules for reporting over-sales are relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 734 <title> Recycling successes <desc> Description: What recycling projects have been successful? <narr> Narrative: Guidelines by themselves are not relevant. Titles in a table of contents are relevant if they identify places or product programs which have had success. Must be declared successful or success should be clearly assumed from the description. Name of state identified as successful recycler is relevant. Listing of recycled products for sale are relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 735 <title> Afghan women condition <desc> Description: Is the condition of Afghan women better under the new government than under the Taliban? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents must give information about Afghan women, post-Taliban, including whether they have more rights and freedom. Not relevant are documents from U.S. officials supporting women's rights or describing U.S. aid to Afghanistan aimed to help women. </top> <top> <num> Number: 736 <title> location BSE infections <desc> Description: Where have animals infected with bovine spongiform encephalopathy (also known as BSE or Mad Cow disease) been found? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents should be specific, i.e. give a country or state instead of Europe or Asia. BSE should not be confused with TSE (Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy). Measures taken to limit or curb BSE infections are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 737 <title> Enron California energy crisis <desc> Description: What allegations have been made about Enron's culpability in the California Energy crisis? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents will allege than Enron contributed to California's energy crisis. Mention of the failure of Enron to provide documents is not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 738 <title> Anthrax hoaxes <desc> Description: What are some examples of anthrax hoaxes? <narr> Narrative: Only specific examples are relevant. Documents giving statistics such as "20 individuals arrested for hoaxes" are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 739 <title> Habitat for Humanity <desc> Description: What is the organization "Habitat for Humanity", and what activities are they involved in? <narr> Narrative: Documents that explain a specific Habitat for Humanity program are relevant. Locations of Habitat for Humanity chapters are relevant. Documents that reveal the purpose of Habitat for Humanity are relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 740 <title> regulate assisted living Maryland <desc> Description: Who regulates assisted living facilities in Maryland? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents will indicate agencies which regulate assisted living facilities in Maryland. Documents which mention such an agency without indicating their regulatory responsibility are not relevant. Documents mentioning the agency and purpose, but not the state are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 741 <title> Artificial Intelligence <desc> Description: What is artificial intelligence? <narr> Narrative: Any documents pertaining to pattern recognition, problem-solving, natural language processing, and game playing, which are branches of artificial intelligence, are relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 742 <title> hedge funds fraud protection <desc> Description: What protection do investors have against fraud by hedge funds? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents will give information on consumer protections against fraud by hedge funds. If different financial structures are involved, such as multiple kinds of funds or derivatives, the document is not relevant unless it makes clear that the fraud applies to hedge funds. </top> <top> <num> Number: 743 <title> Freighter ship registration <desc> Description: What are the regulations and other considerations concerning registering a freighter in a country? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents will describe rules and regulations for registering a freighter under a particular flag or country. Anything relating to registration of freighters is relevant. Information about other types of ships is not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 744 <title> Counterfeit ID punishments <desc> Description: What punishments or sentences have been given in the U.S. for making or selling counterfeit IDs? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents will describe punishments for manufacturing or selling counterfeit identification, such as drivers licenses, passports, social security cards, etc. Fake professional certifications and fake credit cards are relevant. Counterfeit goods or auto serial numbers not relevant. Counterfeit checks are not relevant. "Counterfeiting" with no indication of type is relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 745 <title> Doomsday cults <desc> Description: Identify any doomsday cult, their name, and location throughout the world. <narr> Narrative: To be relevant a document must reflect that the cult is a doomsday or apocalyptic cult. Any document which indicates the location (by country) and name of the doomsday cult is relevant. References to cults other than doomsday cults is not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 746 <title> Outsource job India <desc> Description: What jobs have been outsourced to India? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents will identify jobs which used to be in the U.S. but have been outsourced to India. When the word "outsourced" is used not used but implied it is still relevant. Outsourcing to other countries besides India is not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 747 <title> Library computer oversight <desc> Description: What control or oversight is there over computer use in public libraries? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents will describe specific controls or oversight mechanisms that currently are in use. Bills that propose controls but have not been passed are not relevant. Statements regarding a lack of control/monitoring are not relevant. The fact that a Librarian must load CDs for patrons is relevant. Fees for computer print outs are not relevant. Statement of illegal activities that are prohibited is not relevant. Restrictions to legal research is relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 748 <title> Nuclear reactor types <desc> Description: Name the types of nuclear reactor power plants in operation in the United States. <narr> Narrative: Relevant document will contain information which identifies the type of commercial nuclear reactors in use in the United States. Documents indicating the difference in how these reactors work is relevant. General information on nuclear reactors is not relevant. Future changes in nuclear reactors is not relevant. Total numbers of each type of reactor is of relevance. </top> <top> <num> Number: 749 <title> Puerto Rico state <desc> Description: Do people in Puerto Rico want for it to become a U.S. State? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents will show that the Puerto Rican people want or do not want United States statehood. Relevant documents can contain information indicating other choices for Puerto Ricans such as to remain a commonwealth of the U.S. or to become an independent nation. All other documents containing Puerto Rico commercial, geographical, economic, etc. information is not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 750 <title> John Edwards womens issues <desc> Description: What are Senator John Edwards' positions on women's issues such as pay equity, abortion, Title IX and violence against women. <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents will indicate Senator John Edwards' stand on issues concerning women, such as pay parity, abortion rights, Title IX, and violence against women. Lists of press releases are relevant when the headlines show he is voting for or against bills on women's issues. Not relevant are Edwards' positions on issues not exclusively concerning women. </top> <top> <num> Number: 751 <title> Scrabble Players <desc> Description: Give information on Scrabble players, when and where Scrabble is played, and how popular it has been. <narr> Narrative: Give information on the social aspects of the game Scrabble. Scrabble players may be named or described as a group. Both real and fictional players are relevant. Mention of a scheduled Scrabble game is relevant. Scrabble's popularity is relevant. An account of a particular game is relevant. Descriptions of variants on the Scrabble game are not relevant. Use of Scrabble tiles for other purposes are not relevant. Scrabble software is not relevant unless there is mention of its users. Titles of Scrabble-related books (dictionaries, glossaries, rulebooks) are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 752 <title> Dam removal <desc> Description: Where have dams been removed and what has been the environmental impact? <narr> Narrative: Discussions of dam removal in general are relevant. Identification of specific places where dams have been removed is relevant, as is discussion of the environmental impact of removal. Applications for removal are not relevant unless reasons are given. </top> <top> <num> Number: 753 <title> bullying prevention programs <desc> Description: What programs have been used in schools to prevent bullying of students? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents must have details about actual programs developed for and implemented in a school or schools with the goal of preventing bullying. This would include details such as classes, assemblies, discipline, mediation or projects for students and staff. Advice on how to develop such a program is not relevant. Listings or titles of programs without details as to how they are implemented are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 754 <title> domestic adoption laws <desc> Description: Provide any legal information about domestic human adoption. <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents must describe any laws covering adoption of minor children within the United States, to include laws of any specific states. Description of a law without specific name or identification of that law is acceptable. Reference to a law and its impact are acceptable. A reference to a law without any textual description of that law is not acceptable .(e.g. "Joe Bloggs was responsible for passage of adoption law Nr#####.") Documents containing only tax-related legalities, such as tax allowances, are not acceptable. </top> <top> <num> Number: 755 <title> Scottish Highland Games <desc> Description: What is the history and location of Scottish highland games in the United States. <narr> Narrative: Description of Scottish and Highland Games performed in the United States, their history and their geographic location are relevant. Mere mention of the games, time and place without description is considered not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 756 <title> Volcanic Activity <desc> Description: Locations of volcanic activity which occurred within the present day boundaries of the U.S. and its territories. <narr> Narrative: Relevant information would include when volcanic activity took place, even millions of years ago, or, on the contrary, if it is a possible future event. </top> <top> <num> Number: 757 <title> Murals <desc> Description: Show examples of murals. <narr> Narrative: A picture of a mural must be present. Murals from any time period, works in progress, and portions of murals are relevant. Rothko's mural paintings are relevant. Friezes (bands of wall decoration) are relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 758 <title> Embryonic stem cells <desc> Description: What are embryonic stem cells, and what restrictions are placed on their use in research? <narr> Narrative: Explanation of the nature of embryonic stem cells is relevant. Their usefulness in research is relevant. Sources for them and restrictions on them also are relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 759 <title> civil war battle reenactments <desc> Description: When and where are Civil War battle reenactments held? <narr> Narrative: Reenactments of actual Civil War battles which are scheduled to be or have previously been performed are relevant. Regularly scheduled, or annual events are relevant. General reenactments of a soldier's life, dress, encampments, and demonstrations not connected to a specific battle are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 760 <title> american muslim mosques schools <desc> Description: Statistics regarding American Muslims, mosques, and schools. <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents should provide some count or proportion of mosques, Muslim-affiliated schools, or population. With regard to population, specific age groupings, sexes, or other categorizations are acceptable. The statistics can be pertinent to a specific geographic area, such as Fulton County, the state of California, or the Northeast. There is no restriction as to time period (for example 2005 versus 1987). </top> <top> <num> Number: 761 <title> Problems of Hmong Immigrants <desc> Description: Describe the problems faced by Hmong immigrants to the United States <narr> Narrative: Problems faced by Hmong immigrants and programs or legislation to assist with these problems are relevant. Legislation to grant citizenship to Hmong with an inadequate knowledge of English is judged relevant. Listings of materials and services available in the Hmong language are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 762 <title> History of Physicians in America <desc> Description: Who have been considered "doctors" since the first European settlement in America? <narr> Narrative: The history of physicians in America is relevant. Native American practitioners would not be relevant. Women who knew herbs and practiced midwifery would be relevant. Mention of "doctor" would be relevant if he/she is considered to be a doctor by other people. </top> <top> <num> Number: 763 <title> Hunting deaths <desc> Description: Give information on human deaths associated with hunting for game. <narr> Narrative: Accidental deaths, murders, and suicides are relevant. Deaths can be from any cause. Fatalities of people not in the hunting party are relevant, but the deaths must be connected with hunting. Relevant hunting must be for live prey. Deaths related to submarine hunting are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 764 <title> Increase mass transit use <desc> Description: What is being done to increase mass transit use? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents should describe measures taken in municipalities to increase mass transit use. Actions taken by city officials or transit managers to increase rider ship of mass transit are relevant. Factors preventing use of mass transit are relevant. General statements of the value of mass transit are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 765 <title> ephedra ma huang deaths <desc> Description: How many deaths have been attributed to the drug ephedra, also known as the herbal ingredient ma huang? <narr> Narrative: Information of specific individuals' deaths or numbers of deaths actually attributed to the use of ephedra or ma huang is relevant. Mixed statistics which conflate injuries and deaths are not relevant. General statements referring to death as a side effect of the drug's use are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 766 <title> diamond smuggling <desc> Description: Illicit activity involving diamonds, to include diamond smuggling. <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents should include information about any illicit diamond activity. Smuggling of diamonds may be stated literally but other activities where illegal export (smuggling) is implied are acceptable. Such terms as "conflict diamonds" and "blood diamonds" are pertinent. The diamond terminology without text (such as a bibliography or document-less table of contents) is not acceptable. Any geographic area or relatively current (post 1950) timeframe is relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 767 <title> Pharmacist License requirements <desc> Description: What are the requirements for a pharmacist's license in the U.S.? <narr> Narrative: Laws governing time issuance or renewal of a pharmacist's license in the various states are relevant. Requirements to qualify for a license and to perform under the license are relevant. Listings of pharmacies, pharmacists or agencies regulating or concerned with pharmacy are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 768 <title> Women in state legislatures <desc> Description: What is the number of women legislators or what percentage of the total legislators in any given state are women? <narr> Narrative: A relevant document gives the exact number or the percentage of the total number of legislators that are women in any given state of the 50 states or gives a total for the entire United States. A document talking about only one woman legislator is not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 769 <title> Kroll Associates Employees <desc> Description: Identify employees of Kroll Associates. <narr> Narrative: Employees must be named. Past and present Kroll employees are relevant. Kroll Associates is an international investigative and security firm whose regional branches are known as Kroll Associates Inc. or Kroll Associates Ltd. CK Kroll & Associates is an unrelated company and not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 770 <title> Kyrgyzstan-United States relations <desc> Description: What is the state of Kyrgyzstan-United States relations? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents should discuss interactions between Kyrgyzstan and the United States. Teaching guides for U.S. schools and other documents on Kyrgyzstan are not relevant unless they include information on relations between the two nations. </top> <top> <num> Number: 771 <title> deformed leopard frogs <desc> Description: What deformities have been found in leopard frogs? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents must contain information pertaining to deformities specifically in leopard frogs. Details such as where these deformed frogs have been found and the types and/or causes of their deformities are relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 772 <title> flag display rules <desc> Description: What are the rules or guidelines for display of the United States flag? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents must provide any regulations or guidelines for display of the U.S. flag. Not acceptable are bibliographies, tables of contents, or links to websites containing such information. Documents limited to flag abuse or desecration are not acceptable. </top> <top> <num> Number: 773 <title> Pennsylvania slot machine gambling <desc> Description: What is the legal status of slot machine gambling in Pennsylvania? <narr> Narrative: Legislation dealing with slot machine gambling in Pennsylvania is relevant as are count reports of cases prosecuted under existing law. Proposals to change existing laws in Pennsylvania relating to slot machine gambling outside of Pennsylvania are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 774 <title> Causes of Homelessness <desc> Description: What are some of the causes of homelessness? <narr> Narrative: Relevant causes do not have to be the actions of the homeless person/s themselves. Causes can come from outside the homeless person/s, such as being a veteran, or lack of available, lost-cost housing. Relevant causes can also be the actions of the homeless person/s such as alcoholism or drug addictions. Other relevant reasons are a persons desire to be "free" or mental illness. </top> <top> <num> Number: 775 <title> Commercial candy makers <desc> Description: Identify commercial candy makers and give information concerning them. <narr> Narrative: A candy manufacturer or brand must be named. Information on the company and its products, methods, markets, history, problems, successes, and popularity are relevant. Lawsuits and regulatory actions are relevant if a candy company or brand is named in the discussion. </top> <top> <num> Number: 776 <title> Magnet schools success <desc> Description: Are magnet schools considered successful in districts where they have been created? <narr> Narrative: Documents which describe the way magnet schools operate in general or in specific locations are relevant if they relate whether or not they are thought to be successful. Success can be judged in terms of reduced racial segregation or improved academic achievement or both. Documents which only state plans or aims are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 777 <title> hybrid alternative fuel cars <desc> Description: What hybrid or alternative fuel passenger cars are auto manufacturers now marketing or developing for future sales? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents must contain some detail as to the manufacturer and model or type of car. Lists of manufactures and car models are relevant. SUV's and mini vans for private, not commercial, use are relevant. Commercial vehicles, such as buses or trucks are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 778 <title> golden ratio <desc> Description: Golden ratio formula, description, or examples. <narr> Narrative: Documents must contain the Golden Ratio formula or a description of its development. References to works of art, design, or architecture are acceptable. Examples of the Golden Ratio appearing in nature are acceptable. Other terms, such as "Golden Mean" or "Golden Proportion", are acceptable and can be substituted for Golden Ratio. References to Fibonacci without specifying the Golden Ratio or its formula are not acceptable. Documents limited to web links, bibliographies, or tables of contents (without accompanying documents) are not acceptable. </top> <top> <num> Number: 779 <title> Javelinas range and description <desc> Description: Describe the Javelina or collared peccary and its geographic range. <narr> Narrative: Physical description, habits, habitat, and range are all relevant. Photographs identified as "javelina" or "peccary" are relevant. Biographical listings or listings of 200 exhibits including the species' name are not considered relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 780 <title> Arable land <desc> Description: How much of planet Earth is arable at present? Area must have plenty of water, sun and soil to support plant life. <narr> Narrative: The mention of the percentage of land in any given state or country that will support plant life is relevant. The land does not have to be presently used for crops to be relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 781 <title> Squirrel control and protections <desc> Description: Give information on steps to manage, control, or protect squirrels. <narr> Narrative: Real or abstract measures are relevant. Petitions and decisions concerning squirrels are relevant. Dangers to squirrels and threats to their survival are relevant. Mentions of squirrel hunting are relevant. Measures to protect from damage by squirrels are relevant. Simple descriptions of squirrels are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 782 <title> Orange varieties seasons <desc> Description: What are the varieties of oranges and when is each in season? <narr> Narrative: Descriptions of orange varieties and the seasons in which they ripen are relevant. Lists are relevant if they name varieties of oranges. General information about oranges is not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 783 <title> school mercury poisoning <desc> Description: How have mercury poisonings of children occurred in schools and what measures are being taken to prevent such incidents? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents must have information on the ways mercury poisonings have actually occurred in schools and/or concrete measures that have been taken to prevent or reduce mercury exposure in schools. Relevant preventative measures would include specific regulations or policies enacted or the establishment of mercury-free zones. General information of how a poisoning might occur or advice on precautions in handling mercury is not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 784 <title> mersenne primes <desc> Description: Give a definition or description of Mersenne prime numbers. <narr> Narrative: The document should have the formula for Mersenne primes. However, the exact formula may be omitted if there is a narrative description sufficiently clear for the reader to render it into the desired equation. A discussion of Mersenne numbers without reference to Mersenne primes is not acceptable! If the equation appears to be incorrect it will be acceptable anyway. </top> <top> <num> Number: 785 <title> Ivory-billed woodpecker <desc> Description: What is the history and present status of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker? <narr> Narrative: References to places where the Ivory-billed woodpecker was previously reported are relevant whether or not its present status has been determined. Statements that its status is "extirpated" or "extinct" are relevant descriptions of programs to locate, preserve, encourage or reintroduce this species are relevant. Reports of sightings and last sightings are relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 786 <title> Yew trees <desc> Description: Where do yew trees grow anywhere on the globe? <narr> Narrative: To be relevant the document must mention a place where the yew tree grows. The name of a forest or park or river is sufficient. The country's name does not have to be listed for it to be relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 787 <title> Sunflower Cultivation <desc> Description: Give information on the cultivation of sunflowers. <narr> Narrative: Problems in growing sunflowers and tips for success are relevant. Descriptions of how sunflowers grow are relevant. Identifications of places where sunflowers are cultivated are relevant. Information on the Ox-eye Sunflower and plants in the sunflower family are relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 788 <title> Reverse mortgages <desc> Description: What are reverse mortgages and how do they work? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents will define reverse mortgages, describe requirements for qualifying, and explain how homeowners make use of them. Discussions on their advantages and disadvantages are relevant. Listings of links are relevant if they give information about reverse mortgages other than the name. </top> <top> <num> Number: 789 <title> abandoned mine reclamation <desc> Description: Find information on abandoned mine reclamation projects. <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents must have information regarding specific mine reclamation projects planned, underway, or completed. General information or generalized statistics about mine reclamation are not relevant. Also not relevant are remining projects or mining refuse reclamation. </top> <top> <num> Number: 790 <title> women's rights in Saudi Arabia <desc> Description: Provide any description of laws or restrictions affecting Saudi Arabian women's rights. <narr> Narrative: Acceptable documents must provide a narrative description of Saudi laws or restrictions affecting Saudi women. Relevance to women must be specifically mentioned; general laws affecting women only as a subset of the whole Population is not acceptable. Documents that allude to women's rights and restrictions are not acceptable unless they give an example, however vague. References to changes in the laws, improvements, etc. are all acceptable. The time period should be relatively current (past 50 years). </top> <top> <num> Number: 791 <title> Gullah geechee language culture <desc> Description: Describe the historical background and present status of Gullah-Geechee language and culture <narr> Narrative: Information on the origin and development of the Gullah-Geechee people, language and culture is relevant. Statements on relationships to other groups, languages and cultures are relevant. Present geographical limits and geographical origins are relevant. Simple identification of an individual as Gullah-Geechee is not considered relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 792 <title> Social Security means test <desc> Description: Does Social Security use a means test? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents will define "means test" and describe how it is used in figuring Social Security benefits. Discussions on the way in which means tests have changed over the years are also relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 793 <title> Bagpipe Bands <desc> Description: Give information on, and examples of, bagpipe bands. <narr> Narrative: References to, or descriptions of, actual or fictional bagpipe bands are relevant. Abstract discussions of bagpipe bands are relevant. Bands don't have to be named. Bagpipes must make up a major part of the band to be relevant. Bagpipe-and-drum bands and bagpipe-and-accordion bands are relevant. Bands that include a nominal bagpipe or two are not relevant. A single bagpiper playing alone is not relevant, but two or more bagpipers playing together are relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 794 <title> pet therapy <desc> Description: How are pets or animals used in therapy for humans and what are the benefits? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents must include details of how pet- or animal-assisted therapy is or has been used. Relevant details include information about pet therapy programs, descriptions of the circumstances in which pet therapy is used, the benefits of this type of therapy, the degree of success of this therapy, and any laws or regulations governing it. </top> <top> <num> Number: 795 <title> notable cocker spaniels <desc> Description: Provide any reference to notable cockers or other spaniels. <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents must identify a spaniel that is notable by fame (Lady), association with a famous person (Checkers), or newsworthy activity (bomb-sniffing airport security duty). Although cocker spaniels are preferred, other spaniels (such as water, Brittany, clumber, etc.) are accepted. A spaniel mentioned as a pet on someone's Web biography will be acceptable as long as the owner has some degree of notoriety. For example, the dog of a state governor is relevant; some company website's middle manager's dog is not. A newsworthy activity can include any special talent, trick, or service. Lists of books about dogs are not acceptable unless there is some identification of the dog. </top> <top> <num> Number: 796 <title> Blue Grass Music Festival history <desc> Description: Describe the history of bluegrass music and give location of bluegrass festivals. <narr> Narrative: Any facts relating to the history of bluegrass music are relevant. Music festivals including bluegrass are relevant whether titled "bluegrass" blue grass or not. Geographical location of festivals is relevant while date or time of year is optional. </top> <top> <num> Number: 797 <title> reintroduction of gray wolves <desc> Description: Where in the US have gray wolves been reintroduced in the wild? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents must have information about planned or accomplished reintroductions of gray wolves and include some detail as to number or location. Reintroductions of any type of gray wolf are relevant. Any other wolf species is not relevant. Proposals for, or discussions and debates about gray wolf reintroduction is not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 798 <title> Massachusetts textile mills <desc> Description: History, development, and locations of textile mills in Massachusetts <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents must provide narrative information about the Massachusetts textile mills. Descriptions of preserved mill-related sites open to the public are acceptable if they contain historical information. Sites included only as part of a tour itinerary are not acceptable. Lesson plans with activities relating to mills are not acceptable. Mill references appearing only as Web links, bibliographies, or tables of contents are not acceptable. </top> <top> <num> Number: 799 <title> Animals in Alzheimer's research <desc> Description: What animals have been used in Alzheimer's research? <narr> Narrative: Animals that are or were effectively used in Alzheimer's research are relevant. Animals that were tried and found not effective in Alzheimer's research are also relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 800 <title> Ovarian Cancer Treatment <desc> Description: The remedies and treatments given to lesson or stop effects of ovarian cancer. <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents must include names of chemicals or medicines used to fight ovarian cancer. Studies of new treatments that are being tried are valid, even if they have not reached a conclusion as to effectiveness. </top> <top> <num> Number: 801 <title> Kudzu Pueraria lobata <desc> Description: Describe the origin, nature, extent of spread and means of controlling kudzu. <narr> Narrative: Identification of kudzu as an invasive species with description of how it spreads and grows is relevant. A document which is simply a list headed "invasive species" or "noxious weeds" including kudzu is not relevant. A statement that kudzu is present in a specific location is not relevant unless it relates to its spread. Features of kudzu such as its use as a treatment for alcoholism or its function as a haven for plant pathogens describe its nature and are relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 802 <title> Volcano eruptions global temperature <desc> Description: What is the impact of volcano eruptions on global temperature? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents discuss the scientific bases for volcanic eruptions' causing warming or cooling, and may give examples of volcanoes that did. Documents which show photos or videos of volcanic eruptions without tying the volcano to global temperature, or make the connection only in a causal way are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 803 <title> May Day <desc> Description: Give the history of this holiday and the various ways of celebrating May Day. <narr> Narrative: The document should have either a discussion of the history of this holiday or a discussion of various ways of celebrating the holiday (for example, a discussion of the Maypole). A page which states that Mayday is the International Worker's Day, or that Mayday is May 1, or discusses some unrelated event that takes place around this time will not be considered relevant (e.g. Louisiana Wetlands May Day). </top> <top> <num> Number: 804 <title> ban on human cloning <desc> Description: Describe resolutions proposed and legislation passed to ban the cloning of humans and the rationale for the bans. <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents will describe the resolutions and legislation enacted to ban human cloning. Also relevant are the rationales for the bans. Documents citing arguments for or against banning of human cloning that are not in the context of a resolution or legislation are not relevant. Documents containing references to a ban on human cloning without additional information are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 805 <title> Identity Theft Passport <desc> Description: Describe the Identify Theft Passport issued to identity theft victims to show to creditors and law enforcement officers questioning their credit worthiness or innocence. <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents will describe the efforts to establish an Identity Theft Passport, the uses of the Passport, and how it helps theft identify victims. Documents with references to identity theft outside the context of the identity theft passport are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 806 <title> Doctors Without Borders <desc> Description: What is Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres and what do they do? <narr> Narrative: Documents must contain a reference to some fact about Doctors Without Borders, for example, that it is a charitable organization or that it brings relief to crisis areas. A discussion of an event or operation which assumes prior familiarization with DWB is not acceptable. There is no assumption that the requester knows that the name "Medecins Sans Frontieres" is the same organization. If the two terms appear conjoined in such a way that it is clear they are synonymous, then any further reference to MSF can be assessed for relevance to the requested information. The organization name on a list of "humanitarian organizations" qualifies because at least the terminology tells us that it is an organization and that it does do humanitarian works. The name listed solely under the heading "charity" does not qualify. </top> <top> <num> Number: 807 <title> Sugar tariff-rate quotas <desc> Description: Describe the nature and history of sugar tariff-rate quotas in the United States. <narr> Narrative: Documents describing the system, its history and how it works are relevant. Proposed changes to the system or new agreements explaining how it works are relevant. Listings of current allocations are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 808 <title> North Korean Counterfeiting <desc> Description: What information is available on the involvement of the North Korean Government in counterfeiting of US currency. <narr> Narrative: A document should provide information on the counterfeiting or the distribution of counterfeit US currency by the North Korean Government. A page which provides evidence for, or quotes government officials claims that this is happening will be considered relevant. However, a page that simply states this, with no supporting evidence, will not be considered relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 809 <title> wetlands wastewater treatment <desc> Description: Identify wastewater treatment projects that involve constructed or natural wetlands. <narr> Narrative: Wetlands wastewater treatment projects purposely integrate wetlands to act as final filters for wastewater. The project must be named or geographically located, more precisely than simply the state in which it resides. </top> <top> <num> Number: 810 <title> timeshare resales <desc> Description: Provide information regarding timeshare resales. <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents will include those describing the prospects of reselling a timeshare and the pitfalls one should be aware of when selling a timeshare. Real estate legislature regarding the resale of timeshares is not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 811 <title> handwriting recognition <desc> Description: What is the state of recognizing handwritten inputs to computers? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents describe the methodology in carrying out handwriting recognition. Patent descriptions may be relevant if they describe the methodology used in recognizing handwritten input, such as pen-driven analysis to identify individual characters. Also relevant are documents which discuss techniques which are not character based. Relevant also is discussion of any databases being collected to study the problem of handwriting recognition as a means to inputting handwriting documents into a computer in digitized form. </top> <top> <num> Number: 812 <title> total knee replacement surgery <desc> Description: What conditions lead doctors to recommend total knee replacement surgery and what complications can result from such surgery? <narr> Narrative: Documents simply describing the surgery are not relevant. Documents concerning court cases in which doctors testify as to the need for total knee replacement or claimants charge complications from such surgery are relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 813 <title> Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway <desc> Description: What is the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents describe the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway in any of the States on the Atlantic seaboard. Relevant documents may discuss the extent to which the AIWW is used for economic and/or recreational purposes. They also may discuss the extent to which the AIWW is being maintained by federal and State governments. Documents reporting draw bridge schedules and waterway closures in emergency events such as hurricanes are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 814 <title> Johnstown flood <desc> Description: Provide information about the Johnstown Flood in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. <narr> Narrative: Documents must include any factual information about the Johnstown Flood, such as number of lives lost, high water statistics, route, towns affected, causes, etc. Tourist information sites are acceptable if they provide historical facts. Blurbs about library books are acceptable provided they contain some fact(s) about the flood and are not listed as fictional accounts. Information about the year alone (for example, "The Johnstown Flood of 1889") is not enough. </top> <top> <num> Number: 815 <title> Coast Guard rescues <desc> Description: Find accounts of actual Coast Guard rescues. <narr> Narrative: Detailed descriptions of rescues are relevant, as well as headlines, article titles or picture captions if they give sufficient detail to know what happened. Rescues involving deaths of the rescuees are relevant. Medical evacuations are relevant. Simulated rescues are NOT relevant. Searches without rescues are NOT relevant. Mere statistics on numbers of rescues are NOT relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 816 <title> USAID assistance to Galapagos <desc> Description: Describe efforts made by USAID to protect the biodiversity in the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents will include activities undertaken by USAID as well as USAID planned activities. Activities undertaken and funded by USAID as well as activities undertaken by USAID and funded by another organization are relevant. Documents that reference USAID assistance to the Galapagos but provide no additional information are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 817 <title> sports stadium naming rights <desc> Description: How are naming rights to sports stadiums acquired? <narr> Narrative: Documents stating how naming rights to any sports stadium were acquired are relevant. Text of any plans, laws or agreements stating how naming rights are to be acquired are also relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 818 <title> Chaco Culture National Park <desc> Description: What is known about the culture and history of the Chaco people from features of the Chaco Culture National Historic Park? <narr> Narrative: Documents containing description and explanation of the major archaeological findings in the park are relevant. Vague references to "wanderers" and "ruins" without specifics about the people's culture or type of ruins are not relevant. Photographs of artifacts identified simply as "Chaco" or "Chaco Anasazi" with no other elaboration are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 819 <title> 1890 Census <desc> Description: What is known about the 1890 U.S. Census? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents include information from the 1890 U.S. Census, including generalized data like population totals for any locales, as well as any information about the conduct of the census itself. Relevant documents also may include information about the present status of the original documents of the 1890 U.S. Census. </top> <top> <num> Number: 820 <title> imported fire ants <desc> Description: What are imported fire ants, and how can they be controlled? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents describe what imported fire ants are and where they came from. Relevant documents describe the impact of imported fire ants on the inhabitants and economy of the areas they infest. Relevant documents discuss possible methods of controlling imported fire ants, as well as the effectiveness of such methods. </top> <top> <num> Number: 821 <title> Internet work-at-home scams <desc> Description: Describe the work-at-home scams that are promoted over the Internet. <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents will include those that describe work-at-home scams and the extent of the scam problem. Documents that describe what is being done to identify and punish the fraud promoters of work-at-home scams are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 822 <title> Custer's Last Stand <desc> Description: Give the history of the Battle of the Little Big Horn, June 25 and 26, 1876, also referred to as Custer's Last Stand. <narr> Narrative: The documentation should contain information about the events leading up to the battle, discussion of the actual battle, including Reno's and Benteen's battalions, or discussion of the events immediately after the battle, including the escape of Sitting Bull to Canada, or the evacuation of Reno's wounded to Bismark. Pages discussing the monument, the burial or reburial of Custer's troops, or the battle of Washita are not relevant. Also, documents which just give the date of the battle, just give one simple fact about the battle (e.g. number killed), or are a biography of Custer which only touches on the battle are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 823 <title> Continuing care retirement communities <desc> Description: What features and services are provided by continuing care retirement communities (CCRC's)? <narr> Narrative: Documents describing facilities and services provided by CCRC's are relevant. Documents concerning licensing and requirements for operating a CCRC are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 824 <title> Civil Air Patrol <desc> Description: What is the current role of the Civil Air Patrol and what training do participants receive? <narr> Narrative: Civil Air Patrol (CAP) mission statements are relevant. CAP involvement in emergency services, communications, and aerospace education is relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 825 <title> National Guard Involvement in Iraq <desc> Description: Describe the deployment of National Guard units to Iraq. <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents will include those describing the deployment of specific National Guard units to Iraq. Documents describing the role of the National Guard in Iraq in general terms, such as "playing a vital role," and describing the deployment of National Guard troops to Iraq in general are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 826 <title> Florida Seminole Indians <desc> Description: What is the relationship between the U.S. and the Seminole Indians of Florida? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents describe the history of the Seminole Indian tribes which are now now located in Florida, and their interaction with the United States. Relevant documents also describe the current relationship between the U.S. and those tribes. </top> <top> <num> Number: 827 <title> Hidden Markov Modeling HMM <desc> Description: Give a definition of and/or a description of an application for the Hidden Markov Modeling algorithm. <narr> Narrative: The documentation should either have a definition or explanation of Hidden Markov Models, or have a detailed description of an application of Hidden Markov Models to a specific problem. A discussion of the Baum-Welch algorithm, and how it relates to HMM would be acceptable. However, a document with only a statement of the form, "this software package is based on a generalized HMM.", or a title of a document (even if the title gives an application), or nothing more than a state transition diagram will not be considered relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 828 <title> secret shoppers <desc> Description: What companies or organizations use secret or mystery shoppers? <narr> Narrative: "Secret shoppers" or "mystery shoppers" are people who pose as customers and report on the service they received. The same function under a different name is relevant. A relevant document must clearly identify the user/employer of the secret shopper. </top> <top> <num> Number: 829 <title> Spanish Civil War support <desc> Description: Provide information on all kinds of material international support provided to either side in the Spanish Civil War. <narr> Narrative: Given that the requester knows the terminology for the various Spanish factions on each side in the Spanish Civil War, provide information on international support for either side, in the form of anything concrete, e.g. arms, aircraft, money, medicine, volunteers (such as fighters or medical personnel), etc. The recipient of such aid (i.e., which Spanish faction) should be specified. Library blurbs are acceptable as long as they mention a foreign involvement and the side taken. Verbal expressions of support from foreign leaders are not acceptable. Artistic support does not count - unless the artist actually went to Spain! </top> <top> <num> Number: 830 <title> model railroads <desc> Description: Locate past or present model railroad layouts. <narr> Narrative: Model trains in any scale and in any country are relevant. A simple exhibit of miniature train cars is not relevant; a layout with track for the trains to run on must be present. </top> <top> <num> Number: 831 <title> Dulles Airport security <desc> Description: Describe the security measures at Dulles International Airport in Virginia. <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents contain information on security measures at Dulles International Airport in Virginia and the problems with security measures that have been taken. Documents that pose questions about Dulles airport security without providing answers are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 832 <title> labor union activity <desc> Description: What activity involving U.S. labor unions has taken place since 1980? <narr> Narrative: Labor union membership figures are relevant. Strikes, recruiting, lobbying, negotiating, and support for members are all relevant. Actions taken concerning unions are relevant. Union manuals or theoretical descriptions of procedures are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 833 <title> Iceland government <desc> Description: Provide information about the government of Iceland. <narr> Narrative: Provide any information about the form of national government in Iceland. This may include any reference to the type or composition of the government or its historical development. Documents containing information on local governments alone are not acceptable. References to the activities, action, or position of the government (to include any ministries or governmental agencies) on any given topic are not adequate. </top> <top> <num> Number: 834 <title> Global positioning system earthquakes <desc> Description: How is the global positioning system (GPS) used for research and monitoring of earthquakes? <narr> Narrative: All documents referring to earthquake monitoring or research making use of a global positioning system are relevant. Documents referring to such monitoring and/or research without specific mention of the role of GPS are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 835 <title> Big Dig pork <desc> Description: Why is Boston's Central Artery project, also known as "The Big Dig", characterized as "pork"? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents discuss the Big Dig project, Boston's Central Artery Highway project, as being a big rip-off to American taxpayers or refer to the project as "pork". Not relevant are documents which report fraudulent acts by individual contractors. Also not relevant are reports of cost-overruns on their own. </top> <top> <num> Number: 836 <title> illegal immigrant wages <desc> Description: What level of wages are paid to illegal immigrants? <narr> Narrative: The simple statement that illegals depress wages is not relevant. "Sub minimum wage" is relevant because it implies less than the legally established minimum wage. A dollar amount per hour, day, week, month, or year is an ideal answer. A percent comparison of wages paid to documented workers is relevant. Wage levels of illegal immigrants in any country are relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 837 <title> Eskimo History <desc> Description: Provide information on the pre-1500 history of the Eskimo (Inuit) people. <narr> Narrative: The document should have information on the history and culture of the Inuit people, previous to 1500. Pages discussing when and from where they migrated to North America are acceptable. Pages discussing the Inuit people outside of North America are acceptable, as are pages about the distribution of the Inuit people when first contacted by Europeans (as this reflects the distribution 300 years earlier). However, a statement that some aspect of Inuit culture dates dates back more than 4,000 years, does not by itself make a page relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 838 <title> urban suburban coyotes <desc> Description: How have humans responded and how should they respond to the appearance of coyotes in urban and suburban areas? <narr> Narrative: Documents reporting the appearance of coyotes in urban and suburban areas are relevant as are those describing human reactions or prescribing how to deal with the situation. </top> <top> <num> Number: 839 <title> textile dyeing techniques <desc> Description: Explain various techniques used in dyeing textiles and identify their advantages or disadvantages. <narr> Narrative: Abstracts describing techniques are relevant. Processes directly related to dyeing (for example, pre-treatment of material to be dyed, wastewater treatment) are relevant. Lists of techniques without explanation are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 840 <title> Geysers <desc> Description: Give the definition, locations, or characteristics of geysers. <narr> Narrative: The document should contain what makes a geyser a geyser, where geysers are found, or the names, location, and characteristics of a specific geyser. A page discussing man made geysers, just photos of geysers, geysers on other planets, or list of geysers even if associated with a particular basin will not be considered relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 841 <title> camel North America <desc> Description: Provide information on camels in North America in both prehistoric and modern times. <narr> Narrative: Documents may include mention and/or photos of fossils, bones, etc. Documents with photos alone, as long as they are labeled, are relevant. A casual mention of a camel presence in Late Miocene trackways is not relevant. Modern-day importation and use of camels such as that by the US military/cavalry for western desert transport is acceptable. Non-relevant documents include ones which are limited to discussions of camel-hair (imported vice domestic, with regard to NAFTA) or camel pox. Documents containing laws governing the importation of camels into the US are not relevant unless they also contain reference to specific camels being brought in. Articles referring to camels in the entertainment field such as zoos or cinema are acceptable. Fictional camels such as Joe Camel are not acceptable. </top> <top> <num> Number: 842 <title> David McCullough <desc> Description: Give information about David McCullough, author, his life, works, and/or awards. <narr> Narrative: The documentation should provide some information about David McCullough, the author of "Harry S. Truman". Pages on some other David McCullough (even if an author) will not be considered relevant. A quote from one of his books, or a complete citation of one of his books, including publisher will be considered relevant. However, the observation that someone talked with historian and writer David McCullough about history does not make the page relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 843 <title> Pol Pot <desc> Description: Who was Pol Pot and what did he do? <narr> Narrative: Documents must include the role of Pol Pot. It should be indicated that he was the leader of the Khmer Rouge, a Cambodian leader, responsible for mass killings, etc. Any discussion of the Khmer Rouge that alludes only to the "Pol Pot regime" or the "days of Pol Pot" is not acceptable. Bibliographies or library listings are not acceptable. </top> <top> <num> Number: 844 <title> segmental duplications <desc> Description: Give information about segmental duplications in genomes. <narr> Narrative: The documentation should either give an explanation of what is a segmental duplication, how much of the human genome is involved in segmental duplications, or what are some of the consequences of (diseases caused by or desirable effects of) miscopying a segmental duplication. Pages which contain the title of a document with this term, or the term with no indication of its meaning will not be considered relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 845 <title> New Jersey tomato <desc> Description: Provide information about tomato farming and production in New Jersey. <narr> Narrative: Any discussion of New Jersey tomato production, volume, percentage of US tomato production, percentage of farmland devoted to tomatoes, etc., is relevant. Articles about specific tomato farms are relevant as long as the farms are significant for something such as size or production method or volume. Agriculture Department rulings or guidelines are acceptable as long as they specifically include the NJ tomato crop. If NJ is included with other states in production figures the article is relevant even if the NJ share of the production volume is indeterminate. (For example, "New Jersey, Maryland, and California together produce 75% of the world's tomatoes.") Price tables alone are not relevant. A picture of a NJ tomato or tomato farm is not relevant unless there is some associated significant data. Bibliographies are not acceptable. </top> <top> <num> Number: 846 <title> heredity and obesity <desc> Description: Describe evidence that heredity does or does not play a role in obesity. <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents will include those that provide evidence for or against the position that heredity plays a role in obesity. Documents citing planned research regarding a link between obesity and heredity are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 847 <title> Portugal World War II <desc> Description: What was the role of Portugal in World War II? <narr> Narrative: Give evidence of the role or importance of Portugal on either side (or not at all) in World War II. Documents can include any reference to gold being stored by or for Portugal, use of Portuguese ports as escape routes from Nazi Europe, Portuguese provision of arms materials to Axis countries, any reference to Portuguese status as a neutral nation, etc. </top> <top> <num> Number: 848 <title> radio station call letters <desc> Description: Identify radio stations by their call letters and location or ownership. <narr> Narrative: Call letters must be present for a document to be relevant. Either geographic location or personal or organizational ownership is relevant. Stations no longer in existence are relevant. Explanations of call letter allocation systems are not relevant unless they include actual stations with identifying information. </top> <top> <num> Number: 849 <title> Scalable Vector Graphics <desc> Description: What is "scalable vector graphics"? <narr> Narrative: Relevant documents describe the concept "scalable vector graphics", what it is used for, and what special advantages the technique has, especially with respect to portability and zooming features. Documents which merely mention the term in a list of, e.g., system requirements are not relevant. </top> <top> <num> Number: 850 <title> Mississippi River flood <desc> Description: How frequently does the Mississippi River flood its banks? <narr> Narrative: Flooding is a relative term which implies water overflowing its container and causing damage to the surrounding ares. Documents are relevant if they describe Mississippi River events which are commonly considered to be floods. Relevant documents may also show how such events have led to the introduction of controls to lessen the frequency of damaging floods of this river. Relevant documents include different levels of flooding, not only the major ones. Documents are not relevant if they are essentially forecasts or routine reports of water levels. They are also not relevant if they are purely bibliographies or lists of sources for relevant documents. Photos and videos of floods alone are not relevant. </top>