Number: N51 General Pinochet Arrested <toptype> Event <desc>Description: Arrest of former Chilean dictator, General Augusto Pinochet, in London. He was charged with murder, torture, genocide, and terrorism during his regime in Chile. <narr>Narrative: Information about Pinochet's arrest and evidence of charges of murdering, torturing and the disappearance of people in Chile while he was head of state is relevant. Specifically relevant are mention of charges against him. <documents> NYT19981017.0086 APW19981017.0609 NYT19981018.0160 APW19981018.0674 APW19981018.1028 APW19981019.0098 APW19981019.0355 APW19981019.0547 APW19981021.0767 APW19981021.0938 APW19981027.0428 NYT19981028.0437 APW19981102.0776 APW19981103.0278 APW19981103.0567 APW19981103.0568 APW19981103.0856 APW19981108.1005 APW19981109.0911 APW19981109.1033 APW19981112.0743 APW19981124.0377 APW19981125.0716 XIE19990113.0299 APW19990804.0164 </top> <top> <num>Number: N52 <title> Social Security Retirement Accounts <toptype> Opinion <desc>Description: Opinions about the desirability of personal retirement accounts an an adjunct to the Social Security System. <narr>Narrative: Relevant documents state a preference for or against any of several proposed personal investment accounts, most of the documents include rationales for the positive or negative opinion. Additionally stated in relevant documents are the names of the originators and/or principal backers/sponsors of the accounts. However, documents could also be relevant based only upon pro or con wording of the reporter. <documents> NYT19981005.0229 NYT19981111.0213 NYT19981207.0152 APW19990103.0027 APW19990104.0229 APW19990118.0035 APW19990118.0257 APW19990119.0379 APW19990406.0288 APW19990414.0074 APW19990428.0008 APW19990428.0084 APW19990428.0323 APW19990501.0100 NYT19990516.0223 APW19990520.0270 NYT19990527.0101 APW19990608.0269 NYT19991130.0136 APW20000503.0197 APW20000514.0153 APW20000515.0133 NYT20000515.0241 NYT20000517.0229 NYT20000522.0241 APW20000606.0117 NYT20000619.0406 NYT20000626.0233 NYT20000726.0320 </top> <top> <num>Number: N53 <title> Dragging Death of James Byrd, Jr. <toptype> Event <desc>Description: Dragging death of black man, James Byrd, Jr. <narr>Narrative: To be relevant, a document contains any opinion of the family, the public, the police, the judicial or even those of the news reporter as to the reason for the dragging. Also relevant is the ongoing investigation into the crime, the suspects, the juror selection, and the trial results regarding the dragging death of James Byrd, Jr. Documents that reflect only on the incident without elaboration are not relevant. <documents> NYT19980628.0073 APW19990106.0305 APW19990107.0203 APW19990111.0285 APW19990125.0277 APW19990125.0278 APW19990127.0195 NYT19990201.0485 APW19990202.0276 APW19990210.0227 APW19990211.0139 APW19990302.0063 APW19990304.0014 APW19990304.0016 APW19990305.0034 APW19990329.0212 APW19990412.0204 APW19990422.0059 NYT19990422.0399 APW19990607.0152 APW19990830.0101 APW19990909.0221 APW19990910.0116 APW19990916.0226 APW19990920.0092 APW19990920.0156 APW19990921.0179 APW19990922.0068 APW19990927.0170 NYT19991117.0415 NYT19991117.0462 NYT19991119.0174 </top> <top> <num>Number: N54 <title> Firestone Tire Recall <toptype> Event <desc>Description: The widespread affects of the Firestone tire recall <narr>Narrative: Opinion of the public, personal, business, or company as to the general scope of the recall (too much, not enough); as to the type of tires or vehicle that should be included; as well as any customer complaints or on any actions taken are relevant. Documents that briefly report on the recall with no enlightening details are not relevant. <documents> APW20000808.0166 NYT20000809.0226 XIE20000810.0040 NYT20000810.0311 NYT20000810.0350 NYT20000810.0373 APW20000811.0012 NYT20000811.0425 APW20000812.0012 NYT20000814.0436 NYT20000815.0463 APW20000819.0162 APW20000821.0083 NYT20000823.0395 NYT20000825.0011 NYT20000825.0066 NYT20000831.0330 NYT20000901.0173 NYT20000901.0324 NYT20000901.0332 NYT20000902.0139 NYT20000903.0099 NYT20000904.0007 NYT20000906.0029 NYT20000906.0439 NYT20000907.0045 NYT20000920.0364 NYT20000928.0127 </top> <top> <num>Number: N55 <title> India and Pakistan Nuclear Tests <toptype> Event <desc>Description: On May 11 and 13, 1998 India conducted five nuclear tests; Pakistan responded by detonating six nuclear tests on May 28 and 30th. This nuclear testing was condemned by the international community. <narr>Narrative: Relevant documents mention the nuclear testing conducted in May 1998 by both India and Pakistan. Historical information about the antagonism and rivalry between the two countries is not relevant. Mention of the furor created around the world by these detonations is relevant. <documents> XIE19980529.0026 XIE19980529.0045 XIE19980529.0056 XIE19980529.0283 XIE19980531.0184 XIE19980531.0191 APW19980601.0087 APW19980601.0276 APW19980601.0488 APW19980601.0964 APW19980601.1458 XIE19980602.0158 XIE19980607.0161 APW19980611.1094 APW19980612.0050 XIE19980612.0070 APW19980612.0346 APW19980618.0494 APW19980619.0623 APW19980620.0337 APW19980710.0123 APW19980730.0336 APW19980923.1197 XIE19990907.0163 XIE20000523.0098 </top> <top> <num>Number: N56 <title> Woodstock Music Festival Reunion <toptype> Event <desc>Description: Woodstock 99 music festival reunion in Rome, NY <narr>Narrative: Relevant documents contain opinions on the planning, location, data, events, participants, results, community reactions, and problems associated with this festival. Opinions can be from the public, personal, local government, and police sources. The first Woodstock event is not relevant. <documents> NYT19980812.0284 NYT19980816.0193 NYT19980816.0210 NYT19980817.0182 APW19990205.0109 APW19990205.0174 NYT19990409.0104 APW19990420.0063 NYT19990607.0241 APW19990624.0077 APW19990624.0295 NYT19990701.0146 NYT19990707.0091 NYT19990709.0358 NYT19990711.0190 APW19990712.0194 NYT19990719.0207 NYT19990721.0478 NYT19990721.0485 APW19990722.0103 APW19990722.0153 NYT19990723.0320 NYT19990723.0351 NYT19990723.0371 NYT19990724.0214 NYT19990724.0218 NYT19990724.0239 NYT19990726.0003 NYT19990726.0005 APW19990726.0021 NYT19990726.0057 APW19990728.0042 APW19990728.0212 APW19990730.0140 APW19990802.0141 NYT19990804.0311 NYT19990804.0354 NYT19990805.0143 APW19990811.0187 APW19990811.0283 APW19990815.0017 APW19990823.0197 NYT19990923.0153 NYT19991210.0264 NYT19991210.0272 XIE20000204.0188 APW20000802.0109 APW20000822.0089 NYT20000829.0210 APW20000919.0110 APW20000919.0112 </top> <top> <num>Number: N57 <title> East Timor Independence <toptype> Event <desc>Description: East Timor vote for independence from Indonesia in August 1999. <narr>Narrative: All relevant documents mention vote for independence. Relevant documents can predate vote if they are about planning for the vote or complications of the vote. Results or subsequent consequences arising from the vote are relevant. <documents> XIE19990520.0039 XIE19990609.0060 XIE19990623.0126 XIE19990623.0289 XIE19990624.0271 XIE19990729.0053 XIE19990729.0169 XIE19990804.0014 XIE19990810.0323 XIE19990810.0325 XIE19990820.0008 XIE19990826.0082 XIE19990830.0281 XIE19990904.0353 XIE19990904.0478 XIE19990904.0486 XIE19990907.0161 XIE19990910.0090 XIE19991019.0132 XIE19991020.0272 XIE19991105.0306 XIE20000229.0134 XIE20000428.0172 XIE20000704.0236 APW20000805.0059 </top> <top> <num>Number: N58 <title> Irradiated Food Safety <toptype> Opinion <desc>Description: Is Irradiated food safe for consumption? <narr>Narrative: Relevant documents include any opinions reflecting both sides of this controversial food treatment. Documents identifying irradiated foods now being sold are relevant. Documents noting that health advocates worry that radiation might compromise other safety measures is also considered relevant. <documents> XIE19960803.0214 XIE19960911.0018 XIE19961024.0281 XIE19961024.0300 XIE19961024.0313 XIE19970505.0135 XIE19970505.0136 XIE19970505.0152 XIE19971030.0257 XIE19971112.0029 XIE19971117.0170 XIE19971214.0024 APW19980602.0579 NYT19980622.0140 NYT19980622.0352 XIE19980723.0370 NYT19980825.0108 NYT19981021.0272 APW19990121.0366 XIE19990208.0146 NYT19990211.0452 APW19990212.0098 APW19990212.0202 APW19990413.0315 APW19990414.0342 APW19990423.0205 APW19990504.0290 NYT19990511.0218 NYT19990714.0237 APW19990818.0275 APW19990824.0169 APW19990920.0154 XIE19990923.0319 XIE19991008.0181 APW19991025.0125 XIE19991027.0010 XIE19991031.0190 NYT19991227.0425 XIE19991228.0214 NYT20000125.0148 APW20000221.0131 APW20000222.0073 APW20000222.0119 NYT20000307.0049 NYT20000307.0050 APW20000307.0096 APW20000308.0064 NYT20000308.0482 XIE20000515.0177 APW20000527.0118 APW20000724.0124 XIE20000808.0184 XIE20000810.0084 </top> <top> <num>Number: N59 <title> Payne Steward Plane Crash <toptype> Event <desc>Description: Identify a document that describes the plane crash that killed the golfer Payne Stewart on Oct. 25, 1999. <narr>Narrative: Details about the crash, who else was aboard, and information about the destination and departure are relevant. The reason for the flight would not be relevant. Time and weather conditions are relevant. <documents> APW19991025.0022 APW19991025.0032 APW19991025.0088 APW19991025.0133 APW19991025.0134 APW19991025.0291 NYT19991025.0428 NYT19991025.0475 NYT19991025.0550 NYT19991025.0555 XIE19991026.0056 APW19991026.0108 APW19991026.0169 APW19991026.0248 XIE19991026.0282 NYT19991026.0358 APW19991027.0151 APW19991028.0039 APW19991028.0079 APW19991028.0228 APW19991028.0323 APW19991028.0333 APW19991029.0245 APW20000405.0139 APW20000927.0166 </top> <top> <num>Number: N60 <title> Abortion Pill RU-486 <toptype> Opinion <desc>Description: Opinions of various people/entities in the world concerning the use of the abortion pill RU-486. <narr>Narrative: Relevant documents primarily name entities (countries, political parties, Planned Parenthood) that have given their opinion of the pill by endorsing its use. Also relevant are those documents which pertain to entities (Vatican, political candidates, anti-abortion organizations) opposing the bill. <documents> XIE19970411.0100 NYT19980624.0349 APW19980803.0568 APW19981020.0775 APW19981221.0203 APW20000218.0242 APW20000606.0097 APW20000607.0044 NYT20000615.0008 NYT20000615.0062 NYT20000923.0022 NYT20000927.0429 APW20000928.0003 APW20000928.0139 APW20000928.0154 APW20000928.0192 NYT20000928.0239 NYT20000928.0296 NYT20000928.0326 NYT20000928.0367 NYT20000928.0389 NYT20000928.0459 NYT20000929.0008 APW20000929.0018 APW20000929.0054 APW20000929.0116 </top> <top> <num>Number: N61 <title> Banning of Land Mines <toptype> Opinion <desc>Description: Most countries agree with the banning of land mines, some do not. Identify those countries that oppose the ban, and their opinion why, if known. <narr>Narrative: Opinions of those countries opposing the ban, and the reason why are relevant. <documents> XIE19960115.0035 XIE19960116.0204 XIE19960403.0336 XIE19960529.0257 XIE19960918.0192 XIE19961004.0203 XIE19961008.0284 XIE19961019.0268 XIE19970215.0163 XIE19970220.0084 XIE19970226.0072 XIE19970227.0287 XIE19970301.0061 XIE19970301.0299 XIE19970507.0076 XIE19970512.0176 XIE19970819.0273 XIE19970904.0047 XIE19970905.0110 XIE19970916.0066 XIE19970918.0331 XIE19971007.0010 XIE19971101.0236 XIE19971104.0053 XIE19971115.0068 XIE19971128.0155 XIE19971203.0119 XIE19971203.0262 XIE19971227.0164 XIE19980506.0278 XIE19980523.0186 XIE19980611.0075 APW19980702.1376 APW19980709.0754 XIE19980712.0009 APW19980723.0617 APW19980724.0524 APW19980731.0145 APW19980731.0440 APW19980813.0208 APW19980916.1096 XIE19981025.0160 APW19981111.1523 APW19990301.0232 APW19990301.0233 APW19990301.0252 APW19990301.0295 XIE19990317.0177 XIE19990428.0083 XIE19990501.0018 XIE19990507.0150 XIE19990507.0155 XIE19990507.0212 XIE19990508.0200 XIE19990518.0194 NYT19990603.0472 XIE19990713.0130 XIE19990811.0178 XIE19990818.0059 APW19990829.0077 NYT19990904.0098 NYT19990904.0099 NYT19990906.0096 NYT19990906.0097 NYT19990907.0057 NYT19990907.0059 APW20000906.0150 APW20000913.0172 </top> <top> <num>Number: N62 <title> Pete Rose Hall of Fame <toptype> Opinion <desc>Description: Should Pete Rose be reinstated to baseball with possible entry in the Hall of Fame? <narr>Narrative: Public opinion, players opinion, management opinion on the positive or negative aspect of Pete Rose's reinstatement in baseball are relevant. Personal comments by Pete Rose are irrelevant. <documents> NYT19980606.0192 APW19981118.1239 NYT19990129.0473 NYT19990302.0412 NYT19990304.0082 NYT19990304.0083 APW19990510.0011 APW19990510.0056 APW19990510.0058 APW19990511.0004 APW19990511.0008 APW19990511.0100 APW19990511.0185 APW19990511.0186 APW19990528.0124 APW19990607.0078 APW19990713.0039 APW19990713.0252 NYT19990713.0457 NYT19990722.0047 APW19990725.0058 NYT19990726.0039 APW19990726.0057 APW19990726.0058 APW19990726.0138 APW19990726.0139 APW19990726.0151 APW19990821.0030 APW19990821.0124 APW19990824.0063 APW19990824.0066 APW19990824.0164 APW19991020.0151 APW19991021.0028 APW19991021.0093 APW19991021.0127 APW19991021.0156 APW19991021.0208 APW19991021.0310 APW19991022.0122 NYT19991023.0217 APW19991024.0034 APW19991024.0121 NYT19991025.0032 APW19991025.0108 APW19991025.0113 APW19991026.0138 NYT19991026.0146 APW19991026.0233 APW19991026.0252 NYT19991026.0356 APW19991027.0044 NYT19991027.0057 APW19991027.0302 APW19991028.0243 NYT19991130.0113 NYT19991130.0310 APW20000124.0248 APW20000125.0026 APW20000217.0085 NYT20000222.0443 APW20000617.0173 NYT20000722.0270 NYT20000723.0122 NYT20000723.0147 APW20000727.0123 </top> <top> <num>Number: N63 <title> Cuba Embargo <toptype> Opinion <desc>Description: World-wide sentiments about the efficacy of the U.S. embargo on Cuba. <narr>Narrative: Successes or failures of the embargo and the feelings of various countries about the continuation or non- continuation of the embargo are relevant. <documents> XIE19960303.0013 XIE19960920.0245 XIE19970304.0089 XIE19970615.0133 XIE19980306.0288 XIE19980501.0043 APW19990104.0144 NYT19990105.0311 NYT19990105.0322 XIE19990107.0275 XIE19990217.0160 XIE19990217.0161 NYT19990526.0417 XIE19990817.0336 APW19991023.0085 NYT19991101.0522 XIE19991108.0271 APW20000120.0040 NYT20000202.0001 APW20000324.0213 NYT20000508.0149 XIE20000627.0313 XIE20000827.0196 XIE20000917.0241 APW20000919.0188 </top> <top> <num>Number: N64 <title> Japan Nuclear Accident <toptype> Event <desc>Description: Accident at Japan's Tokaimura uranium processing plant exposes a number of people to radiation. What happened to cause this accident, how extensive was exposure and what were the results of the exposure. <narr>Narrative: Cause of the accident and number of people exposed to radiation is relevant. Extent of the exposure suffered and results of the exposure is relevant. Subsequent safety actions taken are relevant. <documents> APW19990930.0141 XIE19990930.0243 NYT19990930.0347 NYT19990930.0437 NYT19990930.0445 NYT19991001.0074 XIE19991001.0312 NYT19991001.0356 XIE19991002.0026 NYT19991002.0099 APW19991004.0039 APW19991005.0174 XIE19991006.0185 XIE19991006.0279 NYT19991006.0304 APW19991006.0393 APW19991007.0278 APW19991008.0126 APW19991015.0168 APW19991023.0054 APW20000426.0283 APW20000427.0002 APW20000509.0125 APW20000528.0021 APW20000930.0100 </top> <top> <num>Number: N65 <title> Clinton bombing Afghanistan, Sudan <toptype> Opinion <desc>Description: World reactions (pro/con) to Clinton bombing of Afghaniston and Sudan after terrorist attacks on U.S. embassies in 1998. <narr>Narrative: Opinions supportive or critical of the bombings are relevant. Supporters could be people, countries, organizations, etc. Critics included individuals, countries, religious groups. Rationals for the opinions are not a necessary ingredient for the documents to be relevant but occassiionally were given. <documents> NYT19980820.0285 APW19980820.1019 APW19980820.1104 APW19980820.1193 APW19980820.1276 XIE19980821.0039 XIE19980821.0107 XIE19980821.0296 NYT19980821.0345 XIE19980821.0354 XIE19980821.0356 APW19980821.0361 APW19980821.0524 APW19980821.0673 APW19980821.0874 APW19980821.1174 XIE19980822.0020 NYT19980823.0097 XIE19980823.0107 XIE19980823.0144 APW19980823.0767 XIE19980824.0022 APW19980824.0045 NYT19980824.0086 APW19980824.0123 XIE19980824.0213 XIE19980825.0093 APW19980826.0246 XIE19980826.0268 XIE19980827.0014 NYT19980924.0450 APW19990103.0061 </top> <top> <num>Number: N66 <title> Gay Boy Scouts Banned <toptype> Opinion <desc>Description: Identify varied opinions on whether gays should be banned from the Boy Scouts <narr>Narrative: Opinions for or against banning gays from the Boy Scouts are relevant. <documents> NYT19980721.0087 NYT19990518.0319 APW19990804.0003 APW19990804.0083 NYT19990804.0361 NYT19990804.0417 NYT19990804.0477 APW19990805.0009 APW19990805.0323 APW19990811.0151 APW19990811.0337 NYT19990811.0429 NYT19990811.0437 APW19990813.0202 NYT19991014.0149 APW20000114.0176 APW20000426.0040 NYT20000426.0376 APW20000628.0108 APW20000628.0193 NYT20000629.0036 NYT20000703.0206 APW20000713.0142 NYT20000905.0318 APW20000912.0098 </top> <top> <num>Number: N67 <title> Military Action Kosovo <toptype> Opinion <desc>Description: The necessary or not necessary need for military action in Kosovo. <narr>Narrative: The opinion of various countries, leaders, and diplomats on whether or not military action is required in Kosovo is relevant. Opinions on the news items or short statements on the Kosovo situation without any apparent opinion are not relevant. Actions taken by the U.N. and/or NATO are relevant. <documents> XIE19980611.0304 APW19980611.0430 APW19980611.0817 XIE19980621.0174 APW19980629.0304 APW19980707.0922 XIE19980807.0307 APW19980815.0275 XIE19980911.0289 APW19980911.0659 APW19980916.0439 APW19980916.0671 XIE19980926.0158 APW19981001.0692 XIE19981002.0017 APW19981005.0432 XIE19981007.0061 XIE19981008.0270 XIE19981017.0011 XIE19990122.0082 XIE19990122.0156 XIE19990320.0203 XIE19990323.0055 XIE19990325.0374 XIE19990406.0110 XIE19990409.0253 </top> <top> <num>Number: N68 <title> Teletubby Tinky Winky <toptype> Event <desc>Description: The "outing" of Teletubby Tinky Winky by the Reverend Jerry Falwell <narr>Narrative: Relevant documents pertain to an "outing" of the TV character Tinky Winky purportedly by the Reverend Jerry Falwell in a magazine article. <documents> APW19990209.0021 APW19990209.0188 APW19990210.0130 NYT19990210.0294 NYT19990210.0319 NYT19990210.0449 NYT19990212.0075 NYT19990212.0093 NYT19990212.0094 NYT19990212.0095 NYT19990212.0163 NYT19990214.0086 NYT19990214.0100 NYT19990217.0132 NYT19990218.0220 NYT19990219.0232 NYT19990223.0191 NYT19990301.0255 NYT19990303.0091 APW19990323.0027 APW19990519.0166 APW19990519.0261 APW19990619.0074 NYT19990710.0252 APW19990818.0005 APW19991024.0087 NYT19991104.0105 NYT19991105.0326 APW20000112.0115 NYT20000327.0343 </top> <top> <num>Number: N69 <title> Concorde Crash Paris <toptype> Event <desc>Description: Find documents that discuss the Concorde plane crash near Paris on July 25, 2000. <narr>Narrative: Relevant documents include the number people killed, the future plans for the aircraft, suspension of other flights, and the possible causes of the crash. <documents> XIE20000725.0029 XIE20000725.0036 XIE20000725.0047 XIE20000725.0056 NYT20000725.0237 NYT20000725.0334 XIE20000726.0171 XIE20000726.0196 APW20000730.0008 XIE20000731.0037 XIE20000801.0124 APW20000802.0124 APW20000803.0089 XIE20000804.0071 XIE20000808.0041 XIE20000811.0043 NYT20000815.0153 XIE20000816.0140 XIE20000816.0318 NYT20000817.0325 XIE20000818.0067 APW20000826.0078 XIE20000830.0022 XIE20000901.0047 XIE20000907.0030 XIE20000921.0172 XIE20000927.0148 </top> <top> <num>Number: N70 <title> Private School Vouchers <toptype> Opinion <desc>Description: Identify documents that express an opinion, either for or against using vouchers to pay tuition for students to attend private schools. <narr>Narrative: The opinion that these vouchers violate the separation of church and state is relevant. An opinion that it costs too much of taxpayers money is relevant. The opinion that it eases the public school burden is relevant. <documents> NYT19980814.0326 NYT19980825.0202 NYT19980928.0471 NYT19981029.0202 NYT19981110.0454 NYT19990215.0302 NYT19990304.0327 NYT19990324.0372 NYT19990324.0430 NYT19990326.0396 APW19990622.0093 APW19990816.0001 NYT19990818.0240 NYT19990824.0327 NYT19990824.0404 APW19990826.0227 APW19990830.0014 NYT19991011.0206 NYT20000314.0169 APW20000314.0198 NYT20000403.0262 NYT20000828.0365 NYT20000830.0329 NYT20000920.0003 NYT20000920.0413 </top> <top> <num>Number: N71 <title> Confederate Flag Removal <toptype> Opinion <desc>Description: Rationales for the continuance or removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from the South Carolina Capitol Dome. <narr>Narrative: Relevant opinions all contain rationales for the continuance or discontinuance of the Battle Flag atop the Capitol Dome. Examples of the former include honoring state heritage, honoring Confederate war dead, and symbolizing secession. Racial insensitivity, racist symbology, a representaiton of crimes against humanity, a gesture of defiance against civil rights, white supremacy symbology, and an outright slap in the face to black people are relevant opinions for discontinuance of the Battle Flag atop the Capitol Dome. <documents> APW19990601.0149 APW19991016.0079 APW19991016.0165 NYT20000113.0432 APW20000119.0281 APW20000120.0091 APW20000122.0076 APW20000214.0197 APW20000326.0051 APW20000402.0070 APW20000403.0076 APW20000412.0216 APW20000413.0126 APW20000414.0033 NYT20000416.0203 APW20000429.0026 NYT20000501.0352 APW20000506.0086 NYT20000508.0357 APW20000509.0247 APW20000510.0243 NYT20000510.0307 NYT20000511.0002 APW20000511.0003 NYT20000511.0077 NYT20000518.0315 NYT20000701.0167 APW20000718.0150 </top> <top> <num>Number: N72 <title> Smith Wesson Handgun Limit <toptype> Event <desc>Description: Smith and Wesson agree to restrictions on the manufacturing and distribution of handguns. <narr>Narrative: Documents that state that Smith and Wesson entered into an agreement with the U.S. government restricting either or both the manufacturing and distribution methods for their handguns are relevant. <documents> NYT19990122.0076 NYT19990618.0173 APW19991022.0031 APW20000317.0205 APW20000317.0206 NYT20000317.0277 NYT20000317.0330 XIE20000317.0340 NYT20000317.0350 NYT20000318.0012 NYT20000318.0035 APW20000318.0156 APW20000321.0169 NYT20000324.0332 NYT20000329.0346 APW20000330.0071 APW20000330.0110 APW20000331.0206 NYT20000403.0080 NYT20000403.0094 NYT20000403.0363 NYT20000405.0394 APW20000406.0053 APW20000418.0099 APW20000519.0156 APW20000520.0019 NYT20000619.0397 NYT20000627.0002 NYT20000628.0026 </top> <top> <num>Number: N73 <title> McVeigh Murrah Bombing Trial <toptype> Event <desc>Description: Find documents that provide information on the trial and conviction of Timothy McVeigh for bombing the Alfred P. Murrah building on April 19, 1995. <narr>Narrative: Events related to the trial, such as a motion for a new trial, are relevant. Mention of hours jurors spent on deliberation is relevant. The sentence reached is relevant. Mention of appeal is relevant. <documents> XIE19970401.0034 XIE19970425.0060 XIE19970530.0049 XIE19970531.0046 XIE19970603.0050 XIE19970614.0222 XIE19970812.0266 XIE19970815.0035 XIE19970816.0028 XIE19971030.0019 XIE19971220.0249 XIE19971230.0036 XIE19980909.0239 APW19990105.0022 APW19990105.0076 APW19990106.0145 APW19990308.0114 XIE19990309.0051 APW19990330.0267 APW19990415.0080 APW19990706.0026 APW19990707.0221 APW20000308.0033 APW20000505.0254 APW20000609.0175 </top> <top> <num>Number: N74 <title> Diana Car Accident <toptype> Event <desc>Description: Find documents that report related information about the car accident that killed Princess Diana on August 31, 1997. <narr>Narrative: Where the accident happened, who was killed, the extent of injuries, how it happened, and who else was involved is relevant. Mention of the accident and the date, with no other detail is not relevant. <documents> XIE19970831.0066 XIE19970831.0110 XIE19970831.0116 XIE19970831.0122 XIE19970831.0127 XIE19970831.0129 XIE19970831.0160 XIE19970831.0162 XIE19970901.0069 XIE19970901.0146 XIE19970902.0091 XIE19970904.0125 XIE19970905.0023 XIE19970908.0076 XIE19970917.0193 XIE19971231.0135 XIE19980526.0216 XIE19980526.0359 APW19980603.1814 NYT19980605.0332 NYT19980620.0046 NYT19980622.0062 APW19980830.0357 APW19980923.0327 APW19981102.0602 APW19981122.0682 APW19981211.1051 APW19981218.0037 APW19990816.0035 XIE20000515.0231 NYT20000830.0313 </top> <top> <num>Number: N75 <title> Indiana Coach Knight <toptype> Opinion <desc>Description: What sentiments were made known about keeping Bobby Knight as the coach of the Indiana University men's basketball team? <narr>Narrative: Words or actions supportive or non-supportive of retaining Bobby Knight as coach of the men's basketball team at Indiana University are relevant. <documents> NYT19980629.0500 NYT19981107.0224 APW19990214.0037 NYT19990312.0426 NYT19990313.0256 APW19990414.0191 APW19990503.0286 APW19991021.0081 APW19991021.0182 APW19991022.0039 APW19991022.0323 NYT19991225.0137 NYT20000315.0017 APW20000315.0049 APW20000315.0249 NYT20000317.0094 NYT20000317.0418 APW20000327.0179 NYT20000330.0403 APW20000411.0309 NYT20000414.0326 NYT20000415.0167 APW20000422.0117 APW20000510.0015 APW20000510.0233 APW20000512.0065 NYT20000513.0002 APW20000513.0040 NYT20000513.0245 APW20000514.0010 APW20000515.0005 NYT20000515.0146 APW20000515.0217 APW20000515.0218 APW20000515.0226 APW20000515.0250 NYT20000515.0273 NYT20000515.0336 NYT20000515.0344 NYT20000515.0385 NYT20000515.0424 NYT20000517.0025 NYT20000520.0107 NYT20000520.0115 APW20000521.0053 APW20000522.0017 XIE20000526.0185 NYT20000530.0335 APW20000613.0194 NYT20000908.0450 APW20000909.0027 APW20000910.0112 APW20000910.0117 APW20000911.0003 APW20000911.0021 NYT20000911.0285 NYT20000911.0343 NYT20000911.0364 NYT20000912.0033 NYT20000912.0041 APW20000912.0182 NYT20000912.0256 NYT20000912.0385 NYT20000912.0412 XIE20000913.0135 APW20000913.0217 NYT20000913.0396 NYT20000913.0399 APW20000914.0164 APW20000922.0004 </top> <top> <num>Number: N76 <title> Mandatory Anthrax Vaccinations <toptype> Opinion <desc>Description: Should mandatory anthrax vaccinations be required for U.S. Military members? <narr>Narrative: Opinions or concerns voiced by either the military or others about the safety of the vaccine are relevant. <documents> XIE19960605.0261 XIE19960605.0262 XIE19960605.0263 XIE19960807.0242 XIE19970910.0294 XIE19980304.0060 XIE19980523.0228 NYT19980808.0001 NYT19981016.0169 APW19990125.0085 APW19990224.0085 NYT19990301.0305 NYT19990301.0308 APW19990311.0346 APW19990312.0186 NYT19990324.0245 APW19990429.0148 NYT19990429.0229 NYT19990602.0329 NYT19990602.0370 NYT19990602.0420 NYT19990603.0334 APW19990702.0067 NYT19990719.0241 NYT19990719.0348 NYT19990803.0183 NYT19990828.0256 APW19990930.0130 APW19990930.0237 APW20000129.0176 NYT20000201.0196 APW20000208.0239 APW20000208.0260 APW20000208.0275 APW20000216.0255 APW20000217.0117 NYT20000217.0156 APW20000217.0261 APW20000218.0080 APW20000328.0221 APW20000329.0073 APW20000414.0059 NYT20000511.0123 APW20000516.0172 XIE20000526.0106 XIE20000527.0119 NYT20000630.0293 APW20000710.0108 NYT20000710.0323 APW20000711.0103 APW20000712.0168 XIE20000830.0193 APW20000923.0135 </top> <top> <num>Number: N77 <title> Line Item Veto <toptype> Opinion <desc>Description: Identify documents that state an opinion either for or against line-item vetoes used by the President. <narr>Narrative: A line-item veto is a tool to limit pork-barrel spending is a relevant opinion. A line-item veto is not authorized by the constitution is a relevant opinion. <documents> XIE19960410.0077 XIE19970214.0242 XIE19970412.0044 XIE19970627.0006 XIE19970805.0199 XIE19971007.0250 XIE19971009.0281 XIE19971015.0286 XIE19971102.0214 XIE19971109.0161 XIE19971115.0010 XIE19980107.0070 XIE19980213.0061 XIE19980213.0080 XIE19980213.0326 XIE19980221.0207 XIE19980228.0162 XIE19980301.0002 NYT19980615.0407 NYT19980625.0151 NYT19980625.0264 NYT19980625.0265 NYT19980625.0373 NYT19980625.0405 NYT19980625.0416 NYT19980625.0427 NYT19980625.0512 NYT19980625.0532 NYT19980625.0561 NYT19980625.0565 APW19980625.0941 XIE19980626.0272 XIE19980626.0339 NYT19980627.0216 NYT19980629.0074 NYT19980630.0037 NYT19981017.0029 NYT19981017.0030 APW19990923.0152 NYT20000608.0262 APW20000720.0180 XIE20000907.0312 </top> <top> <num>Number: N78 <title> U.S. Withold Funding <toptype> Opinion <desc>Description: Why does the U.S. withhold funding to the U.N. and what is the impact? <narr>Narrative: Any opinion on why the U.S. was withholding funds and the impact on the U.N. is relevant. <documents> XIE19960105.0054 XIE19960217.0055 XIE19960226.0162 XIE19960228.0143 XIE19960411.0007 XIE19960419.0338 XIE19960808.0053 XIE19960808.0104 XIE19960826.0170 XIE19960829.0014 XIE19961010.0279 XIE19961018.0182 XIE19961021.0021 XIE19961024.0044 XIE19961031.0299 XIE19961104.0243 XIE19961119.0250 XIE19970208.0104 XIE19970209.0081 XIE19970816.0177 XIE19970819.0269 XIE19970906.0207 XIE19970909.0003 XIE19970920.0038 XIE19970923.0057 XIE19970923.0295 XIE19971030.0249 XIE19971219.0013 XIE19980204.0049 XIE19980424.0104 XIE19980521.0038 XIE19980606.0035 XIE19980718.0165 XIE19980818.0314 XIE19980904.0029 APW19981020.1305 APW19981020.1368 APW19981020.1385 XIE19981021.0289 XIE19981021.0290 XIE19981021.0301 NYT19981021.0456 XIE19981022.0138 APW19990225.0078 XIE19990303.0069 APW19990318.0048 APW19990318.0210 APW19990419.0200 XIE19990423.0030 XIE19990721.0073 NYT19990803.0327 XIE19990824.0130 XIE19991006.0327 NYT19991023.0191 XIE19991109.0026 XIE19991117.0053 NYT19991119.0288 XIE19991125.0042 XIE20000216.0321 NYT20000228.0451 NYT20000228.0547 APW20000323.0299 APW20000330.0228 XIE20000619.0050 XIE20000712.0325 NYT20000819.0129 NYT20000819.0130 XIE20000917.0019 NYT20000922.0245 </top> <top> <num>Number: N79 <title> Charles Schulz Dies <toptype> Event <desc>Description: The death of Charles Schulz, creator of most widely read comic strip in World, Peanuts. <narr>Narrative: Any document that contains information about Charles Schulz dying is relevant. Documents containing biographical information on Schulz and how he drew from his own lifetime experiences to produce "Peanuts" are relevant. World wide reaction to and recognition of his accomplishments including rewards and awards are relevant. <documents> APW19991001.0198 APW19991027.0332 NYT19991122.0332 NYT19991123.0205 NYT19991214.0204 NYT19991214.0302 NYT19991214.0312 NYT19991215.0144 APW20000101.0198 NYT20000102.0008 NYT20000102.0104 NYT20000103.0412 APW20000104.0074 NYT20000119.0222 NYT20000212.0010 APW20000213.0030 APW20000213.0033 APW20000213.0082 NYT20000213.0107 APW20000213.0110 NYT20000213.0130 APW20000213.0153 APW20000213.0164 APW20000214.0160 NYT20000214.0222 APW20000215.0115 NYT20000216.0385 APW20000221.0184 APW20000301.0029 APW20000322.0154 APW20000425.0069 APW20000430.0038 APW20000502.0192 NYT20000509.0195 NYT20000526.0183 NYT20000526.0208 APW20000528.0001 APW20000606.0140 APW20000621.0020 NYT20000630.0327 XIE20000727.0115 APW20000910.0053 </top> <top> <num>Number: N80 <title> Turkey Earthquake <toptype> Event <desc>Description: World reaction to the 17 August 1999 Earthquake occurance in Turkey. <narr>Narrative: Reactions, offers of aid, assistance provided, and casualty statistics are relevant. Previous earthquakes or probability of earthquakes are not relevant. <documents> XIE19960216.0141 XIE19960408.0166 XIE19980710.0031 XIE19980911.0340 XIE19981215.0037 APW19981220.0202 XIE19990817.0072 XIE19990817.0269 XIE19990818.0037 XIE19990818.0110 XIE19990818.0185 XIE19990818.0278 XIE19990819.0002 XIE19990820.0250 NYT19990821.0127 NYT19990821.0138 XIE19990821.0198 APW19990822.0048 XIE19990822.0081 XIE19990823.0005 XIE19990825.0049 XIE19990826.0288 XIE19990827.0049 XIE19990827.0236 XIE19990903.0255 XIE19990906.0016 XIE19990919.0053 XIE19990929.0235 XIE19991026.0043 XIE19991111.0078 XIE19991113.0146 XIE19991114.0103 XIE19991116.0206 XIE19991117.0012 XIE20000227.0009 XIE20000606.0255 XIE20000815.0037 APW20000820.0052 XIE20000821.0078 APW20000822.0054 XIE20000825.0021 </top> <top> <num>Number: N81 <title> Gay Student Shepard <toptype> Event <desc>Description: Identify information relevant to the death of Matthew Shepard. <narr>Narrative: Any information regarding the death, trial, sentence and repercussions of Mr. Shepard's death is relevant. <documents> NYT19981009.0436 NYT19981013.0031 NYT19981013.0349 NYT19981120.0407 APW19990203.0186 APW19990301.0272 APW19990302.0328 APW19990324.0246 APW19990325.0016 APW19990325.0098 APW19990326.0036 APW19990405.0017 APW19990405.0206 APW19991003.0165 APW19991004.0106 APW19991008.0147 APW19991010.0152 APW19991025.0256 APW19991026.0133 APW19991027.0139 XIE19991105.0062 NYT20000128.0019 NYT20000128.0098 NYT20000211.0411 APW20000331.0116 </top> <top> <num>Number: N82 <title> First Human Hand Transplant <toptype> Event <desc>Description: The first human hand transplant in the United States was performed on Matthew Scott on January 25, 1999. <narr>Narrative: There must be a specific reference to the human hand transplant performed on Matthew Scott in the United states for the document to be relevant. <documents> XIE19960712.0063 XIE19980815.0034 APW19980819.1218 APW19980924.0797 APW19990125.0134 APW19990125.0285 NYT19990125.0411 APW19990126.0095 APW19990126.0223 APW19990126.0329 APW19990128.0108 APW19990129.0242 APW19990209.0217 APW19990215.0072 APW19990312.0161 APW19990412.0306 APW19990413.0296 APW19990428.0173 APW19990429.0107 NYT19990501.0110 APW19990701.0242 NYT19990920.0010 NYT20000114.0254 APW20000123.0068 APW20000129.0071 APW20000305.0031 APW20000309.0253 APW20000320.0202 NYT20000816.0292 XIE20000908.0323 </top> <top> <num>Number: N83 <title> Marine Osprey Aircraft <toptype> Event <desc>Description: Identify any documents addressing the crash of the Marine Osprey aircraft near Tuscon, Arizona. <narr>Narrative: The crash, and possible causes of the crash are relevant. <documents> NYT20000409.0127 APW20000410.0151 XIE20000410.0328 NYT20000410.0359 NYT20000410.0368 APW20000411.0033 NYT20000411.0161 APW20000411.0162 APW20000412.0051 NYT20000414.0006 APW20000420.0135 APW20000503.0259 APW20000509.0037 NYT20000509.0043 APW20000509.0185 APW20000510.0059 XIE20000612.0021 APW20000612.0057 XIE20000617.0182 APW20000627.0128 APW20000727.0024 APW20000727.0074 APW20000728.0053 APW20000827.0062 APW20000905.0076 </top> <top> <num>Number: N84 <title> Snowmobiles Banned National Parks <toptype> Opinion <desc>Description: Identify documents that express an opinion either for or against banning snowmobiles in Naitonal Parks. <narr>Narrative: Banning for reasons such as: noisy, cause environmental damage, damage vegetation, endanger wildlife, and plenty of room elsewhere, are all relevant opinions. Reasons against banning such as: lose monies generated by snowmobile business, including renting and manufacturing; jobs lost; and enjoyment by the riders are all relevant opinions. <documents> XIE19960609.0079 XIE19980119.0065 APW19990121.0105 APW19990121.0128 APW19990121.0365 NYT19990206.0153 APW19990218.0017 APW19990218.0041 APW19990603.0175 APW19990702.0189 APW19991007.0266 APW19991021.0115 NYT19991023.0001 NYT19991207.0125 NYT20000207.0473 NYT20000216.0256 NYT20000218.0125 APW20000327.0182 APW20000328.0056 NYT20000403.0403 APW20000405.0153 APW20000406.0063 NYT20000412.0205 APW20000415.0169 APW20000425.0189 APW20000426.0076 APW20000426.0156 NYT20000426.0438 APW20000427.0128 NYT20000429.0003 APW20000525.0095 NYT20000525.0203 NYT20000717.0213 APW20000718.0035 NYT20000719.0505 APW20000726.0189 APW20000927.0047 </top> <top> <num>Number: N85 <title> Collins First Woman Shuttle <toptype> Event <desc>Description: Eileen Collins is first U.S. woman to command a shuttle mission in space. <narr>Narrative: A relevant document states that Eileen Collins is the first U.S. woman to command a space shuttle mission. Documents about her being named to command a mission are irrelevant. Scrubbed missions in which Collins was to be the commander are irrelevant. Only post blast-off documents mentioning Collins in the process of commanding are relevant. <documents> XIE19980306.0339 NYT19990205.0250 NYT19990606.0134 APW19990623.0172 APW19990623.0173 APW19990624.0028 APW19990624.0036 APW19990624.0085 APW19990624.0086 APW19990624.0109 APW19990624.0114 APW19990708.0163 NYT19990708.0339 NYT19990712.0235 APW19990717.0096 APW19990717.0145 NYT19990717.0223 NYT19990718.0155 NYT19990720.0021 XIE19990720.0247 APW19990721.0021 NYT19990722.0025 APW19990722.0029 APW19990722.0122 APW19990722.0170 APW19990722.0266 NYT19990723.0009 APW19990723.0029 APW19990723.0145 NYT19990723.0236 XIE19990723.0251 XIE19990723.0261 NYT19990723.0317 APW19990724.0005 APW19990725.0011 APW19990725.0080 APW19990726.0004 APW19990726.0036 NYT19990726.0486 APW19990727.0031 APW19990727.0280 APW19990727.0305 NYT19990728.0002 APW19990728.0036 APW19990728.0086 XIE19990728.0236 NYT19990728.0320 APW19990729.0209 </top> <top> <num>Number: N86 <title> Banning Tobacco Advertisements <toptype> Opinions <desc>Description: Identify documents that offer an opinion concerning banning cigarette or tobacco advertising. <narr>Narrative: An opinion that a ban would aid in stopping young people from smoking is relevant. An opinion that a ban would hurt the race car industry or other sporting events is relevant. An opinion that a ban would interfere with a free flow of information or freedom of speech is relevant. An opinion that addresses improvement in health in general is relevant. <documents> XIE19960117.0055 XIE19960124.0117 XIE19960301.0090 XIE19960529.0039 XIE19961024.0149 XIE19970519.0022 XIE19970519.0042 XIE19970603.0201 XIE19970611.0135 XIE19970916.0134 XIE19971106.0042 XIE19971125.0103 XIE19971205.0175 XIE19980528.0078 XIE19980606.0057 APW19980613.0112 APW19980622.0621 APW19980922.0515 APW19980922.0625 XIE19981229.0103 APW19990428.0156 NYT19990428.0347 XIE19990531.0113 XIE19990911.0194 NYT19991111.0303 NYT19991215.0178 APW20000124.0211 APW20000124.0268 </top> <top> <num>Number: N87 <title> Church Bombing Birmingham <toptype> Event <desc>Description: Identify documents that discuss the two people arrested and charged with murder in the church bombing on September 15, 1963, in Birmingham, Alabama. <narr>Narrative: Who was killed or the identify of the deceased/ victims are relevant. Information about the background of the bombers and information related to the trial is relevant. Information about the 16th Street Baptist Church is relevant. <documents> XIE19960208.0287 XIE19981223.0272 APW19990617.0034 APW19990704.0120 APW19990819.0245 NYT19991107.0075 NYT20000426.0193 APW20000426.0330 APW20000504.0029 APW20000517.0177 APW20000517.0278 APW20000517.0285 NYT20000517.0356 NYT20000517.0424 NYT20000517.0426 NYT20000517.0487 NYT20000517.0495 NYT20000517.0496 APW20000518.0020 NYT20000518.0219 APW20000519.0194 NYT20000519.0195 APW20000519.0254 NYT20000519.0289 NYT20000522.0163 NYT20000524.0048 APW20000526.0015 </top> <top> <num>Number: N88 <title> Bombing Exercise Vieques Island <toptype> Event <desc>Description: U.S. Navy resumes bombing exercises Puerto Rico's Vieques Island. <narr>Narrative: Relevant documents indicate that the U.S. Navy has resumed bombing and/or shelling exercises at Vieques Island, Puerto Rico. Articles which concern protest by Puerto Ricans over resumption of exercises and discussion between governments over the exercise being resumed are relevant. <documents> NYT19990730.0201 APW19991018.0213 APW19991029.0291 NYT19991030.0230 NYT20000125.0303 APW20000131.0161 NYT20000131.0452 APW20000201.0241 APW20000216.0224 APW20000217.0091 APW20000218.0096 APW20000218.0266 APW20000221.0120 NYT20000223.0329 APW20000228.0115 APW20000402.0083 APW20000417.0235 NYT20000503.0035 APW20000508.0211 XIE20000509.0370 APW20000626.0093 APW20000628.0228 APW20000728.0165 APW20000729.0097 APW20000802.0094 </top> <top> <num>Number: N89 <title> Public Financing Sports Stadiums <toptype> Opinion <desc>Description: Should there be public financing of professional sports stadiums? <narr>Narrative: Relevant documents describe the actuality or possibility of public funding for various sports stadiums. All contain statements or detail actions favorable or unfavorable to such funding. Most relevant documents do not contain rationales, they do contain the remarks of politicians reflecting the attitudes of their voters. Items about the happiness of owners who would be rewarded by the taxpayers contribution to stadium construction are relevant. <documents> NYT19980904.0219 NYT19980904.0221 NYT19980918.0025 APW19980930.0237 NYT19981120.0181 APW19981121.0585 NYT19981125.0352 NYT19981203.0187 NYT19981215.0298 NYT19981215.0320 APW19990115.0073 APW19990303.0313 APW19990316.0245 APW19990412.0273 NYT19990422.0172 NYT19990503.0343 APW19990504.0244 NYT19990504.0268 APW19990505.0243 NYT19990518.0007 NYT19990525.0060 APW19990622.0043 NYT19990622.0276 NYT19990624.0034 NYT19990716.0347 NYT19990905.0013 APW19990908.0316 NYT20000302.0480 NYT20000318.0266 APW20000320.0091 </top> <top> <num>Number: N90 <title> Rafael Resendez-Ramirez Surrenders <toptype> Event <desc>Description: Serial killer suspect Rafael Resendez-Ramirez surrenders to U.S. authorities. <narr>Narrative: Relevant documents include information about the suspected serial killer surrendering to authorities. Other relevant details include: information from the search and capture, information on his background and criminal record, details about his victims and the fact that his relatives might be eligible for the reward. Rafael Resendez-Ramirez was an alias for his real name, Angel Maturino Resendez. <documents> NYT19990608.0419 APW19990616.0090 APW19990616.0199 APW19990617.0212 APW19990621.0079 APW19990621.0249 NYT19990622.0403 NYT19990623.0481 APW19990624.0239 NYT19990624.0447 NYT19990624.0456 NYT19990625.0397 APW19990628.0288 APW19990629.0186 NYT19990629.0375 APW19990630.0204 NYT19990630.0264 APW19990701.0068 APW19990701.0231 NYT19990701.0235 APW19990701.0329 NYT19990702.0193 NYT19990707.0394 APW19990713.0014 APW19990713.0016 APW19990713.0085 APW19990713.0105 NYT19990713.0200 APW19990713.0224 NYT19990713.0316 NYT19990713.0331 NYT19990713.0333 NYT19990713.0340 NYT19990713.0392 NYT19990713.0399 NYT19990713.0418 NYT19990713.0442 NYT19990713.0459 NYT19990713.0461 NYT19990713.0477 APW19990714.0100 APW19990714.0260 NYT19990714.0356 NYT19990714.0420 NYT19990714.0452 APW19990715.0128 APW19990715.0287 NYT19990715.0470 </top> <top> <num>Number: N91 <title> Military Support Taiwan <toptype> Opinion <desc>Description: Should America continue and/or increase military assitance in Taiwan? <narr>Narrative: A preference stated for or against the continued provision of U.S. assistance to Taiwan in order that they may defend against mainland china is relevant. The assistance may be materials or money. Party or parties opposing do not need to be stipulated. Relevant opinions provide a rationale: national interest, mandated by law, interference in China's internal affairs, worsening of tension, or treaty violation. <documents> XIE19960308.0233 XIE19960318.0058 XIE19960325.0143 XIE19960506.0127 XIE19960708.0105 XIE19970618.0112 APW19980602.1001 APW19980618.0347 NYT19980625.0452 XIE19980702.0232 APW19980707.0248 APW19980821.0288 APW19980823.0297 APW19980901.0176 APW19980908.0266 APW19980930.0313 APW19981103.0520 APW19981105.0009 APW19981114.0099 APW19981123.0344 XIE19990104.0092 APW19990325.0350 XIE19990707.0268 NYT19990713.0288 XIE19990714.0168 NYT19990720.0237 XIE19990723.0118 NYT19990728.0326 NYT19990801.0173 NYT19990802.0324 NYT19990804.0375 APW19990810.0174 NYT19990812.0461 NYT19990813.0007 XIE19990824.0185 XIE19990929.0125 APW19991026.0244 APW20000201.0187 APW20000201.0245 NYT20000201.0297 NYT20000201.0306 APW20000202.0057 XIE20000202.0077 XIE20000204.0008 XIE20000221.0175 APW20000222.0275 APW20000223.0002 APW20000223.0031 APW20000228.0306 APW20000315.0253 APW20000316.0209 APW20000413.0190 APW20000413.0193 APW20000418.0034 XIE20000525.0174 APW20000622.0236 NYT20000623.0276 NYT20000623.0390 APW20000702.0008 XIE20000713.0103 </top> <top> <num>Number: N92 <title> Hillary Clinton Campaign Senator <toptype> Event <desc>Description: The campaign of Hillary Clinton to become a New York Senator. <narr>Narrative: Relevant documents report on an activity related to Clinton's campaign to become the junior senator from New York. The activities are both before and after her official entry in February 2000. Meeting residency requirements, raising money, formally announcing, filing statement of candidacy, and attacking opponents are relevant. Also relevant: attending New York churches and showing favoritism toward the Yankees. Activities considered unethical by her opponents: taking trips to New York paid for because of her First Lady status and getting a house loan from Terry McAuliffe, are relevant. <documents> NYT19990219.0031 NYT19990329.0463 NYT19990519.0236 NYT19990524.0415 NYT19990617.0254 NYT19990630.0263 XIE19990707.0003 NYT19990812.0132 NYT19990817.0279 NYT19990903.0200 APW19990910.0216 NYT19991007.0204 NYT19991016.0018 NYT19991124.0032 APW20000104.0013 XIE20000105.0369 APW20000108.0181 NYT20000122.0278 APW20000201.0113 APW20000206.0078 APW20000206.0098 APW20000207.0009 APW20000217.0201 APW20000217.0217 APW20000313.0204 APW20000313.0207 APW20000314.0159 APW20000520.0103 APW20000807.0079 APW20000831.0081 APW20000908.0137 </top> <top> <num>Number: N93 <title> Taxation Internet Sales Tax <toptype> Opinion <desc>Description: Should Internet commerce remain exempt from sales tax? <narr>Narrative: Relevant documents include a rationale as to why a sales tax should or should not be levied against sales accomplished via the Internet. Most relevants indicate the supporters of either side of the issue but this is not a requisite for relevancy. Principal rationales for taxing are the unfairness to comparable businesses not on the net and the loss of state revenues, allowing E-commerce to grow is the principal argument against taxes. The opinion that taxation would be too complicated is relevant. Sales involved computers, it would simplify the bookkeeping of the taxes is a relevant opinion. <documents> XIE19980227.0201 NYT19980623.0476 NYT19980716.0285 NYT19980722.0105 NYT19981001.0508 NYT19990409.0219 NYT19990622.0478 NYT19990624.0096 APW19990914.0260 NYT19991003.0892 NYT19991006.0138 XIE19991106.0068 NYT19991217.0014 NYT19991224.0089 APW20000117.0018 NYT20000120.0048 NYT20000202.0286 NYT20000203.0052 NYT20000222.0259 NYT20000222.0265 NYT20000222.0266 NYT20000222.0270 NYT20000229.0286 NYT20000229.0455 NYT20000319.0079 NYT20000607.0188 NYT20000830.0383 NYT20000831.0017 XIE20000905.0081 </top> <top> <num>Number: N94 <title> Outsourcing Worldwide Global <toptype> Opinion <desc>Description: Reasons for/against work outsourcing on a worldwide basis. <narr>Narrative: Opinions on the reason for work outsourcing as well as any opinions on the advantage/disadvantage on outsourcing are relevant. Outsourcing with no elaboration is not relevant. <documents> XIE19960603.0032 XIE19960605.0036 XIE19960606.0055 XIE19960704.0031 XIE19961002.0007 XIE19961129.0025 XIE19970714.0104 XIE19971121.0039 XIE19980320.0034 XIE19980718.0001 NYT19980810.0344 XIE19980922.0003 XIE19980922.0027 APW19981021.0486 NYT19981028.0495 NYT19981031.0135 XIE19990122.0089 XIE19990313.0014 APW19990317.0112 APW19990317.0182 NYT19990407.0532 XIE19990427.0316 XIE19990502.0001 XIE19990610.0003 XIE19990610.0059 XIE19990707.0117 XIE19990709.0322 NYT19990714.0524 APW19990722.0136 XIE19990803.0129 APW19990912.0095 XIE19991005.0223 XIE19991013.0357 APW19991016.0174 APW19991016.0205 APW19991017.0158 APW19991018.0280 XIE19991019.0254 XIE19991105.0009 XIE19991118.0081 XIE19991120.0076 XIE20000202.0223 NYT20000202.0489 XIE20000301.0346 XIE20000322.0319 XIE20000328.0040 NYT20000419.0340 NYT20000607.0340 XIE20000608.0044 XIE20000614.0249 XIE20000619.0381 NYT20000626.0307 NYT20000712.0235 NYT20000714.0244 XIE20000816.0036 </top> <top> <num>Number: N95 <title> China Spaceflight Program <toptype> Event <desc>Description: China's first spaceflight "Shenzhou" successful launch and retrieval on 20/21 Nov 1999. <narr>Narrative: Information/congratulations on the launch and/or retrieval of China's successful spaceflight of the Shenzhou on 20 Nov 1999 are relevant. China's space program in general is not relevant. <documents> NYT19990712.0227 XIE19991121.0032 XIE19991121.0033 XIE19991121.0037 XIE19991121.0039 XIE19991121.0041 XIE19991121.0042 XIE19991121.0058 XIE19991121.0060 XIE19991121.0063 NYT19991121.0089 XIE19991121.0132 XIE19991121.0133 XIE19991121.0134 XIE19991121.0135 XIE19991121.0141 XIE19991121.0186 XIE19991121.0188 XIE19991121.0189 XIE19991122.0243 XIE19991124.0084 XIE19991124.0092 XIE19991124.0256 XIE19991125.0227 XIE19991127.0189 XIE19991129.0020 XIE19991204.0181 XIE19991207.0113 XIE19991209.0228 XIE19991220.0354 XIE20000103.0109 XIE20000106.0134 XIE20000108.0080 XIE20000408.0072 XIE20000420.0158 XIE20000424.0225 XIE20000518.0133 XIE20000611.0068 XIE20000804.0061 XIE20000812.0138 XIE20000821.0138 </top> <top> <num>Number: N96 <title> Drug Testing Workplace <toptype> Opinion <desc>Description: Identify opinions on the use of drug testing in the work place or as a condition of participating in other activities. <narr>Narrative: Opinions on drug testing in the workplace are relevant. Drug testing for activities such as welfare recipients, school activities, and politicians is also relevant. <documents> XIE19970213.0010 XIE19970303.0006 XIE19971205.0074 XIE19980215.0031 XIE19980423.0181 XIE19980524.0098 NYT19980604.0253 XIE19980624.0313 XIE19980705.0175 APW19980720.0267 APW19980911.0187 APW19981110.0048 XIE19981126.0307 XIE19981127.0037 NYT19981231.0353 NYT19990204.0484 XIE19990212.0169 NYT19990218.0391 APW19990322.0029 NYT19990326.0219 NYT19990419.0288 APW19990429.0088 APW19990513.0220 APW19990514.0152 NYT19990518.0203 NYT19990529.0120 XIE19990709.0296 NYT19990723.0065 APW19990819.0147 APW19990908.0300 APW19990930.0373 APW19991004.0002 APW19991004.0023 NYT19991007.0071 NYT19991104.0443 NYT19991104.0447 NYT19991110.0401 XIE20000110.0172 APW20000131.0093 APW20000131.0192 NYT20000308.0192 NYT20000308.0443 APW20000320.0054 APW20000510.0166 APW20000629.0035 NYT20000711.0374 NYT20000801.0418 </top> <top> <num>Number: N97 <title> Nuclear Storage Yucca Flats <toptype> Opinion <desc>Description: Find opinions regarding storage of nuclear waste at Yucca Flats, Nevada. <narr>Narrative: Any opinion regarding storage is relevant. Opinions on the shipment of hazardous material to Yucca Flats is relevant. Only storage at Yucca Flats is relevant, not other temporary storages in Nevada. <documents> NYT19980722.0169 NYT19981218.0395 APW19990106.0139 APW19990106.0201 APW19990224.0115 NYT19990224.0502 NYT19990224.0525 NYT19990325.0303 NYT19990515.0185 APW19990518.0091 APW19990601.0173 APW19990602.0181 APW19990615.0006 APW19990616.0076 APW19990616.0165 NYT19990806.0372 NYT19990809.0227 NYT19990809.0273 NYT19990809.0274 NYT19990809.0387 NYT19990809.0388 NYT19990809.0389 NYT19990820.0138 NYT19990930.0083 NYT19990930.0084 APW19991001.0176 APW19991001.0215 APW19991001.0216 NYT19991003.1146 NYT19991028.0014 APW20000128.0269 APW20000208.0225 NYT20000210.0354 APW20000306.0192 APW20000323.0061 XIE20000412.0221 NYT20000422.0096 APW20000424.0162 APW20000503.0060 NYT20000506.0004 APW20000507.0091 </top> <top> <num>Number: N98 <title> Ugandan Doomsday Cult <toptype> Event <desc>Description: Ugandan Doomsday Cult commit mass murders and suicides. <narr>Narrative: Reports with information on the March 17th mass suicide of Doomsday cultist in Uganda are relevant. Subsequent reports on determining this may be murder are relevant. Articles on reaction by Ugandan government to this incident are relevant. General references to other doomsday cults around the world are not relevant. <documents> XIE19960322.0238 XIE19980109.0287 APW19981005.0247 XIE19991210.0025 XIE20000318.0033 XIE20000319.0196 XIE20000320.0040 XIE20000320.0324 XIE20000323.0192 XIE20000324.0016 XIE20000324.0018 APW20000325.0048 XIE20000325.0055 XIE20000328.0207 XIE20000329.0009 XIE20000329.0150 XIE20000330.0006 XIE20000330.0216 XIE20000331.0011 XIE20000401.0128 XIE20000401.0130 XIE20000402.0026 APW20000402.0074 APW20000403.0029 XIE20000405.0037 XIE20000414.0116 XIE20000424.0155 XIE20000426.0210 XIE20000427.0217 XIE20000506.0020 </top> <top> <num>Number: N99 <title> Driving Cell Phone Usage <toptype> Opinion <desc>Description: Using a cell phone while driving can be dangerous or a help. <narr>Narrative: Information supporting the dangers of driving while using a cell phone is relevant. The value of having a cell phone in the car for safety or help is relevant. Bans on cell phone usage in cars is relevant. <documents> XIE19990305.0234 NYT19990702.0224 NYT19990728.0230 NYT19990830.0166 APW19990902.0237 NYT19990903.0146 NYT19990908.0104 APW19991030.0149 NYT19991206.0148 NYT19991211.0004 NYT20000108.0009 APW20000210.0092 NYT20000328.0130 APW20000402.0069 NYT20000418.0086 NYT20000418.0087 NYT20000418.0088 NYT20000527.0086 NYT20000608.0112 APW20000619.0086 APW20000620.0160 APW20000623.0004 APW20000630.0094 NYT20000630.0427 NYT20000704.0037 APW20000712.0050 NYT20000718.0429 NYT20000724.0091 </top> <top> <num>Number: N100 <title> European Super League <toptype> Opinion <desc>Description: Is the proposed European Super League good or bad for European socceer (football)? <narr>Narrative: Opinions from European soccer (football) league associations, from players/local teams, and from the public are relevant when they are about the proposed European super league for soccer as to the good/bad or for/against this new league. <documents> APW19980723.0743 APW19980802.0428 APW19980805.0545 APW19980805.0713 XIE19980806.0299 APW19980807.0445 XIE19980809.0080 XIE19980809.0150 APW19980809.0606 APW19980821.0582 APW19980821.0876 APW19980824.0809 APW19980825.0889 APW19980825.1034 APW19980827.0588 APW19980901.0519 APW19980901.0836 APW19980902.0446 APW19980902.0783 XIE19980909.0095 APW19980910.0802 APW19980920.0394 XIE19980926.0182 XIE19981003.0175 APW19981117.0669 </top>