TREC 2003 Genomics Track

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TREC 2003

The document set for the TREC 2003 Genomics Track is no longer available. These topics and relevance judgments are listed here for archival purposes only. Since the 2003 track used 'found' judgments rather than judgments created for the track (see the track overview paper for details), TREC strongly recommends the use of the test collections created during the TREC 2004 and TREC 2005 Genomics track instead of the 2003 collection.

Prior to the actual TREC task a small training set was released
Primary Task - Training Relevance Judgments (qrels)
Primary Task - Training Topics
TREC 2003 Primary Task Test Questions
Primary Task - Test Topics
TREC 2003 Primary Task qrels
Primary Task - Test Relevance Judgments (qrels)
Secondary Task Topics
Secondary Task - Data

For information about receiving Genomics data, please see:

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