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The order of documents in a qrels file is not indicative of relevance or degree of relevance. Only a binary indication of relevant (1) or non-relevant (0) is given. Documents not occurring in the qrels file were not judged by the human assessor and are assumed to be irrelevant in the evaluations used in TREC. The human assessors are told to judge a document relevant if any piece of the document is relevant (regardless of how small the piece is in relation to the rest of the document).

The format of a qrels file is as follows:


where TOPIC is the topic number,
ITERATION is the feedback iteration (almost always zero and not used),
DOCUMENT# is the official document number that corresponds to the "docno" field in the documents, and
RELEVANCY is a binary code of 0 for not relevant and 1 for relevant.

Sample Qrels File:

1 0 AP880212-0161 0
1 0 AP880216-0139 1
1 0 AP880216-0169 0
1 0 AP880217-0026 0
1 0 AP880217-0030 0

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