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TREC-9 (2000) QA Data

The document collection used in the TREC-9 QA task was the set of newspaper/newswire documents on the TIPSTER and TREC disks. In particular, this includes

  • AP newswire (Disks 1-3)
  • Wall Street Journal (Disks 1-2)
  • San Jose Mercury News (Disk 3)
  • Financial Times (Disk 4)
  • Los Angeles Times (Disk 5)
  • Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) (Disk 5)

    The question were taken from a log of questions submitted to the Encarta system made available by Microsoft plus questions derived from an Excite query log. Eleven questions were eliminated from the test when final scores were computed. These include questions 322, 333, 339, 443, 591, 598, 656, 663, 794, 796, and 811.

    TREC-9 test questions

    TREC-9 top docs ranked list (.gz)

    TREC-9 judgment set (.gz)

    TREC-9 pattern set

    TREC-9 pattern evaluation perl script

    TREC-9 question variants key

    The TREC-9 test set of questions contain questions that were created by the assessors to be semantically identical but syntactically different from a question already in the test set. This files lists the original question and the set of variants for that original.

    TREC-9 original answers

    This file lists the answers the assessors found during question development when they sought answers in the document collection.

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