TREC 2007 Legal Track

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TREC 2007
input.refL06B.gz: Reference Boolean run for 2006 topics
refL07B.gz: Reference Boolean run for 2007 topics 2007 topics file
Main task qrels
Main task qrels with probabilities (see glossary)
Evaluation of Reference Run
2007 evaluation script (.zip file)
Min, max, median scores for all eval measures (.zip file)

qrelsL7.rf: Relevance Feedback task qrels
qrelsL7.rf_probs: Relevance Feedback task qrels with probabilities (see glossary)
refL06B-resid.eval: Evaluation of reference run
randomRF07-resid.eval: Evaluation of random reference run

qrelsL07.interactive: Interactive challenge task qrels
refL06B.ieval: reference run evaluation
randomRF07.ieval: random reference run evaluation

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