Number: 951 Mutual Funds Description: Blogs about mutual funds performance and trends. Narrative: Ratings from other known sources (Morningstar) or relative to key performance indicators (KPI) such as inflation, currency markets and domestic and international vertical market outlooks. News about mutual funds, mutual fund managers and investment companies. Specific recommendations should have supporting evidence or facts linked from known news or corporate sources. (Not investment spam or pure, uninformed conjecture.) Number: 952 movie review Description: Blogs dealing with actors, movie previews, individual's movie critics and recommendations. Narrative: Relevant blogs will introduce story details of a movie and individual's favorite stars and genres. Blogs with biography of actors are also the focus of interest. Not relevant are blog or shops which offers online downloads. Number: 953 Biofuels may damage forests Description: How the production of biofuels may damage the world's forests. Narrative: Relevant blogs will discuss the possibility that forests, particularly tropical forests, may be destroyed to make way for biofuel crops. Examples of forest destruction are relevant. Discussion of technology involved in the production of biofuels are not relevant, unless they also include comment on the effect on forests. Number: 954 Mac Description: Blogs describing new products, features, or application software of Apple's Macintosh computers. Narrative: Relevant blogs post regularly about new products, features, or application software of Apple Mac computers. Not those about MAC (media access control) address or a cosmetic brand. Number: 955 mobile phone Description: Blogs describe individual's experiences and impressions using mobile phones and testing new features. Narrative: Relevant blogs contains an overview of features relating to a mobile (cell) phone. In doing so, the blogs compares different mobile phones and disclose announcements of mobile network provider or manufacturers. Not relevant are blogs with intention to sell online or offer ring tone downloads and mobile phones. Number: 956 Firearm Control Description: Blogs related to the firearm control debate. Narrative: Contains blogs about the gun control debate (i.e., to what extent should governments regulate the transaction of firearms?). Contains blogs pro and/or against gun control. Blogs must discuss gun control as the central topic, including, but not limited to, anecdotal reference, reasons for/against gun control, reference to statistics and news stories related to guns, and opinions people or organizations central to the gun control debate. Feeds about firearm collecting and sports hunting, of which guns and gun control is an important, but not central aspect, are irrelevant. Feeds about liberal vs. conservative political affiliations, on which gun control is also one aspect, are also irrelevant. Feeds that contain only a few blogs about gun control are irrelevant. This topic could represent a political figure that wants to understand both sides of the gun control debate. Number: 957 Russia Description: Blogs with information on or news about Russia. Narrative: Relevant blogs contain posts about the country Russia, Russian politics, companies and everyday life in Russia. Blogs that consist of news posts, some of them about Russia, are not considered relevant. The same goes for blogs mentioning some famous Russians as part of a overall topic (e.g. Russian tennis players as part of a sports blog). Number: 958 global warming Description: Blogs providing information about some causes of global warming and the climate change. Narrative: Relevant blogs will post regularly about study and news about global warming and the climate change. Relevant blogs can introduce other resources about global warming such as films or events. Besides, blogs about the green house effect, the emissions of carbon dioxide or the Kyoto protocol are also relevant. Blogs which only have a few posts about global warming are not relevant. Number: 959 Bipolar disorder Description: Descriptions of the symptoms and treatment of bipolar disorder are relevant. Narrative: Blogs are relevant if they describe the symptoms of bipolar disorder. They are relevant if they discuss possible treatments and their effectiveness. Blogs on mental health in general are not relevant Number: 960 garden Description: Blogs describing garden or gardening. Narrative: Relevant blogs post regularly about garden or gardening as a hobby. Those merely promoting the sale of gardening tools or products are not relevant. Number: 961 Disney World Description: Blogs describing events, rides, facilities of Disney World. Narrative: Relevant blogs post regularly about events, rides, facilities of Walt Disney World Resort in Orland, Florida. They may have articles about other Disneyland parks in L.A., Tokyo, France, and Hong Kong, but must have those about Disney World in Orlando. Number: 962 baseball Description: Blogs with recurring interests in Major League Baseball, or lesser leagues, for example, giving news or analysis of games or player moves. Narrative: Relevant blogs will have news or analysis from the major league baseball and other leagues. Blogs listing only product reviews, or with other nonsensical information are not relevant. Number: 963 Nintendo DS Description: Blogs that provide information about developments on the Nintendo DS gaming system. Narrative: News about Nintendo and their portable gaming systems, specifically the Nintendo DS. New game releases for the DS, both in the US and internationally. Press releases and announcements from game companies and for gaming conferences. News about innovative uses of the DS (homebrew) and user-created content and games. Deals and sales on Nintendo DS systems and games, but *less* interest in "buy now" types of links or obviously repurposed affiliate links to game shopping sites. Number: 964 Violence in Sudan Description: Blogs about the unrest and violence in Sudan. Narrative: Relevant blogs discuss events and/or debate opinions about the violent situation in Sudan, Africa. Relevant blogs may originate from advocacy groups from the international community, from volunteer workers stationed in Sudan, or from anyone discussing news related to the unrest in Sudan. Blogs that discuss violence and unrest in other areas of the world, including countries in Africa other than Sudan are not relevant. Number: 965 Peak Oil Description: News, analysis and discussion about oil and energy production issues. Narrative: Links and analysis of economic indicators from the energy industry, exploratory geology research and other sources that provide boundary information on oil extraction, refinement and distribution in the world. More specifically, future impacts for the United States, OPEC initiatives and policies, North Sea and offshore drilling, Pacific rim development, Chinese oil consumption growth and South American (Venezuela) stability and reliability. Speculation and catastrophic prediction blogs are to be avoided. Number: 966 Vacation Travel Description: Blogs discuss travel deals, travel recommendations, travel logs for someone planning a vacation. Narrative: Blogs discuss travel in a broad sense, including travel planning, budget planning, promotions, scheduling, recommendations, travel logs, etc. Relevant feeds would be useful to someone who is planning a vacation. Number: 967 home baking Description: Blogs introducing recipes or tools for baking cookies, cakes, pies and bread at home. Narrative: Relevant blogs will post regularly about introducing recipes or tools for home baking. Here, home baking means that amateur bakers rather than professional bakers bake cookies, cakes, pies and bread at home with their own tools. Blogs which only have a few posts about home baking are not relevant. Number: 968 christmas Description: Relevant blogs will post individuals' stories about Christmas. Narrative: Blogs describing individual's bad and good experiences preparing for christmas and spending the christmas holidays. People are willing to share their impressions decorating christmas tree, exchanging gifts, spending time with family etc. But also historical and traditional persons such as Santa Claus, yule, etc. are parts of these blogs. Blogs about shopping or gift ideas are not relevant. Number: 969 planet Description: Blogs describing planets or celestial bodies. Narrative: Relevant blogs post regularly about planets or celestial bodies. Number: 970 Hurricane Katrina Description: Blogs reporting on the results of Hurricane Katrina and relief efforts. Narrative: Descriptions and photos of the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina are relevant. Reports on responses to the storm by government agencies and other organizations are also relevant. Discussions about other hurricanes are not relevant. Number: 971 Wine Description: Blogs about tasting and enjoying wine. Narrative: Relevant feeds will treat issues related to wine enjoyment such as tastings, reviews, food matching or pairing, and oenophile news and events. Discussions of appellations and more general wine regions are also appropriate if expressed in the context of wine production or winemaking. Number: 972 google maps earth Description: Blogs with an interest in the Google products Google earth and Google Maps. Narrative: Blogs will give discussion about new features or ways to integrate Google Earth in interesting ways. Blogs which only describe the release of new Google Earth version are not relevant. Number: 973 Autism Description: Blogs about autism: typical behavior and possible causes of this disorder. Narrative: Relevant blogs will describe typical behavior of those suffering from this disorder. Theories on possible causes are also relevant, as are reports on its increasing prevalence, and current ideas on treatment Number: 974 tennis Description: Blogs with information on tennis, tournaments and players. Narrative: Relevant blogs contain mainly posts about tennis; these could either be posts about (a) certain player(s), or in more general about tennis tournaments and results. We do not want blogs about table tennis, nor general sports blogs. Number: 975 food Description: Blogs describing experiences eating cuisines, culinary delights, recipes, nutrition plans. Narrative: Relevant blogs will contain recipes, culinary delights, habits of eating or government food policies. Also individual's taste for foods are discussed in the blogs. Not relevant are any recommendations to food shops for human or animals. Number: 976 NYC restaurants Description: Blogs describing experiences about restaurants in New York City. Narrative: Relevant blogs will post regularly about experiences in restaurants in New York City, NY, USA. Relevant blogs might contain ratings, news and information about price and location of the restaurants. Restaurants include real restaurants, stalls selling food, bars and pubs. Blogs which only have a few posts about restaurants are not relevant. Number: 977 Digital TV Description: Blogs which give information about digital TV products and related services. Narrative: Blogs are relevant that give information on digital TV, current technology and descriptions of available products. Users' reports on the quality of these products are relevant. Government policy on the change from analogue to digital TV is also relevant. Number: 978 music Description: Blogs describing songs, biographies of musicians, musical styles and their influences of music on people are discussed. Narrative: Relevant are blogs describing biography and style of the musicians. Also definitions of musician and music styles are important. Not relevant are blogs with online downloads. Number: 979 lighting Description: Blogs describing any light fixtures. Narrative: Relevant blogs post regularly about light fixtures and/or writer's opinion on it. Number: 980 stock trading Description: Blogs providing information and techniques for stock trading. Narrative: Relevant blogs will post regularly about stock market trends, information about individual stocks, techniques for stock trading. Relevant blogs might contain posts describing experiences in a stock market such as trading diaries with charts. Blogs which contain only news are not relevant. Blogs which only have a few posts about stock trading are not relevant. Number: 981 indie rock Description: Blogs introducing independent underground rock bands, their albums and events. Narrative: Relevant blogs will post regularly about independent underground rock bands, their albums and events. Relevant blogs contain reviews about the indie rock bands, albums or performances. Relevant blogs might introduce the history and the culture of indie rock. Blogs which contain information only about popular major rock bands are not relevant. Blogs which only have a few posts about indie rock are not relevant. Number: 982 machine learning Description: Blogs with an interest in the machine learning research area and it's applications. Narrative: Blogs with an interest in the machine learning research area and its applications, including problems such as regression, supervised or unsupervised learning. Number: 983 photography Description: Blogs describing experience using camera and photography techniques to catch moments and memories. Additionally, tips and success criteria to make photos are discussed. Narrative: Individual's philosophy and experiences using photography techniques are main focus of relevant blogs. Irrelevant are blogs are photography stores and link farms. Number: 984 DSLR camera review Description: Blogs providing reviews and news about Digital SLR cameras, lens and the accessories. Narrative: Relevant blogs will post regularly reviews and news about Digital SLR cameras, lens and the accessories. Blogs which cover only film cameras or compact digital cameras are not relevant. Blogs which post only news without any review are not relevant, either. The accessories might include various stuffs such as flashes, tripods, filters, bags or software packages. Blogs which only have a few posts about Digital SLR cameras and lens are not relevant. Number: 985 solaris Description: Blogs describing experiences administrating the Solaris operating system, or it's new features or developments. Narrative: Relevant blogs will post regularly about administrating or using the Solaris operating system from Sun, it's latest features or developments. Blogs with posts about Solaris the movie are not relevant, not are blogs which only have a few posts Solaris. Number: 986 Apple iPod Description: Blogs describing all aspects of all models of the Apple iPod Narrative: Blogs related to the Apple iPod, including all the models of the iPod (e.g., the Nano, the Shuffle). Discusses features, defects, workarounds, and accessories for any model of the iPod. Such feeds would be relevant to someone who just purchased an iPod. Does not include blogs that discuss the iPod peripherally, such as blogs about Apple's performance as a company or blogs about all of Apple's products (e.g., iBook, iMac, iPhone, etc.). Relevant blogs must be centered on the iPod only. Number: 987 scottish independence Description: Blogs describing progress (or lack) towards Scottish independence, or the rise of the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP). Narrative: Relevant blogs will have a central theme around the independence aspects of Scottish politics, the Scottish Nationalist Party, and the particulars of the devolved Scottish parliament with a view to an independent Scotland. Feeds of Scottish newspapers are not relevant. Number: 988 Robot companions Description: Blogs are relevant which describe robot companions that assist humans in every day tasks. Narrative: Relevant blogs describe robots that can help individuals with everyday tasks in or out of the home, such as acting as shopping assistants, or acting as companions. They must be about robot interaction with ordinary people. Blogs are not relevant if they describe robot activity without the purpose of assisting individual humans. They are not relevant if they describe the use of robots for military, policing, or manufacturing purposes. Number: 989 Space Exploration Description: Blogs discuss events/opinions related to actual or hypothetical space exploration. Narrative: Relevant blogs discuss events/opinions related to human exploration of space. Relevant blogs discuss events related to ongoing or future space missions, news related to space agencies worldwide (e.g., NASA, ESA, etc.), the politics of space exploration, or even the philosophical aspects of space exploration. Feeds centered on professional or amateur astronomy or astrophysics are not relevant. Number: 990 lost tv Description: Blogs that discuss the tv show, "Lost". Narrative: The relevant blogs discuss the TV show "Lost" regularly. Blogs that don't discuss this TV show often are regarded as not relevant. Also, lost TV's are not regarded as relevant. Number: 991 U.S. Election 2008 Description: Blogs about the United States 2008 presidential election. Narrative: Relevant blogs discuss news and opinions about the actual and/or potential candidates for the US 2008 presidential election, discussion on candidates' political strategy, and controversy. Relevant feeds may discuss a single presidential candidate, several candidates that share a political affiliation, or the 2008 election in general. A relevant feed may even be maintained or endorsed by an actual presidential candidate (i.e., is undeniably biased), as long as the main focus is that person's (potential) participation in the 2008 election. Blogs that more generally debate for/against a specific political viewpoint (e.g., conservative vs. liberal) or political party affiliation (e.g., Republican vs. Democrat), but do not focus on the 2008 presidential election, are irrelevant. Number: 992 Copyright law Description: Blogs that discuss effects and changes of copyright law. Narrative: News and opinions focused on copyright law, including effects on private and public practice. Blogs that track copyright legislation up before a governing body (legislator, court, treaty-making organization) and provide news or opinion about those changes. Avoid too much emphasis on other types of related law (patent, trademark, trade secrets). Number: 993 buffy the vampire slayer Description: Blogs that discuss the television program "Buffy The Vampire Slayer". Narrative: The relevant blogs discuss the TV show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", or the comic books based on this show regularly. Blogs that don't discuss this TV show often are regarded as not relevant. Also, blogs about the band Slayer, or about Vampires in general are not regarded as being relevant. Number: 994 formula f1 Description: Blogs with interest in the formula one (f1) motor racing, perhaps with driver news, team news, or event news. Narrative: Relevant blogs will contain news and analysis from the Formula f1 motor racing circuit. Blogs with documents not in English are not relevant. Number: 995 ruby on rails Description: Blogs that discuss the Ruby On Rails framework. Narrative: The relevant blogs discuss the Ruby On Rails framework.