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Ad hoc Test Collections

Web Test Collections

AToMiC Track

Blog Track

Chemical IR Track

Clinical Decision Support Track

Clinical Trials Track

Common Core Track

Confusion Track

Contextual Suggestion Track

Conversational Assistance Track

CrisisFACTs Track

Crowdsourcing Track

Dynamic Domain Track

Decision Track

Deep Learning Track

Enterprise Track

Entity Track

Fair Ranking Track

Filtering Track

Federated Web Search Track

Genomics Track

HARD Track

Health Misinformation Track

Incident Streams Track

Interactive Knowledge Acquisition Track (iKAT)

Interactive Track

Knowledge Base Acceleration Track

Legal Track

Medical Track

Microblog Track

Million Query Track

News Track

NeuCLIR Track

Novelty Track

Precision Medicine Track

Podcast Track

Product Search Track

Query Track

Question Answering Track

Real-time Summarization Track

Relevance Feedback Track

Robust Track

Session Track

SPAM Track

Spoken Document Retrieval Track

Tasks Track

Temporal Summarization Track

Terabyte Track

Tip-of-the-Tongue Track

Total Recall Track

Web Track

The TREC Conference series is co-sponsored by the NIST Information Technology Laboratory's (ITL)
Retrieval Group of the
Information Access Division (IAD)
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