Number: N1 partial birth abortion ban <toptype>opinion <desc>Description: Find opinions about the proposed ban on partial birth abortions. <narr>Narrative: Relevant information includes opinions on partial birth abortion and whether or not it should be legal. Opinions that also cover abortion in general are relevant. Opinions on the implications of proposed bans on partial birth abortions and the positions of the courts are also relevant. <relevant> NYT19980629.0465 NYT19980719.0064 NYT19980722.0197 NYT19981206.0217 APW19990924.0019 APW19990924.0219 NYT19990925.0015 NYT19991019.0443 APW20000114.0177 APW20000114.0227 APW20000114.0238 APW20000114.0263 APW20000115.0009 APW20000405.0059 APW20000405.0092 APW20000406.0056 NYT20000421.0179 APW20000425.0031 APW20000425.0103 NYT20000526.0375 APW20000628.0098 APW20000628.0229 APW20000629.0004 APW20000629.0092 NYT20000629.0416 </top> <top> <num>Number: N2 <title>clone Dolly sheep <toptype>event <desc>Description: Cloning of the sheep Dolly <narr>Narrative: To be relevant information there must be specific reference to 'Dolly' or 'the first cloned sheep' or 'large animal.' References to Dolly's children are relevant if Dolly's name is included. Mention of the company that cloned Dolly is not relevant if nothing more is said about Dolly. References to the consequences of her being a clone are relevant. Mention of Polly and Molly are not relevant. <relevant> XIE19970224.0007 XIE19970226.0068 XIE19970227.0090 XIE19970228.0169 XIE19970228.0175 XIE19970302.0039 XIE19970420.0094 XIE19970512.0069 XIE19971220.0253 XIE19971224.0128 XIE19980423.0066 XIE19980701.0201 APW19981208.0663 NYT19981216.0443 APW19990108.0130 XIE19990329.0206 XIE19990402.0018 XIE19990430.0330 NYT19990504.0425 APW19990526.0074 APW19990526.0326 NYT19990526.0375 NYT19990528.0025 XIE19990901.0021 APW19990905.0083 </top> <top> <num>Number: N3 <title>Gingrich Speaker of House <toptype>event <desc>Description: After a serious challenge by Rep. Livingston in 1998, Newt Gingrich announced he would not seek re-election as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. <narr>Narrative: Relevant is the political maneuvering that led up to Newt Gingrich's announcement in 1998 that he would not run again for the position of speaker of the house; recaps of his career and brief bios of leading candidates to replace him; articles about reasons for Gingrich's demise, including his reprimand and fine by the House ethics committee in 1998, but not a long discussion of that event. Relevant are comparisons between Gingrich and former speaker Jim Wright and Tip O'Neill; discussion of what Gingrich planned to do in the future; his pension, etc. Discussion of his changed lifestyle after losing power is not relevant. Mention of when election will be held in Georgia to fill his seat in the House, and who will pay for it are not relevant. Mention of Robert Livingston's withdrawal one month after being elected speaker <relevant> NYT19981105.0439 NYT19981105.0509 NYT19981106.0009 NYT19981106.0219 NYT19981106.0364 NYT19981106.0503 NYT19981106.0507 NYT19981106.0583 XIE19981107.0157 XIE19981107.0175 XIE19981107.0204 XIE19981107.0234 NYT19981107.0252 APW19981107.0615 XIE19981108.0029 NYT19981109.0080 NYT19981110.0001 NYT19981112.0338 XIE19981114.0008 NYT19981114.0148 NYT19981118.0387 NYT19981219.0184 APW19990106.0282 XIE19990106.0324 NYT20000829.0297 </top> <top> <num>Number: N4 <title>Egyptian Air disaster 990 <toptype>event <desc>Description: Egyptian Air Flight 990 disaster in October of 1999. <narr>Narrative: Details, technical and otherwise regarding the incident (e.g. number of passengers aboard, number killed, date, time, location, nationalities of victims, crew members, radio contact, radar sightings, rescue efforts and findings) are relevant. Reaction of family members and loved ones regarding the victims are relevant. Investigatory details concerning technical reasons for the crash are relevant. Analysis of recovered items associated with the incident, and the ensuing comments, opinions, findings and reports are relevant. Actions, opinions, and statements from FAA and NTSB, as well as Egyptian CAA personnel regarding the incident including warnings received prior to, and theories concerning the tragedy are relevant. Statements from Machinist Union personnel attesting to the fitness of the plane assembled by their mechanics are relevant. <relevant> APW19991031.0078 NYT19991031.0140 APW19991031.0148 NYT19991031.0156 NYT19991031.0159 XIE19991101.0013 XIE19991101.0014 NYT19991101.0060 NYT19991101.0062 NYT19991101.0423 XIE19991105.0156 NYT19991110.0342 NYT19991110.0362 NYT19991110.0440 NYT19991117.0242 NYT19991119.0299 NYT19991119.0303 XIE19991125.0166 APW20000130.0118 APW20000131.0217 NYT20000411.0371 APW20000419.0055 XIE20000812.0030 XIE20000815.0130 APW20000825.0122 </top> <top> <num>Number: N5 <title>World Cup soccer <toptype>event <desc>Description: The World Cup Soccer event of 1998. <narr>Narrative: Any mention of participating nations, preparation for, attendance of, behavior/misbehavior of soccer game fans, planning and preparation for the game, locations, final results and closing ceremonies of the 1998 World Cup Soccer activities were relevant. Mention of any other soccer game was not relevant. Discussion of 'robotic' W.C. Soccer using robotics and artificial languages were irrelevant. <relevant> XIE19960425.0120 XIE19960426.0024 APW19980603.0397 APW19980603.1405 APW19980608.1588 APW19980617.1319 APW19980618.1385 APW19980619.1309 APW19980622.1326 APW19980623.1403 APW19980624.1413 APW19980625.1428 APW19980626.0544 APW19980627.0294 APW19980627.0861 APW19980628.0293 APW19980628.0882 APW19980630.1342 APW19980702.1297 APW19980703.0473 APW19980703.1187 APW19980705.0785 APW19980709.1260 APW19980710.0475 APW19980712.0892 </top> <top> <num>Number: N6 <title>unabomber, Kaczynski, mail <toptype>event <desc>Description: Find details about the 'Unabomber,' Theodore (Ted) Kaczynski. <narr>Narrative: Mention of the hunt for, arrest, detention, trial and sentence of the Unabomber is relevant. Search of the Unabomber's cabin and it's findings is relevant. Biographical information regarding the Unabomber including his early childhood, academic years and teaching positions is relevant. Involvement of relatives in his life, arrest and trial including their names, statements and actions is relevant. Information related to the victims of the Unabomber is relevant. Psychological reports concerning Kaczynski are relevant. Dispersement of the reward money for Kaczynski capture and the eligible recipients and charities involved is relevant. Unabomber's book and information concerning his dealings with his lawyers and judges including his appeal process and guilty plea is relevant. <relevant> XIE19960404.0208 XIE19960405.0192 XIE19960921.0045 XIE19961120.0255 XIE19961211.0315 XIE19970516.0041 XIE19970516.0305 XIE19970730.0060 XIE19970816.0034 XIE19970903.0033 XIE19970905.0283 XIE19971007.0176 XIE19971113.0007 XIE19971229.0043 XIE19980106.0008 XIE19980106.0285 NYT19980625.0067 NYT19980820.0490 XIE19980821.0372 NYT19980914.0257 APW19990112.0297 APW19990301.0153 APW19990421.0081 APW19990616.0002 NYT19991014.0132 </top> <top> <num>Number: N7 <title>Atlanta Olympics bombing <toptype>event <desc>Description: Find details about the bombing at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta <narr>Narrative: Descriptions of the event, including eyewitness accounts, are relevant. Police and FBI responses, IOC reaction, death and injury data, increased security restrictions, and preliminary investigation results and speculation by authorities are relevant. Condemnations and condolences expressed by leaders and government spokesmen, both U.S. and foreign, are relevant. Identification of suspects and actions taken with respect to them are relevant, including charges filed against the alleged perpetrator. Information about other bombings and/or secondary explosions is not relevant. <relevant> XIE19960727.0067 XIE19960727.0070 XIE19960727.0097 XIE19960727.0118 XIE19960727.0131 XIE19960727.0135 XIE19960727.0138 XIE19960727.0168 XIE19960728.0004 XIE19960728.0032 XIE19960728.0033 XIE19960728.0135 XIE19960728.0141 XIE19960728.0146 XIE19960728.0246 XIE19960729.0303 XIE19960729.0308 XIE19960820.0094 XIE19961210.0080 XIE19961211.0283 XIE19961213.0228 XIE19970726.0205 APW19981014.1255 XIE19981015.0362 APW19990127.0311 </top> <top> <num>Number: N8 <title>Berenson imprisoned treason Peru <toptype>event <desc>Description: Lori Berenson's imprisonment for treason in Peru. <narr>Narrative: Mention of Berenson's trial and imprisonment were relevant. Efforts of her parents and others to achieve a new trial and/or her release were relevant. Mention of a specific prison where Berenson was confined were not relevant. Mention of others whom she was accused of carrying out the terrorist activities with are not relevant. <relevant> XIE19960201.0237 XIE19960521.0277 NYT19980622.0533 APW19980622.1290 APW19980730.1122 NYT19980904.0166 APW19981022.1209 APW19981024.0838 APW19981105.1291 APW19981117.1062 NYT19990310.0338 APW19990311.0112 APW19990721.0108 APW20000113.0332 APW20000114.0153 APW20000126.0341 APW20000204.0287 APW20000503.0264 NYT20000828.0436 APW20000829.0154 APW20000831.0066 APW20000831.0157 NYT20000906.0031 APW20000907.0008 APW20000908.0075 </top> <top> <num>Number: N9 <title>Columbine high school shooting <toptype>event <desc>Description: The shooting deaths of students at Columbine High School. <narr>Narrative: Details about police and medical action in response to the tragedy were relevant. Mention of the initial effect of the tragedy on the students and community were relevant. Actions taken to protect against future shootings were relevant. Mention of 'copy cat' incidents that were directly associated with the Columbine shooting were relevant. Mentions of prayer services and memorials for the victims were relevant. Mention of a general or a lasting impact the shooting had on students, teachers and parents were relevant. <relevant> APW19990421.0176 NYT19990423.0142 XIE19990424.0045 NYT19990425.0210 APW19990427.0080 XIE19990504.0020 APW19990508.0083 APW19990518.0167 APW19990519.0074 APW19990520.0109 APW19990520.0347 APW19990604.0003 APW19990619.0097 APW19990706.0098 APW19990804.0042 APW19990804.0302 NYT19990809.0372 APW19990816.0098 APW19990827.0111 XIE20000214.0299 XIE20000229.0340 XIE20000301.0033 XIE20000415.0012 NYT20000419.0160 APW20000506.0027 </top> <top> <num>Number: N10 <title>Euro launched <toptype>event <desc>Description: The single European currency, the Euro was launched on January 1, 1999. Eleven nations joined the new economic union. <narr>Narrative: Mention of doubts about the launch date and objections to the launch were relevant. Mention of what individual countries were doing to prepare were relevant. Mention of success or failure immediately after launch were relevant. Success or failure mentioned more than one month after launch was not relevant. Mention of polls showing how people in affected countries felt about giving up their currency, as well as legal challenges to the euro were relevant. <relevant> XIE19960129.0071 XIE19970217.0023 XIE19970925.0300 XIE19971011.0009 XIE19980113.0049 XIE19980117.0030 XIE19980213.0041 XIE19980402.0139 XIE19980403.0026 XIE19980503.0142 XIE19980808.0014 XIE19981024.0026 XIE19981120.0017 XIE19981121.0138 XIE19981216.0287 XIE19981217.0362 XIE19981223.0292 XIE19981224.0050 XIE19981228.0138 XIE19990105.0022 XIE19990105.0233 XIE19990105.0239 XIE19990108.0277 XIE19990113.0084 XIE19990203.0026 </top> <top> <num>Number: N11 <title>Hurricane Mitch Central America <toptype>event <desc>Description: The powerful hurricane 'Mitch' hit Central America in October 1998. <narr>Narrative: Reports from various countries mentioning Hurricane Mitch's location and strength as it progressed through the Caribbean to Central America were relevant. Descriptions of preparations made against the threat of Mitch in those countries, and reports of destruction and death were relevant. Reports on the aftermath, such as homelessness, hunger and looting were relevant. Mention of what other nations of the world did to help were relevant. Instructions on where to send aid were not relevant. <relevant> APW19981025.0718 APW19981025.1046 APW19981027.0959 APW19981028.1120 APW19981028.1360 APW19981031.0069 APW19981031.0720 APW19981102.0388 APW19981102.1271 APW19981103.0526 APW19981103.0832 APW19981103.1157 APW19981103.1203 APW19981103.1332 APW19981103.1531 APW19981104.0002 APW19981105.0143 APW19981106.0876 APW19981108.0824 APW19981109.0157 APW19981112.0309 APW19981113.0291 XIE19981120.0182 APW19981201.0813 APW19981223.0414 </top> <top> <num>Number: N12 <title>universal healthcare <toptype>opinion <desc>Description: What are opinions on the U.S. having universal health care? <narr>Narrative: Discussion of Clinton's failed universal healthcare plan is relevant, as are proposals to implement parts of that plans and other proposals to improve health care. Proposals by presidential candidates Gore, Bradley and Nader are relevant. Mention of universal coverage for children is relevant. Critiques of current health care are relevant, but not detailed discussion of single effects of it; not relevant is discussion of shortcomings of a single state's systems. Articles on costs only are not relevant. <relevant> NYT19980607.0098 NYT19980722.0224 NYT19980724.0089 NYT19981025.0203 NYT19990113.0316 NYT19990703.0081 NYT19990705.0077 NYT19990705.0079 NYT19990810.0048 NYT19990907.0276 NYT19991001.0123 NYT19991009.0084 NYT19991011.0103 NYT19991012.0067 NYT19991014.0449 NYT19991108.0342 NYT19991108.0392 APW20000118.0284 APW20000219.0156 APW20000320.0191 APW20000403.0014 NYT20000501.0266 NYT20000610.0101 NYT20000620.0279 APW20000724.0118 </top> <top> <num>Number: N13 <title>statistical sampling census <toptype>opinion <desc>Description: What are opinions on statistical sampling in taking the U.S. census? <narr>Narrative: Should the U.S. census bureau be allowed to use statistical sampling in taking the census? Opinions for or against using sampling, and opinions on the implications of sampling are relevant. <relevant> NYT19980610.0335 NYT19980611.0386 NYT19980623.0248 XIE19980624.0328 NYT19980807.0361 NYT19980817.0241 NYT19980824.0494 XIE19980825.0052 NYT19980929.0330 NYT19981124.0233 NYT19981129.0172 NYT19981130.0435 APW19990125.0016 NYT19990125.0169 NYT19990125.0236 NYT19990125.0292 NYT19990125.0306 NYT19990125.0361 NYT19990125.0491 NYT19990126.0548 APW19990224.0024 NYT19990224.0493 APW20000810.0194 APW20000822.0106 APW20000928.0180 </top> <top> <num>Number: N14 <title>Microsoft antitrust charges <toptype>opinion <desc>Description: What are opinions on Microsoft's guilt or innocence on charges of antitrust? <narr>Narrative: To be relevant, the topic needed to be about guilt, not just remedies or settlements. If both guilt and settlement were mentioned it was relevant. Opinions of the general public expressed through opinion polls and interviews, through editorial opinions, and through lawyers for the Department of Justice were relevant. Opinions from Microsoft legal experts as reported in the press, opinions from witnesses for both sides, and opinions expressed by the judge trying the case were relevant. <relevant> NYT19980614.0104 NYT19980617.0068 NYT19980624.0445 NYT19980624.0526 NYT19981017.0154 NYT19981018.0205 NYT19981022.0378 NYT19981109.0089 APW19981207.1762 APW19990105.0048 NYT19990107.0401 NYT19990108.0237 NYT19990113.0328 APW19990121.0339 NYT19990209.0486 NYT19990616.0521 NYT19990624.0263 NYT19990811.0039 NYT19991105.0372 NYT19991109.0431 NYT19991206.0251 NYT20000403.0464 NYT20000404.0079 NYT20000607.0448 NYT20000822.0157 </top> <top> <num>Number: N15 <title>global warming threat <toptype>opinion <desc>Description: What are opinions of global warming being a serious threat? <narr>Narrative: Opinions for and against the idea that global warming is a serious threat are relevant, as are reports of research into the matter and proposals for action to counter the problem. Environmental issues as presidential points of debate are not relevant. <relevant> XIE19960709.0072 XIE19961017.0313 XIE19970605.0022 XIE19970625.0298 XIE19970930.0027 XIE19971007.0256 XIE19980527.0211 XIE19980527.0212 XIE19980609.0156 APW19980610.0858 NYT19980716.0226 XIE19980811.0227 XIE19980907.0027 NYT19980918.0076 APW19981214.1158 APW19990125.0211 APW19990128.0026 XIE19990212.0297 NYT19990607.0382 NYT19990720.0148 NYT20000410.0089 XIE20000822.0181 APW20000830.0162 NYT20000907.0405 NYT20000909.0162 </top> <top> <num>Number: N16 <title>Kenya Tanzania Embassy bombings <toptype>event <desc>Description: U.S. Embassy bombings in Africa, 1998 <narr>Narrative: Particulars about injuries, deaths, and damage to buildings and their surroundings from the bombings in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam are relevant. Reactions to the events by leading personalities, governments, and the U.N. are relevant. Data on investigations into perpetrators and arrests of suspects are relevant. Provisions of medical and financial assistance to victims and host countries is relevant. Impact on tourism is relevant. <relevant> APW19980807.0261 NYT19980807.0316 APW19980808.0022 XIE19980808.0031 XIE19980808.0049 XIE19980808.0060 XIE19980808.0188 NYT19980809.0004 XIE19980809.0010 APW19980809.0700 APW19980810.0907 APW19980811.0474 XIE19980812.0062 APW19980813.1117 XIE19980814.0294 APW19980817.1193 APW19980818.0515 APW19980820.1428 XIE19980821.0077 APW19980826.0389 NYT19980907.0112 APW19980911.0475 APW19980930.0425 APW19991008.0151 APW19991008.0265 </top> <top> <num>Number: N17 <title>term limits politicians mandatory <toptype>opinion <desc>Description: What are opinions on term limits for U.S. politicians being mandatory? <narr>Narrative: Opinions, statements or actions in support of or against term limits for U.S. politicians are relevant. Statements by politicians and their stand on the issue including campaign promises and failure to follow through with promises, as well as actions taken by law commissions or legal departments regarding term limits are relevant. Actions taken by the U.S. and state Supreme Courts, Circuit Courts and references to Proposition 225, the U.S. constitution, and the Republican Contract with America regarding term limits are relevant. Actions taken, relative to term limits, by political groups such as Term Limits for Congress, Common Cause, as well as individual opinions and comments of voters, campaign workers, fund raisers and others are relevant. Mention of term limits for foreign governments is not relevant. <relevant> XIE19970704.0139 NYT19990121.0154 NYT19990227.0146 NYT19990301.0181 NYT19990302.0187 APW19990318.0213 NYT19990411.0134 NYT19990413.0021 NYT19990507.0266 NYT19990507.0271 NYT19990612.0061 NYT19990617.0257 NYT19990619.0151 NYT19990622.0018 APW19990708.0039 APW19990709.0296 APW19990902.0233 NYT19990916.0116 NYT20000213.0100 NYT20000213.0155 APW20000305.0061 APW20000417.0055 APW20000417.0083 NYT20000418.0010 APW20000921.0208 </top> <top> <num>Number: N18 <title>prayer, public school, religion <toptype>opinion <desc>Description: What are opinions on prayer time in public schools? <narr>Narrative: All legal, political, and legislative actions reflecting school prayer are relevant. Coalition lobbying, media advertising and ACLU actions concerning the issue are relevant. Actions taken by local and state governments as well as those actions taken by individuals or organizations regarding school prayer are relevant. Broader issues are also relative to the subject (e.g. books, computers, supplies being made available to private schools; use of public facilities--buses, buildings by private school children). First Amendment and Bill of Rights references or interpretations of the law as well as U.S. Circuit Courts and Supreme Court decisions are relevant. Application of the law to various school functions (e.g. prayer before athletic events, graduation, school flag ceremonies, etc.) and actions taken related to these events are relevant. <relevant> NYT19980602.0175 NYT19980602.0179 NYT19980627.0103 APW19990327.0049 APW19990327.0080 NYT19990509.0149 NYT19990722.0118 NYT19990915.0241 NYT19991019.0236 NYT19991108.0129 NYT19991109.0085 NYT19991115.0185 NYT19991117.0066 NYT20000329.0340 APW20000615.0033 APW20000619.0092 NYT20000619.0215 NYT20000619.0414 NYT20000621.0043 NYT20000621.0321 APW20000825.0201 NYT20000826.0062 NYT20000827.0046 NYT20000827.0047 NYT20000830.0361 </top> <top> <num>Number: N19 <title>Elian Gonzalez Cuba <toptype>opinion <desc>Description: What are opinions about returning Elian Gonzalez to Cuba? <narr>Narrative: Opinions of any individual (Clinton, Fidel Castro, Elian himself, or Elian's father) or group (the courts, INS, demonstrators in Miami or Havana) are relevant. Opinions should be relevant to the main issue only: Who should be in custody of Elian and where should he live? <relevant> NYT20000105.0325 NYT20000106.0007 APW20000106.0064 APW20000107.0088 APW20000107.0318 NYT20000113.0267 APW20000115.0031 APW20000115.0209 APW20000128.0316 APW20000210.0328 APW20000216.0193 APW20000216.0272 NYT20000224.0173 APW20000328.0257 NYT20000329.0359 NYT20000330.0406 APW20000401.0150 APW20000403.0057 NYT20000403.0463 APW20000405.0276 NYT20000406.0002 NYT20000414.0296 APW20000417.0031 NYT20000424.0319 NYT20000601.0442 </top> <top> <num>Number: N20 <title>welfare policy <toptype>opinion <desc>Description: What are opinions on the U.S. government's welfare policy? <narr>Narrative: Changes proposed for current policies are relevant, these suggest what policies should be. Criticism of existing policy is relevant, they suggest what policy should not be. Studies that report results of welfare policies are not relevant unless an opinion is also given. <relevant> NYT19980703.0291 NYT19981127.0292 NYT19990120.0180 NYT19990121.0192 NYT19990127.0134 NYT19990202.0408 NYT19990217.0137 APW19990219.0236 NYT19990313.0234 NYT19990405.0245 APW19990510.0214 APW19990517.0087 NYT19990518.0391 NYT19990730.0278 NYT19990805.0067 NYT19990816.0221 NYT19990817.0105 APW19990822.0096 APW19991026.0065 APW19991026.0114 APW19991026.0147 NYT19991027.0469 NYT20000124.0123 NYT20000612.0874 NYT20000703.0434 </top> <top> <num>Number: N21 <title>campaign finance reform <toptype>opinion <desc>Description: What are opinions on U.S. campaign finance reform? <narr>Narrative: What opinions have been expressed by political candidates and incumbents and their spokesman about their own or others' proposals for campaign finance reform? Comments pro and con about the McCain-Feingold and Shays-Meehan bills are relevant. Appeals court and Supreme Court rulings are relevant. Opinions expressed by business, public policy, religious, and lobbying organizations or their spokesman/ representatives are relevant, as are polling results and politicians' records. <relevant> XIE19961113.0236 NYT19981019.0491 NYT19990413.0225 NYT19990712.0179 NYT19990820.0381 NYT19990920.0176 APW19991026.0195 NYT19991214.0362 NYT19991221.0128 NYT19991230.0290 APW20000108.0193 NYT20000111.0236 NYT20000125.0429 NYT20000128.0288 APW20000208.0075 NYT20000215.0265 NYT20000316.0268 NYT20000327.0328 NYT20000327.0432 APW20000403.0113 APW20000408.0004 NYT20000415.0149 NYT20000721.0002 NYT20000810.0327 APW20000919.0298 </top> <top> <num>Number: N22 <title>marijuana legalize <toptype>opinion <desc>Description: What are opinions on the use of marijuana being legalized? <narr>Narrative: Mention of reports of arrests for the sale, possession, or use of marijuana are not relevant. Reports of outcome of votes in individual states to legalize, especially when used for medical purposes such as relieving pain, or painful symptoms. Opinions about the government providing marijuana to those who suffer from chronic pain are relevant. Opinions about those who grow marijuana for their own medical use or to supply it to others who use it to control pain are relevant. <relevant> APW19981004.0590 NYT19981009.0293 NYT19981104.0622 APW19990304.0144 APW19990317.0002 APW19990318.0078 NYT19990318.0431 NYT19990423.0212 APW19990713.0059 APW19990713.0207 NYT19990728.0233 APW19990813.0212 APW19990914.0168 NYT19990920.0218 NYT19991106.0111 NYT19991122.0243 NYT19991129.0345 APW20000119.0316 NYT20000313.0419 NYT20000419.0282 NYT20000717.0499 NYT20000830.0029 NYT20000830.0165 NYT20000908.0149 NYT20000919.0387 </top> <top> <num>Number: N23 <title>NAFTA <toptype>opinion <desc>Description: Find opinions for and against NAFTA. <narr>Narrative: Statements on positive and negative outcomes attributed to NAFTA are relevant, as are trade statistics in the years since its enactment. Additional Nations' aspirations to join are relevant. Legal challenges and trade disputes are relevant. NAFTA's perceived impact on political reform is relevant. Individual small business success stories are not relevant. <relevant> XIE19970508.0237 XIE19970508.0290 XIE19970627.0053 XIE19970701.0298 XIE19970712.0002 NYT19980713.0360 NYT19980721.0156 NYT19980811.0222 NYT19980902.0529 NYT19981223.0359 NYT19981230.0363 NYT19990106.0168 NYT19990106.0169 APW19990128.0303 APW19990323.0154 NYT19990429.0196 APW19990517.0187 NYT19990618.0076 NYT19990925.0038 NYT20000107.0356 XIE20000211.0270 XIE20000626.0387 NYT20000706.0118 APW20000822.0162 NYT20000830.0408 </top> <top> <num>Number: N24 <title>ANWAR <toptype>opinion <desc>Description: Find opinions on drilling for oil in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWAR). <narr>Narrative: Pro and con opinions by politicians, environmentalists, and companies on opening ANWAR to exploration and drilling are relevant. Size of the refuge and estimated amount of oil therein are relevant, as is information on the acreage proposed to be explored and potentially drilled. Factual data without expressed opinions is not relevant. Information and opinions about the (Alaskan) National Petroleum Reserve are not relevant. <relevant> NYT19980804.0417 NYT19990324.0006 APW20000308.0248 APW20000309.0080 NYT20000324.0037 APW20000324.0214 APW20000325.0057 APW20000406.0060 NYT20000412.0278 NYT20000412.0279 NYT20000412.0280 NYT20000412.0283 NYT20000412.0285 NYT20000629.0297 NYT20000717.0213 APW20000824.0186 NYT20000824.0333 APW20000914.0102 NYT20000922.0211 APW20000925.0023 NYT20000929.0161 NYT20000929.0162 APW20000929.0191 APW20000929.0195 APW20000929.0213 </top> <top> <num>Number: N25 <title>Clinton relationship Lewinsky <toptype>opinion <desc>Description: What opinions were expressed about President Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky? <narr>Narrative: To be relevant, 'the President' or 'Clinton' and a specific reference to 'the intern' or 'Monica' or 'the sex scandal' must both be included. The relevant opinion can be expressed in relation to Starr, the grand jury, impeachment, or resignation, or to the impact of the scandal or world affairs or by the public in countries other than the U.S. <relevant> XIE19980129.0035 XIE19980219.0355 NYT19980624.0205 XIE19980819.0169 NYT19980902.0559 APW19980911.1300 XIE19980912.0056 APW19980913.0017 APW19980913.0023 NYT19980913.0142 NYT19980913.0204 XIE19980922.0071 XIE19980923.0009 NYT19981002.0343 APW19981003.0443 APW19981009.0547 NYT19981203.0322 XIE19981218.0371 APW19981219.0791 NYT19990113.0211 NYT19990206.0250 APW19990303.0105 NYT19990304.0263 NYT19990305.0015 XIE19990422.0412 </top> <top> <num>Number: N26 <title>homosexuals military <toptype>opinion <desc>Description: What are opinions about homosexuals in the military? <narr>Narrative: Opinions about homosexuality in general are relevant. Politics about homosexuals in the military are relevant. Court cases on harassment are relevant but not details of investigations of individual cases. Long discussions about proposals for change in the 'Don't ask don't tell' law and articles about instituting enforcement of its rules are not relevant. Opinions about homosexuals in the military in other countries are relevant, but not discussion about the European Convention on Human Rights except as it relates to homosexuals in the military. <relevant> XIE19960305.0103 NYT19980803.0082 NYT19980923.0398 APW19990111.0271 NYT19990122.0134 NYT19990122.0274 NYT19990128.0291 NYT19990314.0148 NYT19990315.0372 NYT19990812.0430 APW19990813.0040 APW19990813.0153 NYT19990813.0331 NYT19990830.0024 NYT19990927.0375 NYT19991006.0481 NYT19991012.0264 NYT19991220.0229 NYT20000128.0172 NYT20000201.0322 APW20000202.0089 APW20000320.0142 NYT20000324.0124 NYT20000324.0184 NYT20000324.0373 </top> <top> <num>Number: N27 <title>death penalty <toptype>opinion <desc>Description: find world-wide opinions about the death penalty. <narr>Narrative: Opinions on the death penalty by government officials, national or state polls or individuals are relevant. Statistics from important studies of death penalty in terms of convictions and executions carried out by race, geography and other criteria are relevant. Also, court cases are relevant when they influence opinion. Various prosecutors' opposition to the death penalty is relevant because, in discussing the politics of it, the opinions of various voting blocks come to light. Not relevant are details about who voted for and against revoking the death penalty in New Hampshire. Political ramifications for presidential candidates Bush and Gore of changing their positions on opposing the death penalty is not relevant. <relevant> XIE19960902.0008 XIE19960919.0078 XIE19971208.0090 NYT19980607.0182 NYT19980917.0242 APW19981125.1347 APW19981207.0423 APW19981207.0490 APW19981209.1677 NYT19990319.0282 XIE19990413.0201 NYT19990714.0009 NYT20000208.0236 XIE20000504.0253 NYT20000518.0293 APW20000519.0062 NYT20000611.0101 NYT20000611.0146 NYT20000616.0165 NYT20000619.0123 NYT20000623.0359 NYT20000623.0423 XIE20000827.0194 XIE20000903.0085 NYT20000912.0352 </top> <top> <num>Number: N28 <title>adoption same-sex partners <toptype>opinion <desc>Description: Opinions about same-sex partners being allowed to adopt children <narr>Narrative: Any mention of same-sex adoptions in the U.S. and abroad is relevant. Mention of the adoption would be relevant regardless of whether the child is one of the same-sex partner's child from a valid heterosexual relationship, from an adoption agency, born as a result of insemination, or a child previously under one or both partners' foster care. All legal actions taken by the states or other actions taken by individuals or groups regarding the issue, as well as information identifying states which allow same-sex adoption are relevant. Comments from Human Rights groups, Child Protection Services and individual social and political figures regarding the issue including the political positions of the presidential candidates are relevant. Mention of homosexual matters not related to adoption are irrelevant. Mention of procreation being the pre-requisite purpose of marriage is not relevant unless <relevant> NYT19980621.0222 NYT19980807.0224 APW19981111.0323 APW19981114.0151 APW19981114.0197 NYT19981116.0307 APW19981212.0262 NYT19990114.0369 NYT19990114.0370 NYT19990212.0073 APW19990629.0200 APW19990630.0068 APW19990708.0010 NYT19990810.0399 NYT19991013.0362 APW19991017.0038 APW19991017.0138 APW20000308.0055 APW20000316.0186 APW20000504.0035 APW20000714.0174 APW20000715.0011 APW20000912.0049 APW20000912.0094 APW20000912.0169 </top> <top> <num>Number: N29 <title>human cloning ethics morality <toptype>opinion <desc>Description: Opinions on the morality and ethics of human cloning <narr>Narrative: Opinions for or against research on human cloning must be stated for it to be relevant. Statements that indicate that human cloning presents 'ethical issues' are not specific enough, they are irrelevant. Statements regarding stem cell research alone are not relevant, they must be in the context of human cloning to be relevant. To be relevant the individual or group expressing the opinion must be identified, 'he said' is not enough. <relevant> XIE19970311.0064 XIE19970420.0094 XIE19970512.0068 XIE19970512.0069 XIE19970515.0020 XIE19980111.0191 XIE19980305.0173 APW19981201.0396 APW19981207.1745 APW19981208.0663 APW19981208.0972 NYT19981211.0107 NYT19981216.0387 NYT19981216.0443 NYT19981217.0485 APW19981218.0198 XIE19990624.0054 NYT19990904.0087 NYT19991129.0331 NYT20000104.0344 NYT20000203.0096 NYT20000731.0009 APW20000829.0183 XIE20000904.0045 NYT20000905.0046 </top> <top> <num>Number: N30 <title>medicare changes <toptype>opinion <desc>Description: What are opinions on changes to be made to Medicare by U.S. government? <narr>Narrative: Discussions of plans for changing Medicare are relevant, whether or not they become law. Arguments for or against the plans, or elements in them, are relevant. Not relevant is a listing of companies that leave Medicare HMO markets, giving detailed information on how many people will have to switch providers in each market, etc. <relevant> XIE19960424.0053 NYT19980602.0357 NYT19980926.0052 APW19990106.0255 APW19990106.0268 NYT19990106.0299 NYT19990115.0250 APW19990115.0262 APW19990204.0181 APW19990218.0035 NYT19990302.0105 APW19990317.0373 NYT19990330.0291 APW19990403.0018 APW19990503.0145 XIE19990609.0041 NYT19990629.0436 APW19990630.0083 APW19990715.0297 APW19990929.0109 NYT19991003.0832 APW19991005.0004 NYT19991110.0404 APW20000408.0006 APW20000607.0105 </top> <top> <num>Number: N31 <title>gun control <toptype>opinion <desc>Description: Find opinions about gun control. <narr>Narrative: Gun control measures debated and voted on in the U.S. congress and state legislatures are relevant. Proposals by organizations such as that run by Sarah Brady and the "Million Man March" are relevant. Polls on views of the populace regarding gun control are relevant. More than excerpts from long articles on Al Gore's changing views on gun control are not relevant. Discussions about shortcomings of the U.S. judicial and criminal justice systems are not relevant. <relevant> NYT19981109.0066 NYT19990504.0427 APW19990512.0259 NYT19990520.0477 NYT19990615.0314 NYT19990615.0355 NYT19990616.0005 NYT19990616.0007 NYT19990618.0400 APW19990620.0124 NYT19990623.0118 NYT19990623.0125 NYT19990717.0010 NYT19990728.0299 APW19990811.0256 NYT19990909.0253 NYT19990922.0327 APW20000105.0207 APW20000106.0059 NYT20000228.0513 NYT20000314.0415 NYT20000419.0377 NYT20000511.0478 NYT20000705.0238 NYT20000919.0323 </top> <top> <num>Number: N32 <title>same-sex marriage <toptype>opinion <desc>Description: Find opinions about weather same-sex marriages should be endorsed. <narr>Narrative: Information pro or con on the issue of same-sex marriages, of the following nature are relevant: Legal actions taken by local and state governments; actions or opinion statements by politicians, church authorities, organizational leaders, religious activists; poll information on the subject; and cited examples of same-sex marriage cases and the legal and political aspects encountered. <relevant> NYT19981116.0307 NYT19981222.0079 NYT19990114.0369 NYT19990114.0370 NYT19990211.0362 NYT19990212.0136 NYT19990517.0136 NYT19991027.0052 NYT19991220.0314 APW20000113.0046 APW20000211.0320 NYT20000301.0083 NYT20000301.0086 NYT20000302.0099 NYT20000309.0012 APW20000311.0140 NYT20000317.0323 NYT20000318.0034 NYT20000323.0329 NYT20000330.0032 NYT20000410.0283 NYT20000410.0284 APW20000624.0126 NYT20000702.0126 APW20000715.0011 </top> <top> <num>Number: N33 <title>Russian submarine Kursk sinks <toptype>event <desc>Description: The Russian submarine Kursk sank in the Barents Sea killing all 118 aboard in August 2000. <narr>Narrative: Reports on what was known about the sinking of the Russian nuclear powered submarine, Kursk, are relevant. Speculation about what caused the explosions aboard; description of the vessel and its capabilities, and mention of efforts to rescue the crew are relevant. Reports that U.S. submarines were monitoring Russian navy exercises and Russia's suspicions that the Soviet submarine K-128 was struck by an American submarine and sunk in 1968 are relevant. Mention of the fact that Russia turned down a U.S. offer to send a deep-diving rescue vessel is relevant. Discussion of U.S. plans to retire one of its two rescue vessels is not relevant. Polls reporting how Russians felt about the disaster and mention of ceremonies for the dead are relevant. <relevant> XIE20000817.0021 XIE20000817.0031 XIE20000817.0064 APW20000817.0112 XIE20000817.0207 NYT20000817.0485 XIE20000818.0028 NYT20000820.0096 XIE20000821.0014 XIE20000821.0071 XIE20000821.0324 NYT20000821.0503 NYT20000822.0008 XIE20000822.0045 XIE20000822.0046 APW20000822.0077 XIE20000823.0166 APW20000826.0081 APW20000827.0034 XIE20000831.0026 NYT20000831.0401 NYT20000906.0274 APW20000907.0014 APW20000911.0045 XIE20000915.0045 </top> <top> <num>Number: N34 <title>Glenn Shuttle Discovery <toptype>event <desc>Description: John Glenn's Shuttle Discovery trip. <narr>Narrative: Relevant are details from pre-launch, rehearsal, launch preparation, lift-off, and landing events as well as flight and post-flight data relative to Glenn's participation. Glenn's comments before, during, and after the flight are relevant except for those related to or involving his family or criticisms of his inclusion in the Discovery crew. Details about the experiments in which Glenn was the subject are relevant, as are assessments of his performance. Mention of shuttle problems is relevant. Family concern and reactions; comparisons with Glenn's earlier space flight; public, press, and political hoopla; activities not involving Glenn; conversations from space; and crew members' identification not relative to Glenn's participation are not relevant. <relevant> NYT19981006.0327 NYT19981008.0304 NYT19981009.0259 NYT19981013.0292 NYT19981024.0065 NYT19981026.0256 NYT19981026.0360 NYT19981027.0158 NYT19981028.0309 NYT19981028.0394 NYT19981029.0341 NYT19981029.0344 NYT19981029.0363 XIE19981030.0048 NYT19981030.0365 NYT19981030.0380 NYT19981031.0210 NYT19981101.0217 NYT19981102.0338 NYT19981103.0200 NYT19981104.0353 NYT19981107.0133 NYT19981107.0166 XIE19981108.0017 NYT19981108.0127 </top> <top> <num>Number: N35 <title>NATO, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary <toptype>event <desc>Description: Accession of new NATO members: Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, in 1999. <narr>Narrative: Identity of current and newly-invited members, statements of support for and opposition to NATO enlargement and steps in the accession process and related special events are relevant. Impact on the new members, i.e., requirements they must satisfy, and their expectations regarding the implications for them are relevant. Progress in the ratification process is relevant. Future plans for NATO expansion, identification of nations admitted on previous occasions, and comments on future NATO structure or strategy are not relevant. <relevant> XIE19970708.0060 XIE19970709.0006 XIE19970709.0012 XIE19970711.0204 XIE19971216.0018 XIE19971217.0025 XIE19971217.0278 XIE19980304.0350 XIE19980321.0230 XIE19980416.0048 XIE19981203.0008 APW19981205.0374 APW19981206.0249 XIE19990210.0079 APW19990216.0198 XIE19990227.0171 APW19990312.0251 NYT19990312.0271 XIE19990313.0031 XIE19990313.0173 XIE19990313.0227 XIE19990313.0229 XIE19990313.0231 XIE19990313.0232 XIE19990317.0024 </top> <top> <num>Number: N36 <title>Fox elected president Mexico <toptype>event <desc>Description: Vicente Fox was elected president of Mexico in July 2000, ending 70 years of rule by the PRI party. <narr>Narrative: Information relating details of the election and its significance were relevant. Events in the immediate aftermath of the election were relevant, as were early following results. Congratulatory messages from Mexico's immediate past president and other heads of state were relevant. Mention that pre-election, U.S. presidential candidates snubbed Fox were relevant. Mention of Fox's travels to neighboring countries immediately after the election were relevant. Mention of Fox's plan for action are relevant. Mention of other elections held at the same time as the presidential election were relevant. Details about results of elections held at different times were not relevant. <relevant> XIE20000621.0343 XIE20000702.0037 APW20000703.0004 XIE20000703.0026 APW20000703.0027 APW20000703.0103 XIE20000703.0215 XIE20000703.0250 XIE20000703.0321 XIE20000703.0333 XIE20000704.0321 APW20000706.0146 APW20000708.0083 XIE20000712.0340 XIE20000717.0302 XIE20000720.0322 XIE20000727.0028 XIE20000727.0367 APW20000729.0077 XIE20000803.0216 XIE20000808.0262 XIE20000819.0154 XIE20000824.0010 APW20000829.0144 APW20000905.0005 </top> <top> <num>Number: N37 <title>Olympic scandal Salt Lake City <toptype>event <desc>Description: The Salt Lake City Olympic bribery scandal: What were the results? <narr>Narrative: Any mention of effects of the bribery scandal was relevant. Mention of things that should not have been affected, such as, souvenir sales or attendance are relevant. Mention of members being involved in the scandal was relevant. Any mention of kinds of bribery used was relevant. Effects on potential donors or sponsors of the SLC games or future games were relevant. <relevant> XIE19981213.0167 APW19990106.0120 APW19990112.0036 APW19990114.0354 XIE19990115.0238 XIE19990125.0197 APW19990128.0304 APW19990129.0064 XIE19990203.0257 APW19990207.0070 APW19990413.0213 XIE19990419.0279 APW19990422.0060 APW19990426.0039 APW19990430.0158 APW19990511.0133 APW19990512.0207 NYT19990607.0480 XIE19990911.0221 NYT19991001.0384 APW19991018.0250 NYT20000215.0352 NYT20000215.0359 XIE20000713.0060 XIE20000913.0349 </top> <top> <num>Number: N38 <title>acupuncture legitimate effective <toptype>opinion <desc>Description: What are opinions on acupuncture being an effective and legitimate form of medical treatment? <narr>Narrative: Only opinions mentioning acupuncture as an alternative medical treatment is relevant. Mention of the practice of acupuncture in China are not relevant. Relevant opinions can come from a patient, a researcher, or a man or woman 'on the street.' A relevant opinion can be based on research, on personal experience or hearsay. A relevant opinion could be about treatment for cosmetic purposes such as removing wrinkles. <relevant> XIE19960228.0081 XIE19970306.0109 XIE19971106.0208 XIE19971106.0239 NYT19980824.0212 APW19980901.1056 NYT19980921.0071 NYT19981110.0233 NYT19981110.0310 NYT19981116.0065 APW19990106.0212 NYT19990216.0033 NYT19990331.0293 NYT19991130.0227 NYT20000130.0113 NYT20000201.0226 NYT20000228.0248 NYT20000305.0003 NYT20000327.0306 APW20000623.0054 NYT20000721.0021 XIE20000812.0025 APW20000814.0034 NYT20000814.0190 NYT20000814.0237 </top> <top> <num>Number: N39 <title>I-Love-You computer virus <toptype>event <desc>Description: Find details on the effects of the 'I Love You' computer virus world-wide. <narr>Narrative: The world-wide effect of the 'I Love You' virus referencing specific geographic areas and countries involved as well as the individual entities within are relevant. Technical details referencing the methods used by the virus to infiltrate and proliferate through computer systems are relevant. Dollar/manpower loss figures due to the virus are relevant. Efforts taken to lessen the effect of the virus including techniques and security measures for countering future cases are relevant. Detection and identification of the virus perpetrator including the various authorities involved and the procedures used in his/her apprehension would be relevant. Comparisons of the virus to earlier such cases and the resulting damages are relevant. <relevant> XIE20000504.0032 NYT20000505.0030 XIE20000505.0103 XIE20000505.0206 XIE20000505.0256 NYT20000505.0340 XIE20000506.0111 XIE20000506.0141 XIE20000506.0195 XIE20000507.0117 XIE20000508.0210 XIE20000508.0298 XIE20000509.0187 XIE20000509.0258 NYT20000510.0216 NYT20000510.0230 XIE20000511.0100 NYT20000511.0127 XIE20000511.0138 XIE20000511.0170 NYT20000517.0178 NYT20000519.0197 NYT20000522.0145 NYT20000522.0159 NYT20000524.0069 </top> <top> <num>Number: N40 <title>Wen Ho Lee, Los Alamos <toptype>event <desc>Description: The Wen Ho Lee Los Alamos case. <narr>Narrative: Mention of suspicion, arrest and detention of Wen Ho Lee is relevant. Details of the technical information alleged to have been breached is relevant. Mention of security violations including procedures taken to improve/correct them, especially DOE's computer shutdown is relevant. Mention of normal scientific operations at key U.S. research laboratories and the scientists' alleged misuse of same is relevant. Any mention of Wen Ho Lee's wife's involvement in the case is relevant. Details reflecting the polygraph exams, indictments, bail procedures, pre-trial and trial are relevant. Asian- American reactions to this case are relevant. Incompetence exhibited by the FBI and other government officials in pursuit and testimony is relevant. Conclusion of the case, charges dropped, guilty plea on one charge and the resulting sentence and release of Wen Ho Lee is relevant. <relevant> APW19990406.0220 APW19990416.0093 NYT19990507.0355 NYT19990803.0389 APW19990805.0303 NYT19990820.0043 NYT19991210.0145 NYT19991210.0146 XIE19991214.0094 XIE19991214.0183 APW20000118.0309 APW20000205.0086 APW20000427.0252 NYT20000605.0299 APW20000721.0213 APW20000723.0080 APW20000723.0104 NYT20000823.0020 APW20000829.0016 APW20000901.0021 NYT20000911.0260 XIE20000913.0064 XIE20000913.0068 XIE20000913.0071 APW20000919.0055 </top> <top> <num>Number: N41 <title>North South Korean Summit Pyonyang <toptype>event <desc>Description: For the first time in 55 years, in June 2000, leaders of North and South Korea held a summit in Pyonyang. <narr>Narrative: Mention of expectations, issues, and preliminary meetings before summit are relevant. Past failed talks and reactions of people in South Korea before and after summit are relevant if not in too much detail. Details about follow-up meeting in Bangkok is relevant. Mention of U.S. requirements that North Korea must meet to improve relations are not relevant. <relevant> APW20000410.0109 XIE20000410.0217 APW20000411.0064 APW20000419.0123 APW20000421.0204 APW20000426.0277 APW20000427.0061 APW20000503.0047 APW20000509.0252 APW20000510.0071 APW20000517.0275 APW20000518.0033 APW20000610.0077 APW20000611.0028 APW20000611.0030 APW20000613.0024 XIE20000613.0300 XIE20000613.0305 XIE20000615.0160 XIE20000615.0163 XIE20000616.0174 APW20000617.0064 APW20000618.0034 NYT20000619.0344 APW20000726.0039 </top> <top> <num>Number: N42 <title>John F. Kennedy, Jr. dies <toptype>event <desc>Description: John F. Kennedy, Jr. was killed in a plane crash in July 1998. <narr>Narrative: Discussions about the plane crash that killed John F. Kennedy, Jr., his wife and sister-in-law, and the search that followed, are relevant. Reactions to JFK Jr's. death from people in the U.S. and around the world are relevant. Accounts of major events in JFK Jr's. life and the family's history of tragedies are relevant. Feature articles about the Kennedy family and its important place in American culture are relevant. <relevant> APW19990717.0040 APW19990717.0079 APW19990717.0151 NYT19990717.0153 NYT19990717.0179 NYT19990717.0208 NYT19990717.0226 NYT19990717.0230 XIE19990718.0011 APW19990718.0030 NYT19990718.0101 NYT19990718.0164 NYT19990718.0168 NYT19990719.0013 NYT19990719.0148 NYT19990721.0058 NYT19990721.0306 NYT19990722.0065 NYT19990722.0181 NYT19990722.0335 APW19990724.0134 APW19990726.0245 APW19990923.0298 NYT19990924.0406 APW20000502.0206 </top> <top> <num>Number: N43 <title>Chinese earthquake <toptype>event <desc>Description: Events surrounding the Chinese earthquake, January 1998. <narr>Narrative: Descriptions of the event, its location and extent, property damage and human injuries and deaths are relevant. Expressions of sympathy and relief donations, both Chinese and foreign, are relevant. Mention of reconstruction plans and results are relevant. Reasons for losses and aftershocks later in the year are not relevant. <relevant> XIE19980110.0192 XIE19980110.0208 XIE19980111.0037 XIE19980111.0077 XIE19980111.0179 XIE19980112.0069 XIE19980113.0085 XIE19980113.0103 XIE19980113.0188 XIE19980114.0090 XIE19980114.0094 XIE19980114.0135 XIE19980114.0149 XIE19980115.0064 XIE19980116.0271 XIE19980117.0074 XIE19980117.0097 XIE19980119.0142 XIE19980126.0043 XIE19980209.0186 XIE19980223.0121 XIE19980310.0135 XIE19980520.0068 APW19980602.0082 XIE19990124.0131 </top> <top> <num>Number: N44 <title>plane gondola cable Italy <toptype>event <desc>Description: On Feb. 3, 1998, a U.S. Marine jet severed a ski gondola cable, sending the gondola plunging to the ground, 20 people were killed. <narr>Narrative: Descriptions of the accident from official documents and witness' accounts and events in the immediate aftermath are relevant. Arguments about where the trial would be held are relevant, as is testimony at the trial a year later. Mention of compensation for the victims is not relevant. <relevant> XIE19980204.0253 XIE19980204.0268 XIE19980207.0191 XIE19980527.0261 APW19980610.1006 APW19980712.0410 APW19980712.0909 APW19980713.0288 APW19980713.0324 APW19980713.0557 APW19980713.0784 NYT19980803.0429 APW19981020.0574 APW19990207.0069 APW19990208.0204 APW19990211.0222 APW19990211.0233 APW19990212.0290 APW19990217.0087 APW19990222.0151 APW19990222.0254 APW19990226.0162 APW19990302.0184 APW19990303.0058 APW19990429.0153 </top> <top> <num>Number: N45 <title>Slepian abortion murder <toptype>event <desc>Description: Murder of abortion doctor, Barnett Slepian <narr>Narrative: Relevant are details about the slaying, reactions of praise or condemnation of the murder, and the victim's views on access to abortion. Also relevant is information on police and FBI investigation of the murder, rewards offered, identification of and efforts to locate the suspected murderer, and the charges filed against the suspect. Murders of other doctors are not relevant unless cited by authorities in discussing this event. The victim's views on threats received before the murder and information about attacks at other clinics are not relevant. <relevant> NYT19981024.0136 NYT19981025.0178 NYT19981025.0188 NYT19981025.0204 NYT19981025.0216 NYT19981026.0370 NYT19981026.0380 NYT19981026.0446 NYT19981027.0421 NYT19981030.0163 NYT19981102.0126 NYT19981114.0129 NYT19981120.0362 NYT19981121.0173 APW19990122.0193 APW19990206.0090 APW19990410.0123 NYT19990412.0469 NYT19990419.0515 NYT19990505.0443 APW19990506.0155 APW19990507.0207 APW19990607.0041 APW19991024.0075 APW20000124.0182 </top> <top> <num>Number: N46 <title>Swissair crash Nova Scotia <toptype>event <desc>Description: Swissair jet crash off the coast of Nova Scotia <narr>Narrative: Flight, pre-crash, crash, and post-crash details are relevant, including search, rescue and recovery activities and results. The crash site environment (location, weather and background) is relevant. Possible cause(s) or the crash as described by spokesmen and other scientists are relevant, as are post-crash support to relatives and assumption of financial responsibility in the wake of the crash. Victims' nationalities are relevant, as is description of cargo aboard. Lawsuits and comments on the possibilities of the crash resulting from terrorism or a criminal act are not relevant. Because there were no survivors, mention of survivors is not relevant. <relevant> APW19980903.0054 XIE19980903.0079 APW19980903.0184 XIE19980903.0216 XIE19980903.0237 XIE19980903.0246 XIE19980903.0267 XIE19980903.0268 XIE19980903.0276 APW19980903.0711 APW19980903.1000 APW19980903.1477 XIE19980904.0022 NYT19980904.0054 APW19980908.0792 APW19980909.0895 NYT19980911.0375 APW19980914.0461 APW19980918.1304 APW19980925.0224 APW19980925.0260 APW19981016.1202 APW19981022.0119 NYT19990805.0471 APW20000523.0150 </top> <top> <num>Number: N47 <title>Suharto steps-down Indonesia <toptype>event <desc>Description: Suharto, Indonesia's autocratic ruler of 32 years was forced to step down after violent riots and demonstrations in May 1998. <narr>Narrative: Accounts of Suharto's resignation as President of Indonesia in 1998 and his replacement by B. J. Habibi are relevant. Events leading up to Suharto's resignation and reactions from the U.S. and other nations after his resignation are relevant. Discussion of the disastrous rule of his predecessor, Sukarno, is relevant because it explains much about Suharto's rise to power in 1966. Allegations of corruption by Suharto and his family are relevant. Lawsuits brought against Suharto and his family many moths after his resignation are not relevant. <relevant> XIE19980303.0050 XIE19980303.0333 XIE19980521.0220 XIE19980521.0243 XIE19980522.0015 XIE19980522.0051 NYT19980601.0212 APW19980602.0108 APW19980612.0140 APW19980627.0174 NYT19980701.0479 NYT19980701.0565 NYT19980709.0356 APW19980710.0165 APW19980711.0328 APW19980711.0853 APW19980717.0601 APW19980722.1375 APW19980723.0099 APW19980728.0676 APW19980813.0116 APW19980924.0945 APW19980925.0011 NYT19980925.0312 APW19980927.0261 </top> <top> <num>Number: N48 <title>human genome decoded <toptype>event <desc>Description: Human genome decoded at NIH <narr>Narrative: Any mention of the competition between Celera (Craig Venter) and the NIH/Wellcome consortium to decode the human genome is relevant. Details of the process are not relevant unless they include differences between the two groups in their decoding methods. Decoding the DNA of mice, fruit flies, or worms is not relevant unless it is directly related to the race to the human genome. <relevant> NYT19980914.0458 NYT19981005.0259 NYT19990315.0489 NYT19990520.0346 NYT19990615.0313 NYT19990731.0129 NYT19991025.0312 NYT20000110.0271 NYT20000110.0360 NYT20000308.0432 NYT20000314.0198 NYT20000323.0404 NYT20000329.0297 NYT20000406.0195 NYT20000406.0494 APW20000410.0031 NYT20000410.0339 NYT20000506.0114 NYT20000506.0220 NYT20000601.0333 NYT20000621.0362 XIE20000623.0025 NYT20000626.0214 NYT20000626.0226 NYT20000626.0261 </top> <top> <num>Number: N49 <title>Nobel Peace prize <toptype>event <desc>Description: 1998 Nobel peace prize <narr>Narrative: Statements including speculation about winners, names of nominees and reasons for their nomination, and names of past winners are relevant. Details of the committee's deliberations, procedures, and amount of the prize are relevant. Reactions to the 1998 winners are also relevant, plus details of their achievements that contributed to their award. <relevant> APW19980918.0062 APW19981002.0843 APW19981002.0912 APW19981008.0382 APW19981011.0541 APW19981014.1053 APW19981014.1062 APW19981015.1086 XIE19981016.0121 XIE19981016.0134 APW19981016.0193 APW19981016.0202 APW19981016.0221 APW19981016.0228 APW19981016.0231 APW19981016.0257 APW19981016.0264 APW19981016.0287 APW19981016.0299 APW19981016.0324 APW19981016.0330 APW19981016.1194 APW19981209.0356 APW19981210.1148 XIE19981211.0335 </top> <top> <num>Number: N50 <title>balloonist Fossett solo flight <toptype>event <desc>Description: Balloonist Steve Fossett's 1998 August solo flight <narr>Narrative: Relevant is information on: Fossett's balloon and other equipment related to this solo flight; technical details on propulsion; Fossett's route, distances achieved, potential and realized perils; details on weather and other atmospheric conditions; Fossett's views on this type of effort; and details on the demise of the flight and rescue of Fossett. Not relevant are spectators' reactions to the liftoff or information on earlier Fossett flight failures. <relevant> NYT19980720.0194 APW19980802.0972 APW19980807.0946 APW19980807.1227 APW19980808.0077 APW19980808.0534 APW19980809.0773 NYT19980811.0142 NYT19980811.0302 NYT19980814.0359 APW19980815.0370 APW19980815.0860 APW19980816.0621 APW19980816.0679 APW19980816.0772 APW19980816.0812 APW19980816.0948 APW19980817.0003 NYT19980817.0297 APW19980817.0604 APW19980817.1276 APW19980819.1221 APW19980820.0174 NYT19981218.0246 NYT19990320.0101 </top>